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  • A a
    8 months ago

    2 Hours for this masterpiece. I have so much love for vain beauty, but this particular staff just didnt know what she was doing, since the removal. I’ve NEVER had any one of them do removal AND a new set for 2 hours. My removal would take just about 30 minutes, and my entire set would take 1-1.5hrs depending on my design. My nails before removal were not even full and long… I only had 3/4 extensions left on each hand…. Ridiculously disappointed and me being me i left the store crying LOL because it’s too slow and nothing’s being done right. I had so much patience but the more she f-ed up the lesser my patience got lmfao

  • Jiang Di
    1 year ago

    Terrible service, Avoid as much as possible.

  • Chamy Hazel
    1 year ago

    Poor customer service. Rude staff. Nails did not turn up as expected and poor retention. Will never visit again.

  • chelle C
    1 year ago

    I have been going to them for years every time I came to visit from california and now I live here and continue to do so. Their lashes are clean and cause no styes and do as requested while paying attention to detail and their hair extensions are perfectly matched! No pulling nor lost strands either. They won’t even do it if they do not have proper colors to match. Love it.

  • мιѕѕувєlα2828
    1 year ago

    Used to visit them frequently for eyelash extension couple of years back and the price was around $55.

    Think there was a change in owner and staff over the years. Before booking my appointment, they listed cluster eyelash extension as $30/50 and single eyelash extension as $80 on their facebook page.

    When i went for my appointment , i was informed that it will be $90 for the cluster eyelash extension and $15 for removal (not within surcharge period). I can understand the removal charge but not sure why the discrepancy for cluster lash pricing.

    Price aside, there were only two beds in their store. When i arrived, one of the bed was still empty. I was perplexed why the beautician asked me to sit on the normal chair to do my eyelash and when I request for the bed, she told me it was not available?

    The chair was not those chairs that could be extended for me to lay flat so imagine my agony of bending my neck backwards for 90mins throughout the extension process. I tried to voice our my discomfort to the staff but was ignored. Total misery with no empathy from the beautician who kept asking me to shift higher as i was “slipping away” from the chair.

    The beautician was still trying to ask me to sign package at the end.

    Not a pleasant experience and definitely not recommending to anyone.

  • Sophia Soh
    1 year ago

    Been with them for more than 10 years! Honest shop compared to many around them. Nice lady boss too!

  • Aliss Sahrin
    2 years ago

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I entered the store and upon arrival, ALL of the staff ignored me. When I tried to speak to someone regarding my eyelash extension appointment, they were not helpful at all and were rather rude. The outcome of the eyelash extension was okay, however, the problem was that the eyelashes fell off in less than a day. Would not recommend anyone to this place.

  • Nate Ing
    2 years ago

    I got my hair extension done here at 400sgd but the hair was not real, I washed my hair after done on the same day itself and my hair was so rough😡 And when I comb my hair ( from bottom with upper support with carefully) still 1 stack of the hair came out😭 I feel really insecure that my real hair will came off😓 really a bad experience. I even did my eyelash extensions there and was charged 80sgd. The outcome is like I can get 50sgd at other shop.😡😡😡😡


  • C Lim
    2 years ago

    Went to vain beauty to remove my existing tape hair extensions (done by another salon). Was pre-empt by the worker there that my type of extensions was gonna be a hassle to remove. Not sure what she meant by that, because both workers who attended to me were yanking and pulling the extensions out by force. If using force (and breaking my real hair in the process) is called difficult, I could’ve removed it at home myself. One of them (Indian lady) even took a rat-tailed comb and tried forcing to comb through the knots in my real hair. Paid $100 to get my extensions removed, along with most of my real hair broken and oily. Had to visit another salon for a hair wash and the hair stylist told me my hair is very uneven due to hair breakage.

    If you guys are not professional in removing other types of extensions, don’t accept your customers when you have absolutely no patience in handling their real hair with care.

  • Denise Lim
    2 years ago

    I extended my sides as they were shorter than my back. When it came to trimming to match the length of my hair, it was so uneven??? Its way shorter than the back of my hair in person!!! Very annoyed. Paid $50 for uneven hair.

  • Rbfxka
    2 years ago

    When you want to do braided they will advice you to take 6D instead with whatever reason they can use. So yup, I’m convinced and I did the 1st time it was alright and I’m really in love with it. But the 2nd time turns out to be like this. And I asked them, why is it so dry as compared to previous one and the reply I got was, because this hair is for highlights so will be more dry, you need to put more hair mask, hair oil. I literally spam hair oil and mask everyday until it finished. Then I asked, if I’m able to redo because they didn’t mention to me it’ll be so dry like this else i would have choose other not so dry ones? And she said, if redo I have to pay, but the cheapest is $300. FYI I did my current one for $450.

    I mean, some girls sure have days when they’re lazy to wash their hair but with this kind of quality I can’t do a day without washing. The extension hair drop everywhere because I’m just trying to comb to untangle it.

    So if you’re rich enough and have plenty of time, please go there and waste your money and time.

  • Rachel
    2 years ago

    Had a pleasant experience with them previously when I did my hair extensions but IT WAS HORRIFYING YESTERDAY.

    I texted them on their WhatsApp asking if the removal was free since they did it for me. My message was: “Hello! If i want to remove my extensions, its free right? Cause i did it with u guys”, and they replied: “ Can when u want”.

    Obviously they committed the free removal for me understanding from our conversation (I still have the WhatsApp message to prove). BUT when i went down to the store, the Indian/ Punjabi lady mentioned that it wasn’t free and proceed to charge me $70 + 20mins waiting time, while another customer gets removal for $50 (her reasoning was: the other customer had it on for 1 month+ and I had a lot of strands in my head — what even…?). Another salon at the other side only quoted me $40… (D’lash nail & hair extensions)

    I had to remove specifically yesterday as I had to go to work after and didn’t bring any hair tying accessories, was already prepared to go back to short hair.

    I already paid $400 (discounted price from $450 cause i did 180 strands) and still had to pay $70 extra just to remove without being prepared for it (since they committed to the free service that I asked for.

    To add on to my HORRIFYING experience, the Indian/ Punjabi lady was very rough prior to removing my extensions. I ALREADY MENTIONED THAT I HAD PIMPLES IN MY HEAD DUE TO SG HOT WEATHER + THICK EXTENSIONS but she still pulled and tugged as she removed. She could have been more gentle so that I wouldn’t feel so much pain in that 15mins of time.

    Side note: Vainbeauty please take action to the Indian/Punjabi staff. There are so many reviews regarding her right here!

  • Casandra Nicholas
    2 years ago

    Did hair extensions for the first time here and the whole experience was great 😎👍

  • Sharmaine Jean David
    2 years ago

    Went to the FEP outlet for eyelash extensions and they were really professional and patient with me, showing me the different options and telling me what they thought were suitable for my eye shape! Price is affordable too, defo value for money

  • Victoria Kanagavelan
    2 years ago

    they were very patient and explained the process to me, my hair looks rly natural and the colour fits me

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