Fusion Probiotic Face Cream

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50ml /1.7fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.

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The pre/probiotic complex is composed of alpha-glucooligosaccharides (derived from enzymatic synthesis using 100% pure plant juice as a substrate) and Lactobacillus Probiotic Bacteria (inactivated through tyndallization and freeze-drying).

This cream promotes skin microbiota balance by serving as a substrate for commensal bacteria and strengthening the skin’s natural defenses. Its abundance in natural sugars (GOS and FOS) enhances skin appearance and comfort, resulting in a more radiant complexion and relief from the discomfort often associated with dry and sensitive skin.

XS hyaluronic acid, with its very low molecular weight, functions as a connective tissue organizer and water-retaining substance. The sodium hyaluronate used in this product is sourced from a biotechnological process that ensures safety, free from contaminants and GMOs. It represents an innovation in anti-aging skincare due to its enhanced permeation through the skin compared to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This leads to skin rejuvenation by improving its viscoelastic properties and significantly reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles.


Scent: Perfume-free.


Product texture: The texture is an ultra soft and comforting water-in-oil emulsion that provides intense nutrition to the skin. The water phase of the probiotix cream is also isotonic and balanced in salt to optimize the water transfer into the skin. Water-in-oil emulsions are highly recommended for dry and sensitive skin. They provide a good balance between nutrition and hydration, long-lasting protection and high water diffusion into the skin. The emollients are a mixture of long-chain fatty acid esters that melt at skin temperature. They create a soft, pleasant, smooth skin feel. They have high levels of re fatting potential, and strong water repellent properties to form a film that protects the skin from drying out.



– Nourish the skin.
– Restore the micro-flora.
– Improve biological defences.
– Reduce hypersensitivity.
– Reduce redness and couperosis.


-XS hyaluronic acid

-Probiotic complex


How to use?

Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat dry. Apply a small amount of the serum to your face, focusing on areas with hyperpigmentation. Gently massage the serum into your skin using upward circular motions until fully absorbed.


20 reviews for Fusion Probiotic Face Cream

  1. yanyi

    Fast delivery, nice cream. Will support again. Thank you.

  2. Tracy Lee

    I bought this product because i have a lot of acne and eczema and my skin is very very sensitive. So when i received the product I tested a pea size on my skin and it seems good, i dont get any breakout or flare so I proceeded to apply on my entire face, it has a pleasant smell. I am using it daily now and this cream helps to take care of my skin. My skin feels relaxed and less red when I apply it, the formula is very gentle. it definitely control my acne and eczema but this is not a cure still. I will be repurchasing this cream as it is still better quality than many others.

  3. Fiona Ong

    Thanks for the fast delivery.

  4. Kai Li

    Really pleased with this product. This one is soothing for sensitive skin, . makes my skin look really smooth, and balance.

  5. Ye Tong


  6. Lynne Koh

    Balance my combination skin well, has good qualities that makes my skin soft and smooth

  7. Ashwun

    My friend using this recommended it, say this is good, I have very sensitive skin and need a really good moisturizer, Now I am recommending this too! Really a great one!

  8. nicecustomer

    Great value on both quality and quantity. Highly recommended

  9. Rosieh

    it didn’t make me break out and my skin isn’t dry nor sensitive

  10. Sora8701j

    The moisturizer itself seems good. Shipping took 2 days which is considered fast.

  11. Lauren1k2

    This is a good probiotic cream. Its hard to find one good one. I have used different brands and I like this one best!

  12. Jennifer452597

    Excellent, l will buy again. Thank you

  13. ikosussy

    Moisturises and soothes My mum and sister love this as well. So perfect for all skin types

  14. Kaoula

    The smell is natural and good. Bottle is easy to use and comes with a spoon The quality is excellent The size is somewhat acceptable The packaging is nice The benefit is a lot The composition is unique. Suitable for sensitive and acne skin.

  15. Topez6288

    Good service. huge compliment to this product. Use it for sensitive skin with good results.

  16. Micki33

    Redness is less. Seems like it’s worth trying.

  17. 81MummyQueenie

    Facial Singapore had delivered the product in pristine condition to my place. The cream feels fabulous on my skin and noticing a difference after a week of using. I apply every evening after shower. It has helped to soften and repair my skin.

  18. Jenny Khoo

    Good product.Recommend seller.

  19. 115211492

    Very satisfied with Facial Sg service thank you for the great responsibility to handle the items so well. I received it in a day after my order. I will come back

  20. Yunati13331

    Item as described, nice item, Positive transaction, Prompt delivery

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