Fusion Cica Post Care Moisturizer

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50ml /1.7fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.

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Considered our first line of defense, our skin when damaged needs time to repair. The skin’s return to its normal, healthy appearance doesn’t happen overnight. Difficulties can arise during repair which may further prolong the process. This is especially evident during pregnancy with the appearance of stretch marks. The skin is not able to restructure itself correctly & lacks firmness. Titrated Extract of Centella asiatica, better known as CICA or Tiger grass, is a high purified composition of some of the most powerful molecules found within this plant. CICA works to repair damaged skin faster and restore skin integrity by boosting the vital proteins within the dermis and by soothing effect. Our extract is produced from wild centella asiatica harvested in Madagascar. This particular botanical variety is more stable in composition of pentacyclic triterpenes (actives), has higher amount of those actives and grows wild. When cultivated, it loses its pharmacological profile & has low content of actives. In our formulation we combine CICA with Provitamin B5 (panthenol) known for its properties to hydrate and restore the skin integrity. Applied locally, panthenol penetrates the epidermis where it is absorbed by the skin cells and transformed into pantothenic acid, this is where it acts on the hydration of the stratum corneum. In addition, it helps to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, fighting against water loss and dehydration.


Scent: Neutral


Product texture: The texture is an ultra soft and comforting oil-in-water emulsion that provides intense nutrition to the skin. The emulsifier is based on Glyceryl Stearate, a biodegradable, safe ingredient that makes your skin softer and smoother and improves the feel of your products. Glyceryl stearate is a naturally derived fatty acid that is used as a thickener and emollient in various cosmetics and skincare products. While the main function of glyceryl stearate is to improve the texture and sensory feel, it also helps to hydrate and protect the skin, giving your skin a glow. Glyceryl stearate also has benefits to the skin, improving hydration and supporting the Natural Moisturising Factors found in the skin. These benefits are all thanks to the glycerol component of glyceryl stearate.


Active ingredients:

  • Asiaticoside
  • Madecassic Acid
  • Asiatic Acid
  • Panthenol (1%).

How to use?

Wash your face before you apply the moisturizer. Collect a dime-size amount of the cream. Dab it onto your face. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream on to your skin. Do not apply the cream on your eye-lids. The cream has to be applied in the morning or at night on a cleansed skin and can be used in synergy with serums.


Additional information


Fusion Meso

41 reviews for Fusion Cica Post Care Moisturizer

  1. Mandy

  2. Karen

    This cream works wonders!!! I am sensitive to other products but this cream does not irritate my skin at all, it moisturises my skin well. My skin feels repaired and I absolutely love this cream!!! I will definitely buy again.

  3. Amanda Lim

    I really love this! I’m going to apply this cream everyday after I wash my face.

  4. MelissaCJL

    Good cream…if you can afford it. I would buy it again if it was much cheaper, but its too pricey for me.

  5. Lisa88

    It is great for sensitive/dry skin, helps to reduce the redness and does not feel too oily or sticky. It also does not cause and irritation to my skin. Also love the scent!

  6. Tan B.K.

    Everybody has their own likes/dislikes regarding to skin care, and the reviews can be a little tricky. However, this is a 5 star product for me! Everything is great and there is nothing I don’t like about this product.

  7. Joan

    I have dry and sensitive skin and this feels superb. It is very soothing and has a very nice aroma. I prefer this cream compared to the other cream I am using. I was hesitant to try it at the beginning as I was afraid my skin would react to it. However, my skin did seem to like it.

  8. Attila Royse

    I did not use this product long enough to see long term results but when I used it every day for about two weeks, I did notice my skin being smoother and less wrinkled! I will continue to use it

  9. Elizabeth Sng

    I have a sensitive skin, I bought this after reading some reviews and researching online. My skin feels soft and rejuvenated within 1 week of usage. I have not been disappointed and I recommend others with sensitive skin to try it too!

  10. Andrey Pang

    Cool and nice product. The only downside is spatula needs to wash after every use to maintain the cleanliness. Will be better if it comes in a pump bottle.

  11. KrystelleTeo8742a

  12. JaniceFoo1986

    Scent is great, easy, to use quality is amazing!

  13. Fairchoice

    Non oily and non sticky feels. Hope it works.

  14. honeybee2121

    Clean packed, no damage, condition was superb, cream smells fresh ,long expiry date

  15. tingting

    Used one bottle and this time repeat buy back the same cream, very effective my skin improved a lot a lot

  16. ericayang

    Delivered fast. Thank you

  17. Ezen Toh

    Good quality cream. Love the smell and looks of it. Will definitely get more soon!

  18. TingTing87987897

    Received in good condition. Thanks.

  19. kvvkvvkwai

    Looks luxurious as always, been using other fusion creams, can’t wait to try out this!

  20. chella908

    Incredibly good, the formula is very light and skin breathable you just need a thin layer and even if you have oily skin, it wont break you out.

  21. Zulaikha

    Has worked great for me. Best facial moisturizer I have used.

  22. Dania87

    A+ cream. Light and absorbs readily. It does makes the skin more glowing in the morning.

  23. Sharifah

    Remarkable product and service. Thank you Facial SG.

  24. Ishaan

    Really works!

  25. Herlina Peh

    Facial Singapore delivered the product fast in excellent condition. I would be pleased if they could offer some samples of their other products to try out.

  26. Soon Hua

    Perfect for eczema.

  27. Raecke

    My skin drinks this up. Love!

  28. Patricia24y98y325

    This cream makes my skin noticeably brighter. I’ve had several people make a comment on my skin while using this product!

  29. Mohammed Abani

    Facial Singapore shipped quickly .Product it is light and non sticky and was easy to use under make up
    Lovely product and was great fast shipping- Thanks

  30. degattito8745w

    Arrived exactly as expected!!

  31. xaaxin

    Product as described and quick ship. Recommended Facial SG!!

  32. beckyyardfarmhouse


  33. devakata

    I received my package in just one day! Bought a couple of items and all in good condition!

  34. renema

    Thank you for your quick postage , love the product and will be back soon again 😀

  35. BSO

    Gentle on sensitive skin. Very light feel like air

  36. 53bailing53

    Item well received. Will definitely try and review the effect.

  37. Lim Teck Lian

    Good results👍Thanks seller

  38. Twisteenight

    Its good and I am happy.

  39. AmandaTST

    Lovely, very pleased, fast shipping, thank you.

  40. Treena97

    Great product, very hydrating.

  41. Ramma9624

    Super moisturizer I use it for my 87 years old mother with dry skin and wrinkles.
    It keeps the skin hydrated, skin and reduces all irritations despite how sensitive and thin your skin is.

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