Fusion Retinol 1% Cream

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30ml / 1 fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.

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Highly concentrated serum with pure form of retinol. This exclusive formula targets wrinkles and photo-ageing. After few days of application the skin looks younger with less wrinkles and a unified skin tone. This intensive treatment have to be used on a period of 10 to 15 days in a row at night. If the skin feels sensitive and shows signs of exfoliation stop the treatment for few days.


Scent: Ceylan tea and fresh citric.


Product texture: The specific composition of this water-in-oil emulsion leads to optimal emulsion stability while enabling to provide a specific smooth and velvety skin feel. The emulsion has a very bright and shiny appearance due to the fine emulsion technology used. The result is a very pleasant cream, fresh at application and easily absorbed by the skin.


Active ingredients :

  • Retinol 1%


How to use?

Use the product once to twice per week before your night cream. Wash your face before you apply your serum. Collect a dime-size amount of the product. Dab it onto your face. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the serum on to your skin. Avoid the eye contours.




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Fusion Meso

91 reviews for Fusion Retinol 1% Cream

  1. Qiu Yen (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product. it’s working for my skin.

  2. Gina Lee Jia Hui (verified owner)

    Amazing!!!! My skin loves this, It goes on so smoothly and absorbs into the skin almost immediately. my skin is clear and glowy. I’ll be back!!

  3. Ismail

    Helped my acne breakouts and oily skin.

  4. nickelodeon (verified owner)

    Perfect night cream. Very light but refreshing smell. makes my skin look great. Slight peeling what I started using, my skin has adapted now. Would highly recommend for your daily regimen.

  5. Tan1978 (verified owner)

    My acne scars have started to fade. This is now my new staple . I won’t be without this !

  6. Tasha De Souz (verified owner)

    It worked just as described!

  7. Lilin (verified owner)

    This stuff is so incredible I absolutely adore. Results are even more stoning than the others out there.

  8. Alice See (verified owner)


  9. Kuay Wan Lai (verified owner)

    Strong and drying. Not for sensitive skin.

  10. Magrette Chan (verified owner)

    I have seen a difference in the deep creases on my forehead and neck .it doesn’t cause breakouts also. I have no regrets purchasing this.

  11. Lorraine Kang (verified owner)

    Awsome ingredients thank you

  12. Luna Wong (verified owner)

    I like it!

  13. Debby Lin (verified owner)

    My lines and sun spots are beginning to fade.

  14. AngSiokLeng82 (verified owner)

    Bought this at my doctors office previously. Repeat purchase !

  15. mummyEve84 (verified owner)

    My lines are fading. I appreciate the quality of the ingredients. Thank you.

  16. newbieneo (verified owner)

    Retinol is a very strong active, and is not for everyone . if your skin is too sensitive you can still use it on alternate day .

  17. Dewi (verified owner)

    An incredibly nice retinol serum . I have been using this for awhile now with fusion meso repair and these products have given me the results I was hoping for, Smooth bright luminous skin. I like the packaging too. Highly recommend.

  18. Butterfly (verified owner)

    Perfect. Will buy this from now on.

  19. Zhang Yin (verified owner)

    Really like this product.

  20. Priscilla Wang (verified owner)

    Best retinol cream for skin ! Will buy again

  21. Chen Xi

    I have acne skin and it’s my first bottle only. After a week of use the blackheads on my nose are significantly lesser, I have not noticed that in the other tretinoin cream that was prescribed by my dermatologist (it actually worsen my blackheads and caused too much irritation that i needed to stop). This retinol even at 1.0 percent doesn’t irritate my skin much which is good as I am also to continue use daily to benefit from the results, so far after 3 weeks now, my acne has mostly cleared up. Just to add on I am also using the fusion HA peel alongside.

  22. Rakhi

    Beautiful cream

  23. Tee Seng

    This works almost immediately. Definitely worth the investment!

  24. Heather

    I am really happy with my new serum 🙂

  25. Rosey L

    This is a premium skincare product. The packaging is clean and exquisite. Retinol is highly respected and effective for helping in removing fine lines. Drugstore brands often provide a modest low percentage while products with at least 1% provide clinically proven benefits.

  26. Kamilah

    It really is wonderful and I can see the results after just 2 weeks of daily use. I just wish they have a larger size

  27. littlepiglet

    Best retinol cream for my acne.

  28. Faith Wong

    I have sensitive skin and this is not for me.

  29. Miranda

    Retinol has been proven to be the best and most potent and effective treatment for photo damaged skin.

  30. QRM

    Fusion retinol cream particularly helpful on my stubborn acne. The turnover of the skin unclog pores and help fade acne scars. Great product if you have stubborn acne like me. Use it with a moisturiser if you have dry skin.

  31. Chua Ru Lui

    I tried this retinol serum on my face and eyes and after a few weeks, I was totally hooked. This retinol serum had made huge differences to my skin , my skin seemed so much firmer now and the lines around my eyes had also faded.

  32. Bella Lim

    Favorite retinol product. It helped me lighten my acne scars over time

  33. annoyedrat

    My star purchase. Cream is good. Very satisfied.

  34. LimYY

    This brand did not disappoint. I started peeling abit but my skin get used to it after awhile and after two weeks no peeling .

  35. poppy31

    It helps tremendously. My dark scars are fading.

  36. Jamie Ho

    Although I’ve only been using it for a week, my skin looks so much better!

  37. Tiantian88

    I used to use retin A and other tretinoin creams but this works best for my acne by far!

  38. Sally Hu


  39. Lily0884

    Fantastic product. Thank you

  40. ClaudiaLiYY

    My skin feels so soft and much brighter especially when i woke up the day today, I have been using for 1 week now. The texture is light and non greasy. I do not suggest you use this daily, max 3 times per week as this is a potent retinol serum.

  41. Mandy Lew

    Awesome serum

  42. donkeydoo

    Received in perfect condition. Product feels very new with long expiry date;) thanks facial singapore !

  43. Kiko

    Ordered here and received it two days later. Just in time before I run out. So happy!

  44. Mei Huan

    Well packed
    As described and seen on pic
    Fast delivery

  45. Ben Foong

    Definitely a hidden gem found, great brand and quality Am skinceutical user and switched to this brand already

  46. Yiling65e64

    I’m really surprised from the results! I’m using this cream for about 4 months on my face and the result is amazing!

  47. yana31

    My pores are less noticeable after using this, allow this cream to dry before applying your moisturizer. The texture improvements of my skin is quite significant. Will recommend all to try out this product.

  48. Hera Aziana

    Suitable for my face, now not so oily as last time. less clogged pores also. Good retinol product.

  49. Audrey_Chew1979

    Amazing quality, exfoliates and renews skin. Good price and fast shipping too.

  50. barangqueen

    Facial Singapore is very prompt in sending out. Price is pretty decent. Retinol texture and scent is good.

  51. Phan Seet

    Quite good. Effective for wrinkles. Thank you FS..

  52. Sandy Liu

    Been using this retinol for years now. I do suggest to top it with Fusion vitamin c. The results will be greater. Thanks!

  53. Huey En

    Delivery was fast. Package was secured well and came intact. Product looks good.Pores are slighter smaller than before. .

  54. pratiwa1982

    well packed 😊 very fast delivery. Thanks facial singapore.

  55. Foo3426cxzg

    Have not used it yet. Time will tell.

  56. Ian Wong

    Speedy shipment. Delighted with purchase. Thank you.

  57. rayven

    My fave retinol serum. On my fourth bottle now.and i do see so much improvements.

  58. SharonChing

    Highly recommended!!

  59. haligai

    Fast delivery Serum is good and not too drying. No damage to my item during delivery as item was nicely packed.

  60. FFH

    Wife loves it

  61. h6w735g

    Fast delivery!! Love the formulation, very light for night use. Thanks facial singapore .

  62. Wan Lian

    Long expiry. Received quickly. Thanks.

  63. Rara

    Helpful for uneven skintone..Thank you seller.

  64. Gerome862

    Fantastic product. Tq FS

  65. xia en

    Idk if this is too strong, anyway, just bought to try, hope is good

  66. Que32

    Same great quality as before. Happy to find Fusion retinol serum on Facial Singapore.

  67. Hathie

    Love this cream, keeps my acne and wrinkles away

  68. Dorra915397041

    Compact size to carry about especially when away on trips. Product is good as well. TQ!

  69. Loris Tan

    This cream is truly effective, as it fades sun discoloration within a month of use, and much better than any retinol products I have used so far. The bottle also seems hygienic to use, with a single twist you can pump the cream out. Hope more products would come in packaging like this as well. Highly recommended

  70. Daisy_SG

    Strongly recommended 👌

  71. Mei Yan

    Switched from tretinoin so this is very tolerable for me. This one is much less irritating and works even better. I can see the results in just 6 days. Thank you!

  72. Recca92

    Great bottle that is so easy to dispense. Not to much or little at one time, perfect design and clean. The retinol is like a rich yellow cream It is not oily. It dries quick work so well. It has a great scent to it and is very high quality

  73. zanji

    .Easy dealing. Purchased twice

  74. ChenJiaHui

    Carefully packaged, items came as described. will buy from again !

  75. artist6229

    Amazing. Works for sensitive skin, Seeing results almost instantly.

  76. Sharifahz

    3x times bought this from FS again

  77. dodoclub

    Worth buy. Be back again. Thanks.

  78. teowinnie

    Highly recommend. Much satisfied product.

  79. Yeele

    Wear it overnight, on alternate nights, my skin is more tight and firm with less acne.

  80. KYKate

    Wonderful. Thxs facial singapore.

  81. Steela

    ! Shipping was quick.I look forward to using more of this

  82. Linda Chiam

    Soaks into the skin fast, not as dry as prescribed ones too so I like this product more .

  83. Pei Wen

    Very nice quality . So far is good for me, but I imagine it takes time to notice visible results.

  84. Ilovejunks

    Quick to receive, I use nightly and my skin has stayed really soft with no congestion no white heads whatsoever.

  85. GisetteZhang1992

    Simply terrific

  86. Kelsia87

    This retinol have saved me from acne breakout it doesn’t dry out my skin too

  87. Sieta Chia

    Delighted with purchase, Thanks.

  88. Jennifer26

    Lots of love for this awesome cream!

  89. verickbeauty

    Wonderful place to shop and buy, Thank you!!!!

  90. purplerose

    Seriously, thank you! for the super fast delivery I was hoping to bring this for my trip and so glad it delivered on time for it!

  91. timbertree

    Fusion Retinol worked so well for me. My skin used to be a disaster ( have rough , dull, tired looking skin and big pores. Now, after a year plus I regularly get compliments about my skin, the tone and texture had improved. However, it’s a long term solution and definitely requires consistency to work.

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