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Dermatologists often recommend specific products for skin conditions due to their expertise in treating various skin concerns. While individual recommendations may vary depending on your specific skin type and concerns, here are some dermatologist-recommended men's face moisturizers:

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1. Fusion Meso Cica Care

This cream repairs and soothes traumatically inflamed skin. Our first line of defense, our skin, needs time to recover from damage. With potent ingredients such as Titrated Centella asiatica Extract, often known as CICA or Tiger grass, it aids in the healing ability of damaged skin and the restoration of skin integrity by boosting the vital proteins in the dermis and providing a soothing effect. This face moisturizer is great for all skin types including sensitive, dull, reddened or tired skin.

Price: $155

Size: 50ml

Skin type suitable: All skin types including sensitive skin

Where to buy:

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2. Ekseption Retin-Oil Peel 4%

One of the strongest over-the-counter retinol solutions is Ekseption Retin oil peel, a highly concentrated retinol 4% serum that combines retinol with salicylic acid. Ekseption is a recognized skincare company known for its science-driven and clinically tested formulations. This extraordinary retinol serum is created for retinol users with experience or those with particular skin issues, such as acne, sun damage, or age.

Price: $240


Skin type suitable: Oily, acne-prone or sun damage skin

Where to buy:

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3. CLENZIderm M.D. Pore Therapy

CLENZIderm M.D. Pore Therapy helps unclog pores and remove dead skin by removing acne causing bacteria at the source, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and ready to move on to the next step in your acne treatment regimen.

*CLENZIderm M.D. Pore Therapy contains 2% of salicylic acid.

Price: $83

Size: 148ml

Skin type: Oily skin with large pores

Where to buy:

Ekseption zpca

4. Ekseption Hyaluronic Zinc PCA

This active serum reduces acne and oily skin with 2% XS hyaluronic acid and 1% zinc PCA. Zinc works as an antiseptic agent that inhibits bacterial growth.

Price: $95

Size: 75ml

Skin type: Combination to oily skin prone to acne outbreak

Where to buy:

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5. Dermedics Acne Roll-On

Dermedics Acne Roll-On is a highly effective and intensive topical treatment of the acne disorders. Dermedics acne roll-on significantly support the reduction of the bacteria associated with acne. The acne roll-on reduces the symptoms of itching, inflammation and excessive sebum production. It minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. It restores the skin’s balance and appearance.

Price: $85

Size: 15ml

Skin type: Combination to oily skin with acne

Where to buy:

NEOSTRATA Bionic Face Cream

6. Neostrata Bionic Face Cream

This triple-action face cream from Neostrata is made specially for normal, dry and sensitive skin. It's made with an hydrating PHA blends to help exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of aging. These ingredients also exfoliate clogged pores and helps restore clarity. Perfect for Singapore's hot and humid climate!

Price: $72.50

Size: 40g

Skin type: Normal to dry sensitive skin

Where to buy:


7. Skin Ceutical Blemish + Age Defense

If you're looking for an oil-free treatment for your aging skin that won't give you breakouts, look no further than blemish + age defense. This new acid blend is the first of its kind and works by reducing the production of excess sebum, reducing the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, and improving skin tone. Plus, it decongests clogged pores and reduces the visibility of aging signs. It's perfect for oily skin types, acne-prone skin, and combination and aging skin.

Price: $149

Size: 30ml

Skin type: Combination to oily skin with acne

Where to buy:

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8. Fusion Meso Retinol 1.0

Backed by clinical testing, Fusion meso retinol 1.0 is formulated exclusively to target fine lines with a highly concentrated pure form of retinol. With a few days of application, the clarity and texture of skin improves drastically.

Price: $110

Size: 30ml

Skin type: Normal to oily acne skin

Where to buy:


9. Dermedics Meso Gen'x

Dermedics Meso Gen'x Youth Gene Activator helps your skin look and feel young again in just two months! It is clinically approved and tested, so you can be sure you're getting the best results. It's based on epigenetics, the theory of Hayflick's limit, and protects skin DNA, telomeres, and keep healthy cells in balance. Packed in a 10x5ml glass vial, every vial is protected from oxidation, thus the potency remains at peak. This advanced serum is certainly for every man above the age of 30.

Price: $299

Size: 50ml

Skin type: All skin types including sensitive skin

Where to buy:

ekseption ice cream lift

10. Ekseption Ice Cream lift

This is an ultra nourishing lifting cream with the texture of an ice cream . This night cream has a similar texture ti an ice cream and needs to be kept in a room temperature lower than 25 degrees or refrigerator. This new formulation under the ice cream form has been designed to improve the action of the active ingredients, providing an intense cooling sensation while leaving a protective film over your skin. Proteins and growth factor help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Intense treatment for dry & mature skin types.

Price: $165

Size: 50ml

Skin type: Normal, combination and dry skin

Where to buy:

It's important to keep in mind that what works best for one person may not work for another due to individual skin variations. When choosing a moisturizer, consider any specific concerns you have beyond acne, such as sensitivity or dryness, and consult with a dermatologist for personalized recommendations and a tailored skincare routine. Additionally, always follow your dermatologist's advice for managing your acne and other skin conditions.

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