Dermedics Anti-Acne Serum roll-on

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YOUTH EXPERT Anti-Acne Serum roll-on with multi-active formula of MESO ACNE by DERMEDICS® provides truly effective and intensive topical treating of the acne syndromes

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Free of parabens, alcohol, colorants, fragrances and allergens.

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YOUTH EXPERT Anti-Acne Serum roll-on with multi-active formula of MESO ACNE by DERMEDICS® provides truly effective and intensive topical treating of the acne syndromes

Active ingredients*

Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant: Fleischer’s Willowherb

Inhibition of hyperkeratosis*: Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Inhibition of 5α-reductase**: Oleanolic Acid

*Hyperkeratosis is thickening of the stratum corneum that may lead to clogging of skin pores. It is often associated with a qualitative abnormality of the keratin, and also usually accompanied by an increase in the granular layer. As the corneum layer normally varies greatly in thickness in different sites, some experience is needed to assess minor degrees of hyperkeratosis.

**5α-reductase (5-aphpha reductase) is an enzyme that causes the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the sebaceous glands and hair follicles – the most potent androgen (male hormone), which is responsible for the formation of acne and overproduction of sebum.


Free of parabens, alcohol, colorants, fragrances and allergens.


  • Significantly supports in reduction of bacteria associated with acne
  • Reduces itching, visibility of inflammation and overproduction of sebum 
  • Minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Restores balance and healthy look of skin

Directions for use

  • Daily skin care of face (topical use)
  • Unisex: for women and men of all ages (teenagers and adults)  For oily and combination skin
  • Topical treatment against:
  • Acne inflammation (painful, red pimples with itching)
  • Clogged skin pores (whiteheads, blackheads)
  • Imperfections (e.g. large facial pores, post-acne discoloration)
  • Oily skin (sebum excess in the T-zone)

Efficacy of active ingredients*

  • Gives instant cooling and relaxing sensation to tired eyes – ideal for people who work with computer for several hours a day
  • Reduces puffiness, dark circles and decreases wrinkles
  • Instantly calms skin
  • Provides anti-collagenase, anti-redness, anti-inflammation, anti-sagginess, anti-hyaluronidase and anti-elastase and anti-oxidant defense

Treatments types

  • Effective and comprehensive procedures against acne
  • Daily care against skin imperfections caused by acne (day & night)

Application area

  • Eye area
  • Topical broken capillaries
  • Topical purple and red spots left by acne


Home care: roll-on bottle 15ml


Skin condition improvement visible after single treatment.
Regular application ensures spectacular skin improvement.

* Efficacy of active ingredients confirmed by in vitro and in vivo tests through regular application.

Registered in European Union as Cosmetic Products according to the Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC.
Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. | NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.
Made with the greatest care in the European Union.

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47 reviews for Dermedics Anti-Acne Serum roll-on

  1. Lam Xueqi (verified owner)

    Very good and effective. Works well.

  2. Cindy Ang (verified owner)

    Relieves acne inflammation and does not irritate my sensitive skin. Worth trying

  3. Xu Zi Xin (verified owner)

    Works wonders .Love it! Convenient roll-on.

  4. Yun Chen (verified owner)

    I like the roller ball. Feels like a massage. Good acne ingredients!

  5. Chia Wan Qing (verified owner)

    it helped with drying my spots.

  6. Dida (verified owner)

    Best acne serum !

  7. momogirl (verified owner)

    A must have for me. When I previously stopped using it for two weeks, I noticed my acne was reappearing. Would definitely continue with this anti- acne serum.

  8. Layla K (verified owner)

    Fast shipping time, will be back to update on how well this acne serum works.

  9. Melvin Low (verified owner)

    No greasy or sticky feeling, works relatively well on acne however it takes time. This acne serum is good at healing inflammation and redness.

  10. Ang Hong Yi (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this faithfully day and night . Results are so much better than Watsons products

  11. Melissa Quek

    Works on acne and doesn’t not clog my skin so far it has been working very good.

  12. Hui Shan

    Expensive for such small amount.

  13. JiaWen

  14. eterstar56

    Good for acne control .

  15. Wendy

    This stuff has completely healed me and even taken away most of the redness!

  16. YenYen

    Hope this can solve my acne problem

  17. JosephD

    Yet to try! Hope it helps

  18. aajay

    Result no bad, less breakout.

  19. 93886726awq

    Indeed a medical grade product. Face is less oily and pimples start to dry. Helps in keeping acne at bay

  20. redtomatoes

    Second time order. My first order was this product only. After using it for a week, I have ordered another bottle, the meso acne and the cleanser. Less redness and less blackheads. I cant be happier!

  21. Mak68

    I’ve been using this a for a week now, The serum dispensing roller ball feels very cooling when applied on my acne. It has also calming effect!

  22. RinnGoh

    Delivery took 3 days. Tested the product and it work!
    What I love most are the results on my acne and my pores are noticeably smaller.

  23. Janet Low

    Very good product, Made in Europe Poland.

  24. Zhihui90

  25. chenyu

    Works as described ❤️ wonderful product and well worth the price ! Ty

  26. Joy Tham

    The roller bottle is freaking GORGEOUS. it makes the skin sooo relaxx The serum flows out constantly and cools the skin How did i ever live without it?

  27. JoJo

    I’m sooo glad I managed to try it! My skin looks better than before!

  28. Carine.wyl

    Easy to use. Good deal. Thank you

  29. weiling98

    Superb ! 5 Stars 🙂

  30. sek09

    Good for acne control. Will buy again and again. I like it !

  31. dedela

    I stopped popping my pimples ever since I use this, Highly recommended.

  32. Jerome Tab

    Havent try. Packaging looks professional. Thank you..

  33. khusuodalrhany92

    Light, fresh and effective. Thank you.

  34. winnie chen


  35. sheila5

    Repeat purchase as it does help to reduce acne

  36. orangeous

    Used their meso acne on and acne gel cleanser. Not bad for me so decided to get all the acne range

  37. rebecca72tay


  38. kst97zho

    Good price during sale. Acne less inflamed the next morning after using this.

  39. Ivygoh0003

    Seems good. will try for longer. Thank you seller.

  40. Quah5456

    Good .

  41. Ally Xu

    I don’t normally leave reviews but this product had sorted out acne issue within 2 weeks. My skin has never felt more soft and it’s completely clear of spots! Very impressed!

  42. sehu12

    overall happy with item, great seller and service.

  43. Ai Tian

    The delivery was rather quick with proper packing.

  44. Maryann

    Excellent. Value for money.

  45. Khoo083

    Second order of the roll-on serum, Thanks FS

  46. Yan Ping

    Great stuff and fast shipping.

  47. Angel Soh

    Good result I recommend this. 100% satisfied.

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