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  • hi hi
    6 months ago

    ngl i was abit scared coming here seeing the reviews but ig its subjective because my experience here was really good and the staff were super duper friendly and nice!! they were very gentle with my hair too and i’ll definitely come here again

  • AN
    2 years ago

    Do not recommend, feels very unprofessional and quite unhappy with final result (too thin)

    Worst hair extensions experience ever (3rd try)

    Went down after reading the article on beauty insider.

    Was greeted by the lady China boss, boasting to me about their social media and 13 years of operation.

    Asked for a quote for a full head of hair extensions, and checked if I would be paying for 300 strands as ongoing promo is (150 strands for $100), she answered yes.

    (Did it previously at bugis street at around the same price)

    Asked for highlights and she mentioned that highlights arent free (i didnt asked for freebies), asked her what the added cost would be she said that no added cost bt there will be lesser strands.

    Didnt understand but went ahead and do.

    Result was super thin and suspected that she gave lesser as she pre took the strands and left it on a chair behind me.

    After she finish extending the hair frm left to right, I saw her picking up some hair strands from the chair behind and putting on her table

    What does she mean that she is done when there is still hair left on the chair!!!

    Anw bad result and requested to add 100 more strands at $50 top up, the result was slightly better bt still looks super fake/thin.

    In the process of braiding the extensions, she was very distracted and kept using her phone causing a very very long time taken to be done and she broke quite alot of strands of my hair when she didn’t clip it out of the way properly.

    Her assistant was the one who started braiding it first and the 5-10 strands she braided was not painful during and after the process, the rest of the head done by lady boss hurts even now (5 days after).

  • Byulha Choi
    2 years ago

    A shop that acts rude to customers with skills that I can’t experience in my life

    It took a long time to put on fake eyelashes, but the results were the worst

    So I complained about it and I wanted to do it again but ignored my opinion that it was too good for the boss to see

    Is it okay to ignore the customer’s opinion if the boss says it’s okay since the customer pays for the service?

    I guess the boss had nothing to say because I said the right thing

    Then, the employee put on eyelashes, so the boss said it didn’t matter, and she acted irresponsibly as a boss, and didn’t have the basics of service.

    If you don’t have the skills, I hope you have the basic service first pls

    So I paid to go to another eyelash shop and put them back on

  • Amanda Lim
    2 years ago

    I did my nails at Iconique Hair & Beauty Salon a few months back. I was very satisfied for my very first manicure service. The nails lasted me for a month and was in good condition. The staff was also very patient and even engaged in a light-hearted conversation with me 🙂

  • Rachel Lim
    2 years ago

    All staff us super nice, very service oriented, and it’s my 3 time with them! Totally love it and will go back again and again!

  • Keeneye Customer
    2 years ago


    I booked this parlour after an article in Beauty Insider that rated them as top parlours in Singapore to get an extension.

    I went in to get my extensions attached. My appointment was for 11:00 am. When I went in there was this young girl, who looks at my extension and says it will be $2 to attach each piece. I confirm the same.

    10 minutes later another lady walks in, the supposed owner of the place. She said that girl is new, she doesnt know anything. It will be $5 to attach the extensions. She also asked me leave if this was not acceptable. I found her downright rude and unprofessional!!

    Anyways, I needed to get my extensions attached as I had some important meetings this month and need to travel out. I have never seen such inexperience in attaching extensions in my life!!! I have been wearing extensions for 5 years and this is the first time I used this place because my usual place had no appointments.

    She did not use any hair line for fixing. There was NO SYMMETRY while fixing it. The extensions had no proper line at the end. One side of my head has more hair than the other. It is extremely painful when I touch my roots!! My hair dresser who I went to for a hair wash immediately after said he has never seen such INEXPERIENCE and that I should go back to them immediately and ask them to remove it for FREE!! But HE took a picture also and said the way they have attached it is what is causing me so much pain while sleeping and washing because it is all over the place.

    However, they did invite me back and removed the extensions for free and said all the communication above was due to a language barrier.

  • WenTiing Tan
    2 years ago

    Staff was very friendly and they provide good hair extensions service too 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Elisha Hong
    2 years ago

    Very good service from the lady boss and her staff!

    Happen to pass by and decided to try the hair extension service and is satisfied with the lady boss skill. I didn’t have the ‘pulling’ uncomfortable feeling from the extension which I always experience from other saloon.

    She have the ability to choose the most suitable hair colour and style that looks so natural.

    What amazed me is her honesty that will give advice frankly if the hair doesn’t suit you. Overall, I am happy with them and will go back again to try other service.

  • Sherlyn
    2 years ago

    I did my eyelash extensions a few times with Iconique Beauty. Their service is really good. Their lashes are soft and nice. 小雨 was the one helping me and she is really gentle.

  • Ashleen A
    2 years ago

    Very professionally done makeup. They are very friendly too! Highly recommended!!!

  • Sonja Berg
    2 years ago

    Told me they knew how to remove acrylic extensions. Took them nearly two hours and i came out with terrible nails. Lots of the extension was still on my finger and not filed off. My nail bed is extremely damaged as they scratched it so much to the point that it’s just white lines. They tried to cover this up by spraying water and applying syrum to try make it more ‘shiny’

  • Mia A
    2 years ago

    I haven’t been to any other salon since i’ve found them, Esther & her staffs always understands what i need & advice necessarily~ Thank you!

    In terms of the extensions, their braiding method never fails, lasting a long time without tugging at your hair. The hair quality is good enough if u like styling your hair with heat.

  • 곽민주
    3 years ago

    They are very friendly and even though it took like four hours but they were very helpful and do nicely for me. And guarantee me that the hair won’t fall off. I really hope to go back there again!!

  • Audrey Ong (teeheeaudrey)
    4 years ago
  • Miss Elle
    4 years ago

    Did $13 worth of hair extensions. The stylists were very polite and had quite a good experience, although one part of the hair extension is jutting out a bit.

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