Dermedics Acne Micellar Gel Cleanser

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YOUTH EXPERT Acne Micellar Gel Cleanser is created for effective cleansing of skin prone to acne, impurities and imperfections. It leaves the skin refreshed and covered with a subtle herbal fragrance.

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Free of parabens, alcohol denat., colorants and allergens.
Free of SLS and SLES.

General product view

YOUTH EXPERT Acne Micellar Gel Cleanser is created for effective cleansing of skin prone to acne, impurities and imperfections. It leaves the skin refreshed and covered with a subtle herbal fragrance.

Active ingredients*

Keratolytic agents (responsible for pure pores and sebum secretion): Salicylic Acid + Tioxolone

Anti-inflammation and antiseptic: Tea Tree Oil
Calming and regeneration: d-Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5) + Allantoin Hydration & refreshing: Carbamide + Menthyl PCA
Discoloration combat + anti-oxidant defence + nutrition: Shiunko Fermentoil Complex (Soybean Flour + Apricot Kernel Oil + Olive Fruit Oil + Sunflower Seed Oil + Sweet Almond Oil + Angelica Oil)


Free of parabens, alcohol denat., colorants and allergens.
Free of SLS and SLES.


  • Significantly supports in reduction of bacteria associated with acne
  • Reduces itching, visibility of inflammation and overproduction of sebum 
  • Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Restores balance and healthy look of skin

Directions for use

  • Pre-treatments procedures for skin prone to acne and imperfections
  • Daily care of skin prone to acne and imperfections
  • Unisex: for women and men of all ages (teenagers and adults)
  • For oily and combination skin
  • Effective but gentle micellar cleansing gel suitable even for sensitive skin
  • Suggestion: proper cleansing procedure with this product requires application of ACNE Toner by DERMEDICS®.


Unique formula perfectly removes all types of impurities from the skin (hydrophobic and hydrophilic) to provide comfort of use and quick effects, such as:

  •  Effective cleansing and softening that prepare skin for main anti-acne procedures
  •  Visible smoothing that restores healthier and cleaner appearance of skin

Treatments types

  • Effective and comprehensive procedures against acne
  • Daily care against skin imperfections caused by acne (day & night)

Application area

Face and neck cleansing targeted on effective purification of skin in procedures against acne.


Home care: 200ml bottle


Skin condition improvement visible after single treatment.
Regular application provides spectacular skin improvement.

* Efficacy of active ingredients confirmed by in vitro and in vivo tests through regular application.

Registered in European Union as Cosmetic Products according to the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC.
Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. | NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.
Made with the greatest care in the European Union.

57 reviews for Dermedics Acne Micellar Gel Cleanser

  1. Jeremy Tay (verified owner)

    The smell and texture is good

  2. Siti Nur (verified owner)

    I liked it. Less breakouts while using it

  3. Veronica Chan (verified owner)

    Non-drying but not sure if it works for acne. Prefer dermedics calm foaming cleanser to this.

  4. Lisa Wang1314 (verified owner)

    I am so picky when it comes to my facial cleansers and skin care as I am sensitive. This feels like silky smooth, but drying . Is my new favourite, I will not ever use anything else again.

  5. kali (verified owner)

    Overall not bad. Nice acne face wash..

  6. happyelepant (verified owner)

    I start my day by using dermedics acne facial cleanser. It foams up nicely with tap warm water and leaves my face very refreshed each morning. I then apply dermedics acne roll on and the meso acne serum This is a light formula that’s supposed to be good for oily skin.

  7. ya_hui11 (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Good acne cleansing gel. Thank you seller.

  8. jw752 (verified owner)

    Received in good condition

  9. Amara (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!! I have very sensitive and oily skin that breaks out any moment . I have tried multiple products but none have worked as well as this!

  10. Pat Li (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Can’t ask for more

  11. Lavin Ng (verified owner)

    Item came well packed and the scent is very pleasant as well. The acne gel cleanser is really gentle. I had a large pimple on my face, i use the cleanser with the same brand of acne products twice daily and the next morning the pimple dried out and was barely noticeable. Really impressive!

  12. wanq1ng (verified owner)

    I didn’t thought that I would see results ! This really helped me to reduce my hormonal back acne and on my upper chest.

  13. KellyFong2121 (verified owner)

    This is one of the best acne cleanser. It leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh and feels great. it is so perfect for my sensitive skin, I definitely recommend this product for acne sufferers with sensitive skin.

  14. 20Vanne (verified owner)

    Reduces the redness and inflammation after a few days of using this cleanser

  15. Moe Han (verified owner)

    Bought this without expectations, but the results are fabulous! My skin felt instantly calmer on the first use. Have been having acne issues for a while and this works a lot better than the cleansers in guardian, I use the dermedics acne roll on and meso acne serum after this and am extremely satisfied with this brand!

  16. 0Haocai0 (verified owner)

    I’ve been suffering from hormonal acne and not much acne creams and cleansers seem to work for me. I have tried many acne gels cream and cleanser which never worked. I also have very oily skin and clogged pores. But thanks to this dermedics, My breakouts have much cleared up. The combination of their serum, roll-on, mask and cleanser are a match made in heaven.

  17. Yun Fei (verified owner)

    So happy to be find this acne cleanser here in Facial Singapore. Fast delivery.

  18. Lorea (verified owner)

    Very good face cleanser that is really gentle , once you use it you will immediately feel refresh. Since it contains Tea Tree Oil an Salicylic acid, it is good for acne.
    It also have vitamin B5 which reduces inflammation by calming the skin. I recommend this for everyone with acne or blackheads.

  19. XAS (verified owner)

    I got it because my son was having acne problems. The cleanser and meso acne serum has helped cleared his skin and also moistures it . We will continue to order more.

  20. KennethToh (verified owner)

    This really works! Leave on for a few mins before rinsing. My pimples are less red. lol

  21. zackz (verified owner)

    You can already see the benefit right after you use the product leaving your skin soft and smooth but too early to see if there are changes to my acne. May take a longer time to tell.

  22. Alicialee412 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and well packed.

  23. jojo58763543 (verified owner)

    Item was well packaged.. Would recommend Facial Singapore without reservation. Thanks!

  24. Joy Tham (verified owner)

    Amazing as always !!! Bought few products from Dermedics and still impress

  25. Judy88

    I really like this! So happy I managed to find it from facialsingapore!

  26. dreamtree09 (verified owner)


  27. sugarcandy11 (verified owner)

    Delivery is fast . works wonders. Thanks to facial Singapore for carrying this acne cleanser!

  28. Christine Tam (verified owner)


  29. MissHuShu23 (verified owner)

    Leave it on for 5 mins before washing off to cool your red acne down.

  30. carolina chan (verified owner)

    Good for sensitive skin

  31. FaithTC (verified owner)

    a very impressive acne cleanser.

  32. bebe6465908rt (verified owner)

    I don’t like that this cleanser leaves a film even though it is really gentle and soothing. Maybe is ok for some people but i prefer the squeaky-clean feel type of cleansers, so this is just not for me.

  33. Coreen (verified owner)

    👍Bought many times fast delivery 📦

  34. morningsunshine (verified owner)

    My face was previously pretty bad shape but improved so much with dermedics acne series. I am using the acne cleanser, meso acne and the roll-on and these works for me.

  35. Jingyi (verified owner)

    Item arrived well packaged. Hopefully as good it was advertised. TQ seller!

  36. Lirong (verified owner)

    My brother recommended this, my friend also mentioned this brand, heard this is a very good product, hopefully will suitable for me

  37. ShermaineL (verified owner)

    This acne cleansing product is simply amazing. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It dries the pimple and clears all the breakouts. I don’t only use it on my face but also my back acne. Soooo super good,,,.

  38. cjk (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this cleanser for some time now and I like it very much. I have very sensitive acne-prone skin and the usual acid-based cleansers work bad on my skin causing a lot of dryness and making things even worse. But this one is gentle, very good quality, doesn’t over dry. I will never be without this cleanser.

  39. Zephyra (verified owner)

    Ordered 8/9, received on 11/9 packed in a nice bag 😆
    Country of origin: Poland
    Happy is made in Europe cause i dent use skincare from China .
    Thank you facial singapore.

  40. Jiya (verified owner)

    Appreciate seller for the fast delivery and good product.

  41. xxsacrificexx (verified owner)


  42. milanmagician (verified owner)

    Seller shipped quickly and I received it fast, hope can treat my acne.

  43. Rukre (verified owner)

    Using these daily. Thank you,

  44. Helen Yap (verified owner)

    A fantastic product at an affordable price.

  45. dashaire (verified owner)

    Fast is fast, product delivered as shown and described.,

  46. yallow82309 (verified owner)

    it appears great. Texture and smell is excellent! Best of all its not drying and does not harm the skin.

  47. Ivychua_47 (verified owner)

    Good for pimples. Never fail me.

  48. Shiva Ho (verified owner)

    it worked great. Thank you.

  49. Yew Chin (verified owner)

    The seller is highly recommended.

  50. AmilyHHS29 (verified owner)

    Awesome. I love that this is so balanced and doesn’t dry my skin out.

  51. Sree0 (verified owner)

    Totally impress on my 1st purchase. WIll buy this more products from here again.

  52. Madeline Zhou (verified owner)

    I hate to go facial for extraction Dermedics acne cleanser and enzymatic exfoliator help in preventing my skin from blackheads.

  53. Camberley852 (verified owner)

    Good product. Good buy

  54. Yin Hong (verified owner)

    This face wash works. Thanks.

  55. Girlc030iu (verified owner)

    Tested the facial wash- It’s smooth, soothing & feels very refreshing, smells a little minty. Great product,

  56. Song Leng (verified owner)

    The acne and big pimples are healing fast. I leave it on for 2 minutes before I rinsed it off.

  57. e112v40 (verified owner)

    No tight feeling after cleansing. Cleanses my skin well. It feels really good when applied on the face.

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