Fusion HA Deep Filler Cream

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30ml / 1 fl oz


Fusion Meso has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products. The active ingredients for fusion meso is of pharmaceutical-grade.

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A product that was design to apply after dermal fillers injections. The products contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid, similar to the one injected by doctors to recreate skin volumes and fill wrinkles.
The formulation is a light and silky touch serum with a long lasting after feel. It also incorporates soft-focus technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enlighten the skin tone. The scent is fresh and energizing, composed of a mixture of citrus fruits.
Crosslinked hyaluronic acid derived from naturally sourced Hyaluronic Acid. This active ingredient is commonly used in dermal fillers injections. It appears like an elastic gel with high viscosity able to form invisible biological film on the skin surface with various effects, such as moisturizing, protection and wrinkles filling. The crosslinked hyaluronic acid forms a 3D “breathable” layer on the surface of the skin that improves the skin barrier function, reduces the water evaporation and prevents the skin damage caused by external aggressions like UV ray, pollution, etc.
The viscosity of a crosslinked hyaluronic acid solution is 3 times higher compare to conventional hyaluronic acid solution at the same concentration, which indicates that it can bind more water molecules because of its crosslinked structure. It behaves like a “micro reservoir” delivering continuously water to the skin.


Scent: Ceylan tea and fresh citric


Product texture: The specific composition of this water-in-oil emulsion leads to optimal emulsion stability while enabling to provide a specific smooth and velvety skin feel. The emulsion has a very bright and shiny appearance due to the fine emulsion technology used. The result is a very pleasant cream, fresh at application and easily absorbed by the skin.


Active ingredients:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid


How to use?

Wash your face before you apply your serum. Collect a dime-size amount of the product. Dab it onto your face. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the serum on to your skin.


62 reviews for Fusion HA Deep Filler Cream

  1. Wendy Ng (verified owner)

    Very impressed. I never had that flawless, smooth, glowing skin that I wanted…..no matter what I tried. Cant be happier.

  2. Kylie Ching Si Chuan (verified owner)

    Real filler material , Really high end !

  3. Hatimah (verified owner)

    I am very excited , I have just received the product. I like the texture . Too soon to tell if it makes a difference.

  4. Li Xue29 (verified owner)

    My lines are more that 80% gone in just 3 months .Thank you for providing great skin care products.

  5. Noora Hera (verified owner)

    Cool cream

  6. Parni B (verified owner)


  7. Lenny Chua (verified owner)

    I always had super dry skin and my lines are obvious. It’s been about two months and my skin is healthy and soft .

  8. Lucy Yeow (verified owner)

    Treat for myself. Loving this filler cream.

  9. F1F1 (verified owner)

    Repeat buy! I am completely spoiled and can’t use anything else on my skin.

  10. CrazyDaisy (verified owner)

    I’ve only had this for a couple days and my skin feels so well rested already., it has a mild nice fragrance that is not too overpowering . My face does feel very smooth and my pores looks much smaller after application. I will try more of fusion products as I really like this one.

  11. Lora Tan (verified owner)

    Nice cream

  12. Maiyo (verified owner)

    This is the only brand i can find a real filler HA in a cream.

  13. JuneGuo9

    This is my second buy of this cream and I LOVE it!

  14. Ester Yeo

    When I opened mine the container broke !

  15. Quinee

    Keeps my face soft and moist . Nice fragrance.

  16. Sandra Ye

    Prefer Dermedics Lift express cream but this works too.

  17. Adalynn

    my skin is glowing! This filler cream had made my pores appear smaller. A great product to add to my everyday routine.

  18. Yuki Chen

    Started using it few days ago and too early to tell.

  19. Janet Toh

    Effective and professional product.

  20. Z4Z

    Looks good, but have not try it.

  21. Yun33556

    This cream works better than all other wrinkle cream. I am surprised the improvements i,ve gotten from this filler cream !!

  22. Yuen Hui

    Use it daily for a two weeks and you get the real filler injection effect.

  23. Xue Ling

    Love it, will continue purchasing again.

  24. kaylong

    Delivery very fast. Packed carefully. Decent product Easy to use. Recommend

  25. thegrandescape

    Unique cream. seldom can find filler made into cream

  26. YanXin1998

    Bought this for my mum and she loves this filler cream so much. Have repurchased twice since.

  27. Yeoh39

    Superb skin filler cream !

  28. crystal ching

    Quality and authentic product. Highly recommended and will buy again from Facial Singapore.

  29. LIFEN


  30. weinablurrr1

    Received it quite fast. Bought it for my mum. She likes this and I bought 2 sets this time round ! Thank you so much.

  31. KanLing36

    This is my first time trying a real filler cream and I am hopeful that it will be effective in diminishing my lines.

  32. Harlem2423sg

    Always purchased here as delivery is fast with no hassle. Product came all in excellent condition too.

  33. snowfalljess

    Effective to erase lines if use daily,
    Thanks Facial Singapore for this amazing filler cream👍🏻❤️

  34. Chen Shi

    Ok fast delivery.

  35. Sonia66

    I am so pleased to find authentic filler cream on Facial Singapore. This brand is well established and can be trusted. The fact it states it uses real filler ingredient speaks a lot of its authenticity and transparency.

  36. sifa010004

    Very fast delivery. Product very good.

  37. Korra

    Good price and great item.

  38. Liah

    Absolutely wonderful!

  39. monicasim

    This is just an amazing cream with a fantastic price tag to match,. I have always used a primer under my foundation and I’m an everyday make up user. I bought this to use before makeup and I’ve not been disappointed! It’s a lovely base for foundation (I currently use MAC) it glides on beautifully and leaves my skin feeling really smooth.

  40. Kimberly08

    I had heard good things about this cream and so I thought i would give it a go.
    I am 46 and always in search of high end anti-wrinkle products. The filler cream soaks in lovely and leaves skin feeling smooth and filled up. Thank you as always. I’ll be purchasing again soon.

  41. faziokelly

    Fast expedited delivery . Much appreciated

  42. brittanyfortune

    Arrived as described, thank you!

  43. pinkpeaches83

    This has become an ABSOLUTE MUST in my skincare routine. Applying this helps my filler last longer. I wake up to glowing, smooth and overall more healthy skin every morning

  44. jinxian

    Pretty good. Nicely absorbed, recommend.

  45. Boonlan

    I haven ‘t used it yet but my sister highly recommended this and the reviews are also very good! I will use and come back to rate later.

  46. MeiJuan

    Good to use. Thanks seller.

  47. Yi Hui

    Repurchased Bought 2nd box.

  48. Julian Tan

    I used this every night for 2 weeks, is ok so far and I quite like it.

  49. Sheneva8568

    I only need half a twenty cents size for my whole face and it absorbs quickly! The texture of my skin appears more even just using for only after two weeks

  50. Daphanne48

    This is the 5th time I purchase this product. Its truly a godsent. Definitely recommended.

  51. Serene Yeow

    My skin has improved. its softer more hydrated and my fine lines are not as prominent.
    Really love it.

  52. Hermaine

    Hope it can fill in fine wrinkles I took a picture when I started just a few days ago. I will take another picture to compare once and finish the bottle.

  53. Chia Wen

    Item as described, Thanks

  54. CrystalbelJR

    I recommend it, this is effective even if you did not have filler previously. I have been using Fusion Meso for years.

  55. sayhellotome

    The size is perfect for travel. cant tell is real hyaluronic filler type though but hope can have good results after using.

  56. July Tan

    Beautiful product, great quality Leave my skin lovely nourished ❣️

  57. Dawn Siow

    Skin is really smooth after application seems really good cream

  58. Lostinmars

    Shipping was very fast! This is perfect, exactly what I looked for. A great quality hyaluronic acid serum that I had always wanted this to mix it in with some of my skincare that didn’t contain hyaluronic acid and this was perfect. A+++

  59. Lana Goh

    Highly satisfied Thank you Facial Singapore.

  60. Wireless444

    Arrived safely. Nicely packaged. Thanks.

  61. Jennie Pan

    My skin feels more hydrated throughout the day since using this moisturizer. Thank you.

  62. ReiEn

    Item came as described! Satisfied with the purchase! So excited to use Well protected in bubble wrap too! Couldn’t be happier:)

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