Ekseption Retinol Peel Resurfacing Serum 4%

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Concentrated serum to treat skin aging.

75 ML / 2.53 FL.OZ.

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Keratolitic retinol peel to treat global ageing. Retinol up-regulates the processes of differentiation, proliferation and inter-cellular communication. When retinoids get into a cell, they make a bond with nuclear sensors. Thus, sections of the cell genome are activated or decelerated.

Retin-oil is not producing any skin damage, the recovery time is very short and there is a low probability of complications. The retinol is associated with salicylic acid for an intense exfoliation and keratolysis. The salicylic acid contributes to better epidermal structure, improves the skin texture and complexion. The use of it provides material improvement of the skin condition without additional rejuvenation procedures. The salicylic acid has a strong antiseptic effect and evident cleansing properties as well. It normalizes the sebaceous glands functioning and results in pores’ contraction.



– Salicylic acid

– Retinol (4%).

– Vitamin E



– Skin ageing.

– Photo-ageing

– Skin sagging and wrinkles.

– Intense exfoliation and keratolysis.

– Deep wrinkles.

– Rough skin.

– Open pores.

– Oily skin.




Apply as tolerated. Leave overnight. Not suitable for sensitive skin

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49 reviews for Ekseption Retinol Peel Resurfacing Serum 4%

  1. Geraldine Pang


  2. Honkthegoose

    Smells potent. Cant wait to try this tonight . Fast delivery. Thanks to Facial Singapore,

  3. Jian Tong

    I have been looking for a stronger retinoid product and so glad to find this here, PLEASE DO NOT EVEN DISCONTINUE THIS. Really really great product and so happy to find this here!

  4. Priss

    My third order. Effective, I can say that since I have started using this since 6 months back my skin texture improved. 2-3 drops every night lasted me 3 months I apply this retinol product on my face and neck in the evening to avoid the sun. I also applied abit on my arms and it lightened my sun spots. I love that there is no artificial scent, just the smell of pure retinol, which is a pure golden yellow liquid. I am 60 this year but i am looking like in my early 40s.

  5. lekuan

    This is the only retinol i will use and i swear by it. My skin improved drastically. My large pores are no longer noticeable , crows feet and fine lines are lightened too. I have a deep line on my forehead and its has improved over 70 percent now. It’s my go-to retinol and I cant be without it! Remember that this is 4% retinol, it’s strong. If you’re just starting retinol, you should first start with 0.3% and layer it with your nightly moisturizer. Once your skin is used to that 0.3%, move up to 1% and till your skin get used to before moving up to this.

  6. Xiu Mei

    Amazing true retinol product. My skin glows with this.

  7. Lin Hua

    I have been using the retinol peel for 2 months , my skin thickness has visibly increased. There is a reduction is my nasal fold lines too. I will continue to use this till the lines goes away

  8. Aasim555

    4% is strong. I use it once a week.

  9. sakurabandit

    Fast delivery, hope it works well for my acne!

  10. Debbie Chia

    Wonderful product. No complain.

  11. Lilian


  12. Astrid Low

    Super fast delivery! Very authentic product.

  13. angela

    Will buy again.

  14. En Jing

    First time using. Good packing and very fast delivery. Hope can improve skin. Thank you.

  15. adelinelee40

    Quite strong and effective also, Can see results within short time using. Thank you seller.

  16. Evelyn1990

    Waited a few days and finally got to try it. Works well for my purpose. skin is slowly adapting to the retinol.Can see face brightened alot. Thanks to Facial Singapore.

  17. Tracyca0

    Tried many many brands and finally got the RIGHT product., Some are too weak and some caused me rashes but not with this.

  18. lisa_sg

    Very good. Timely delivery too.

  19. Vinna_85

    I love that the products from this shop are always so potent. Bought here time and time again and always happy receiving them.

  20. Yuet Ling

    Surely worthy of the high price. Impeccable quality retinol!

  21. Elara Heng

    Very happy that it’s not oily! Strong medicated retinol smell.
    Think this is good for retinol lovers
    Will repurchase again:)

  22. _Krystal

    So far ok. Tried only a week,

  23. waytoheaven

    I’m happy with this cream! I am using it daily and it’s working for me , my scars have faded so It’s visibly effective!! I love this product, feels natural and unscented absorbs readily and not heavy on the skin too. Excellent quality.

  24. MdmNeo

    Here I am at 54 years old I used to apply %1 tretinoin 4-5 times a week with a night cream over it so I’m used to retinol. I can tolerate this well. The serum is easily absorbed, has a rich golden yellow colour. Has a pharmaceutical scent with no perfume. I didn’t get any allergy with this .But if are new to it you may get some irritations or bumps which is quite common, You have to slow down your usage till your skin gets used to it. I love this and I will try the other products from this brand too. .

  25. Mei En

    Retinol 4% is super potent. it contains strong antioxidants and regenerative properties. This retinol serum works to keep in check with the skin turnover rate and helps build collagen from within. Put simply, retinol night serum renews the skin and eliminates lines, pores and scars

  26. Yujin

    Really wanted to improve my skin condition. Been wanting to try a good retinol so i bought this. Have no regrets. My skin improved after just 12 days, Delivery is fast,. All is good. Thank u Facial Singapore!

  27. Berlin Chia

    Received, hope will suit my skin.

  28. Marigoldng

    Prompt delivery Expiry is 2026. Have not tried it yet, hope product is effective

  29. Dylan91

    Solid ingredients, seems like the real deal. 4% + salicylic is the perfect solution for acne.

  30. Ningrum

    Does what it say. Super good! A+++++++++

  31. Phoebe35

    Item arrived fast. Condition was as advertised. Excellent. This is a great store to buy authentic medical grade products . Thanks! AAA

  32. Aarna Lau

    bought for dull skin with bad texture and it works! BEST RETINOL!

  33. Zheng hui

    Some good progress can be seen and felt on my skin, looking forward to the next few months

  34. Lynn3838

    Its okay. First time use.

  35. Bai Le

    Smells like strong medicine. I dont like the smell actually but have to endure it. The results are good actually, just that need to tolerate the bad smelling medicine

  36. Winter Fang

    Really hope that this product helps for acne and pores effectively.

  37. Elerie Sim

    I have been using this product for the past 2 weeks and have already saw a significant change on my skin’s appearance. It feels really potent And at the given strength of 4%, there are so much more results than the lower percentage retinol. I use it in combination with Fusion meso niacinamide serum and the fusion ceramide moisturizer. Its a great combination for good results.

  38. Lina_03000

    Very good. Thank you.

  39. Jinnalee

    Feeling good with this retinol product!

  40. yaovanessa

    Well pack by Facial Singapore. Thank you so much. 🙏

  41. Aada

    Quality Item, price too exp so minus one star

  42. GinnyWong

    Super good.

  43. Koh Boon Hua

    Fast delivery thank you and great customer service very happy

  44. Twinklelight30

    Nice product Shipping on time

  45. Jason Tan

    Got what I ordered

  46. LeeQin

    Beautiful product. Well received. Tq

  47. decathlon

    Second time using this. Good results so far. Skin texture improved and more even skin tone.

  48. Favera Lim

    Arrived in good time and condition and work as described

  49. Grace Ng

    I’ve been using this product at night before bed for about a month now and I feel like this product has evened out my pigmentation and helped smooth out my skin texture tremendously My husband has complimented me on how healthy my skin looks and I will definitely continue to use.

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