Fusion Meso Shield Sunscreen with Bluelight Protection SPF50

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30ml / 1 fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.



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A specific protective cream formulated for post aesthetic medicine procedures. A surprising light texture for a maximum protection against UVA/UVB. It is conditioned in a convenient airless to be carried all day. This protective daily wear is an innovation at different levels.
The formulation creates a long-lasting film over the skin resisting to sweating, providing a base for make-up and avoiding the penetration of the sunscreens into the skin. Does not sting the eyes and suit even the most sensitive skins. The scent is based on Aloe Vera providing freshness and relaxation.
The most important factor in UV protection products is that they ensure the same level of protection against UVA and UVB without breach in the radiation spectrum to leave certain types of UV reach and damage the skin. An “ideal sunscreen” must perform like a neutral density filter with the same protection at any wavelength.
We gave a very particular care in our formulation by using in synergy 4 types of UV screening ingredients in order to reach the best ratio and protection against all types of UV.
Our SPF is also using the latest innovations without any ingredient that could irritate the skin or endocrine modulators. The efficiency of our SPF is extremely high compare to other SPF with an effective ratio of 2.8 point of SPF for 1% of UV filter.


Scent: Aloe Vera, fresh and light.


Product texture: Water-in-oil emulsion with a light texture for a high protection SPF. Does not leave the skin oily and white after application.


Active ingredients: 

  • Helioguard 365


How to use?

Wash your face before you apply your day cream. Collect a dime-size amount of the cream. Dab it onto your face. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream on to your skin. Do not apply the on your eye-lids.

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Fusion Meso

63 reviews for Fusion Meso Shield Sunscreen with Bluelight Protection SPF50

  1. Pearl Lee (verified owner)

    I dont get burn with this . This is good stuff.

  2. Chloe Tee (verified owner)

    No white cast and no oily feel. It is hard to find a good mineral screen and this works great for me.

  3. Lamborghiniclub (verified owner)

    It’s so easy to apply I hate the greasy sunscreens. This one is keeper!

  4. CrazyDaisy (verified owner)

    It worked well, felt nice on the skin too, was out for duties under the sun but have never gotten sunburn

  5. Emily Wong (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I have been trying to find a good sunscreen all my life. One with good sun protection and does not cause any allergy reaction to my sensitive skin. This was sold at my dermatologist . it’s a physical screen that does not contain chemicals . I have finally found a solution after so many years. I do recommend trying out this sunscreen despite the price for the bottle. It is more expensive that the drug store ones but it is definitely worth to protect yourself.

  6. Ellen Huang (verified owner)

    Light and breathable ! Godsend

  7. Rosanna


  8. Lucyyss

    Repeat buy. Thank you

  9. Chai Jia Bao

    I really like this sunscreen! It doesn’t leave a white film on my skin and there are some tired days when i worked overnight and did not wash off, I was surprised this does cause any breakout unlike other sunscreens I tried. I love the light scent. I will definitely purchase again.

  10. Brenda Wong

    This sunblock is great, they really bring a smoothness to your skin and definitely blocks well.

  11. Camille Zhang

    This is my 4th bottle. The best sunscreen i have tried ! It gives my skin great protection and doesn’t cause any irritation on my sensitive skin

  12. CharlesR

    Have not used yet

  13. JKoon

    Product received in good condition

  14. Han556

    It really does blocks harmful blue light! I tested this by applying this suncreen to a clear glass and tried shinning a blue torch!

  15. YY286475

    I am a sports instructor and spend many hours in the sun daily. I have tried many brands of sun protection and and this one is most effective, I have NOT got burnt once.

  16. Kat Zhong

    I love this sunscreen as my face protection.. Consistency is light with very smooth texture. It is also hypoallergenic and safe for my sensitive skin

  17. Mariane

    This is like my 5th bottle. Excellent quality! I am really impressed by this. It spreads easily with no white cast, non-greasy, my make up application is smooth and best of all, It gives my skin great protection and doesn’t cause irritation even when my skin is sensitive and vulnerable after I had chemical peels or pico laser treatment.

  18. LinNa

    Very protective against the sun. Hypoallergenic, suitable for my sensitive skin.

  19. Melmei

    The best sunscreen I use, I use it every day, and I recommend using it strongly

  20. Carolyn Seah

    Wonderful sunscreen. My new favorite.

  21. Sierra Chong

    This sunscreen works so well, it doesn’t leave any streaks on my face. There is no burning or stinging sensation, no dryness or redness etc. Instead, it feels cooling on my skin. Will continue to purchase again.

  22. Miya

    I love the smell! Would be great if it was a little cheaper though

  23. Lilian

  24. darcin671

    Reasonable price and works so much better than all the big brands sunscreen.

  25. oncemoretime

    Not once get burn even when i seldom reapply. So this is definitely good !

  26. ChanYeSwee

    Delivery is quick. Will buy again.

  27. Charlotte Tan

    The best thing about this sunscreen that it’s white cast free and chemical free. It is important to choose physical sunscreen over chemical sunscreen as chemical sunscreen is toxic and can potentially caused cancer. So glad this physical sunscreen is well made which is so rare to find a good one.

  28. Niah Ong

    Purchased 7 or 8 times now. High quality,, perfect travel size,, also had one in my bag, highly recommended

  29. Becca0

    This sunscreen has made my skin brighter. No breakouts. You got to try this one!!

  30. tanleonard

    Nicely packed and look authentic. Highly recommended!

  31. JaneLau005

    Packaging design is good and easy to use. Fragrance is light and nice. Non oily but may need reapplication in hot sun.

  32. 564ydgd456

    Delivery is quick.
    Everything packing all so nice and professional looking
    Next time will buy again

  33. queqi26

    Works very well for me and family. Definitely value for money since it blocks blue rays too. Delivery is super fast. Will buy again. Thanks facial sg.

  34. glaccgsato

    Good packaging and sealed properly… Item received in good condition.

  35. Yuping

    I have tried different sunscreens, and this is really the best I have tested . It is very light and not heavy at all. It dries and is not greasy, its very nicely, leaves no white cast but a healthy glow .

  36. Mabel Tang

    Fast delivery. Blends well with skin care routine and make up without leaving any residue.

  37. Elsie430

    Super lightweight and nice.

  38. Xaviera Tan

    Awesome product! Thank you!

  39. JosephineAST44

    I always put it in my bag so I can reapply during the day. Its so portable and easy to dispense without creating a mess. Love this!

  40. foolish1xyg

    Sunscreen is the most important skincare to have and so is a must to get a really good one and this is the one!

  41. vivien_huiying

    Delivery was swift and arrived in good condition. Thxs Facial SG.

  42. AiShan

    Delivery is fast, I like to buy here. The service is good and always deliver the right products timely.

  43. Jue Lin

    Light weight and non-comedogenic. I will repurchase and recommend,

  44. Gui Xuan

    Definitely worth the price .

  45. Dexter81

    My girlfriend and I are using this sunscreen. She swears by Fusion Meso shield. She has sensitive skin and she uses this without and trigger

  46. Trisha Liew

    Works fine.

  47. Lightcreator

    Good light scent, with excellent sun protection. This product is fresh and has a long expiry date

  48. leekianling

    First time trying this. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  49. Qiaoqi

    My fav sunscreen so far, I been using this under my daily makeup. So perfect and so good.

  50. Everlyn30

    Appreciate the prompt delivery. Sunscreen protects well and never let my fair skin burn once. Am a happy repeat customer of this product.

  51. springbloomer

    Effective sunscreen, Bought due to the good reviews and I like it too !

  52. Serene Tan

    Fast delivery, good seller..

  53. Jia Wei


  54. Kayce

    This is the first time i bought here and delivery is quick,

  55. Karabonbon

    Even under scorching sun, I never get burn once. Thank you Fusion Meso and Facial Singapore.

  56. Renee Tay

    Great for regular daily use and maintenance. But for the price, its on the steep side.

  57. Nicholas Tan

    Environmentally friendly and vegan sunscreen! Great to find this one here.

  58. 55Jolina

    Easy to apply, I use it on my toddler’s skin when going to the beach. Very gentle and safe.

  59. nidhiru2288

    I wanted a spf 50 sunscreen so I was searching for a good sunscreen for my acne prone oily skin. Finally found this one and is the best i have had. Thank you

  60. luna364098

    I have finished 5 bottles already. This sunscreen works great on my oily sensitive skin.

  61. LeahZZTY

    Beautifully packaged, smells divine and does wonders protecting my face from bluelight and us rays!

  62. Parni02

    Reputable place to shop, quick delivery, still trying this sunscreen out but liking the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and really smooth. 🙂 Thank you.

  63. Janet kok

    Lovely lightweight sun cream with a smooth texture. Great SPF protection. Sinks into my oily skin really well and leaves my face non-shiny. 5 Stars.

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