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  • Michelle Chew
    6 months ago

    Really affordable and quality hair extensions! Various selection of colours for you to choose from. May was very skilled and kind, gave me advice on how to care for the extensions too. Highly reccomended, especially for people who want to try on hair extensions. I will come back to get it done again!

  • Irene Lim
    6 months ago

    Just did my eye lashes extension and hair extension. Their speed is very fast, eye lashes take about 1 hr only compare to others about 2hr. Hair extension, they will compare and ensure it matches my hair colour wel, it takes about 1.5hr. Overall, very satisfy with my result.

  • Cici Xi
    7 months ago

    Hair extension is great and already maintains for 3 month .love it

  • Itskttmxde
    8 months ago

    The experience I had was okay but because of a miscommunication, I was ignored literally. Was put on read and was ignored.

    I did hair extensions on 16th Dec 2021 and because of the shape of my head, I had to pay a little bit more ($700+) to make it look natural. I had to go back the following day to add in more. Which was fine.

    But about 3 weeks in, a few extensions started to fall out which was normal as they mentioned and I wanted to put in a few pieces in again so it would be more presentable again. This is where the miscommunication starts.

    On 5th January 2022 I messaged the phone number attached on WhatsApp to make an appointment. I told the staff my situation. They didn’t get back to me that day and I waited for 6th January to call and confirm. Eventually I was given a slot. Once there, I mentioned the few extensions that fell off and where not to put them. The staff interpreted wrong and clipped in new ones in areas that could be seen quite obviously. My colleagues were the ones who pointed out that observation.

    I went to their Instagram to message whomever was in charge on that platform. Instead of apologising or clarifying for me about what could be done, the questions of “refunding” and “replacement” was completely ignored.

    Eventually I was ignored. I honestly don’t think I was aggressive at all. In fact I was opened to hearing solutions or to compromise if fair. I only started to show my dissatisfaction a bit more firmly when I felt I was not being taken seriously enough at the end. In the end, the lady completely ignored me.

    That’s what I’m having an issue with. Ignoring customers enquiries (complains) just because it does not benefit the business is not the right way to do things.

    I’m not saying their business is/was horrible but I do believe they need to be tad more professional in handling these kinds of situations.

    I wont be going back there again.

  • Polina
    8 months ago

    I definitely got ripped off because another friend of mine told me the price was 1 SGD per hair tinsel, while I was charged 20 SGD for 5…

  • Analissa Hassan
    9 months ago

    I did my hair extensions and I love the time and patiences they put in for me ❤️ Def recommending everyone I know to come here

  • Dana Chang
    11 months ago

    Did a pedicure with cuticle cleaning and scrub but when she was cutting my cuticle she kept hurting me. I told her many times it was painful and moved my toes to warn her it hurts but she like didn’t understand. Then I proceeded to choose colour so told her I wanted a white base colour and top it up with a shimmery white but she choose to do a nude white which I was like I wanted white not nude white. The end product of the pedicure was horrible all the gel were on the cuticles and she still ask me ok anot. Will never ever come back and pay such a high price for such service!!!

  • Jessica Tan
    12 months ago

    May is so experienced. She did my hair for 4 hours because my hair is thick… She and her colleague did my hair extensions and she knew i was in pain even though i wasn’t flinching as she could see that the colleague has misplaced the hair extensions too closely to my scalp. She knew how to make my hair look better by straightening & curling it etc. and she recommended some hair products for me to us too. She is skilled please request for her when you do your hair extensions!

  • Renata renata
    1 year ago

    I would say they are not really do a great job. I did my hair extention here and i feel my scalp very itchy. They put the extension too close to my scalp.the bunch is also too big make very uncomfortable when we sleep. I spend 350$ and i need to take out everything after just 1 week. This is not my first time having hair extention but this is the worst one for me. The only good thing here is the hair extention good quality

  • Luane R
    1 year ago

    I always go to Vain Beauty at PLQ mall to do my nails. The staff is lovely, fast and efficient, the French manucure is clean and well done!

  • Jenny Wang
    1 year ago

    Their skills are okay. But the environment is quite unhygienic. You can judge that for yourself if you ever pass by. They didn’t change bedsheet or cushion for God knows for how long. There was once their Mani Pedi chair was piled with many things like the box of nail salon stuff and papers. When I reached, they just removed away without wiping and I can see nail polish stains all over. Sigh. Recently they also increased price by $10 from $80 to $90 for both eyelash extensions and Mani+Pedi. I might as well for for an alternative (which I have found) who is more professional and hygienic! It’s only $70 some more. I hope they take this review seriously and clean up the place.

  • monjuney purja
    2 years ago

    I went on a Saturday to get a normal hair extensions and it’s my first time doing it . And the lady communicate with me in Chinese which I don’t understand what she saying and it was hard to communicate with them also as they don’t understand English too and I was so confused on the situation And did two different kinds of thing which makes it uncomfortable and didn’t explain properly about it and done it and also my some extension fall off like it’s been days only not months! and I felt bumps and uncomfortable on my hair and the quality of the whole thing it look awful when I comb my hair I do take care of my hair properly I wanted to get a refund and demanded but they denied it and ask me to come to the store and redo and even charge me even more and will show me conditioner n wtv which I don’t need it! Is just so simple I said refund not redo my extensions again . I’m super unsatisfied with the whole results!

  • Joanne Tan
    2 years ago

    Did classic pedi and medi service. Not professional at all, finger bleed when the lady trimming my nail’s cuticle skin, when I ask her is it bleed she said no, but when I look and realised it’s bleeding she then blame on me said because I move my hand, of course I will move when my skin got cut! It’s hurts!!! And pls take not their classic pedi and medi service do not include massage. And also take not that when the collect money, the price list stated classic pedi and medi is $45 but the lady wanted to collect $60 from me. Not recommend at all

  • Brenda Koo
    2 years ago

    Went today to get eyelash extentions. Was given a price list stating single 3D for $50nett. Only for them to charge me $80 at the store itself.

    Lady doing my eyelash stabbed me in the eyelid 3-4 times and attempted to cut my lash off TWICE when she accidentally glued 2 strands together. At the end of the session, she ripped the tapes holding my eyelids off like it was a wax strip.

    Extremely painful session. First and last time there. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

  • Kuan Wei Zhen
    2 years ago

    They need to differentiate hair extension and hair.

  • Sarah C
    2 years ago

    Excellent lash extensions and very efficient (I was in and out quicker than I’d be at other places)

  • Karen Lye
    2 years ago

    Accompanied a friend here, the price are $1 per strand, she had 50 strands but i feel that it doesn’t make a difference on her hair. Maybe too less strand.

  • Rachel Lim
    2 years ago

    Very nice and was very patient!

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