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31 Reviews on “V Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic - Woodleigh Mall”

  • huimin chun
    1 month ago

    Kind of short period but had a wonderful time with woodleigh

    outlet. I wish I have more time so my pigmentation will be more lighter. Thank you all Dr and staffs. I will recommend definitely to my friends.

  • S
    1 month ago


    Had a honest conversation with V medical today & I could feel the sincerity they had in trying to improve.

    Will be leaving my last experience with them below for a while, as I’d like to monitor their service in the following sessions to come.

    Doctor was great as usual today. She gives a heads up for every step and uses various settings, thorough in the process of doing so.


    I like my doctor’s explanation, personality, patience and work attitude. They’re very thorough in their treatment & they make you feel like the money you spent is worth it because they ain’t missing any spots.

    However, I really can’t stand the salespeople/nurses here.

    This was my experience with their hard selling – I came out of the room after treatment to sit down, expecting to manage my next appointment but the lady proceeded to try and sell me an add-on that I’ve already indicated I’m not interested in previously. I had to say no firmly 4 times in under 10 minutes. She just kept trying at every turn, even when I became less friendly in my tone & provided several reasons why I’m not comfortable making a purchase. Maybe she was finally done, but she passed me off to her colleague to do all the administrative stuff which was such an unpleasant experience lol

    Reading the other negative Google reviews tells me that I’m not the only one who have experienced this. But tbh, sell me something by telling me why I need it, how good your product or services is, & let me make the decision myself.

    I don’t think I have to justify why I am or am not making a purchase. Neither should I be pressured to make a purchase. In the previous (non-V aesthetic) clinics I’ve been to, I’ve never been treated this way. It’s a luxury and privilege to be able to spend money on facial, but since I’m already spending this much, I don’t think hard selling should be an extra ‘tax’ for consumers to pay – it’s not like I bought $38 unlimited IPL sessions or something. I’m honestly quite disappointed 😭 plus, their packages/bundles are actually 10-20% more expensive than I paid in other clinics. Don’t believe them if the salespeople say they’re the cheapest – they’re not, that’s inaccurate imo. They’re average at best with multiple convenient locations so I guess it’s still fair.

  • Gabriel Yap
    1 month ago

    picolaser by doctor jaslyn was very good and effective!

  • Evelyn lai
    2 months ago

    Thank you woodleigh team staff and doc. My skin had been improved so much after doing pico laser. My freckles lighten and partially is gone. I will continue my treatment & planning to take more pkg.

  • Choo Yeo
    2 months ago

    Came to the woodleigh mall outlet after it opened. Nice outlet, staff and doctors are very friendly and patient too.

  • Kace Wei
    2 months ago

    Dr Jaclyn did hifu for me and it was a smooth and pain free process. Staff is also kind.

  • Prakash C
    2 months ago

    I tried their PICO laser treatment and it’s working well for me. It reduced my pigment and I couldn’t see the positive results starting from 4 months.The staffs and Dr are friendly and definitely recommend this clinic for your treatment.

  • Siaw Kian Te
    2 months ago

    Good service and friendly staff! Service provided is good and comfortable to me.

  • Chris Ng
    2 months ago

    Came for Pico Laser & Sylfirm to treat my pigmentation. Results are visible and shown great improvements.

  • Kai En Yong
    2 months ago

    They are reliable, honest and operate with integrity. Very professional and passionate with their works. I would certainly recommend to my friends.

  • Michelle Ng
    2 months ago

    I was administered by Dr. Jaclyn & Dr. Zayden for underarm hair removal for a few months now. It was a quick procedure. I can see that my hair growth lesser and lesser since the start of my treatment. 🙌🏿

  • chinhao teo
    2 months ago

    My pigment after last session from now is been a week . I saw my pigment significant lighten .

  • Angelin Tah
    2 months ago

    Staff friendly and environment clean.

  • Cassie Zhuang
    2 months ago

    Doctor Jaron is good and gentle. The clinic service is good as well.

  • Jenny Kusnadi
    2 months ago

    Dr very patient to my melasma pigment .Staff here very friendly and patient to my enquiries. Thanks a lot .

  • Johanna Jacela
    2 months ago

    the service good as well as the doctor

  • Kevin Chew
    2 months ago

    Doctors at the clinic are very friendly and efficient, meticulous and always checking in to ensure my well-being. Appointment making process is always smooth. Staff overall not pushy and always a good experience

  • Jelin Chong
    2 months ago

    Doctor very professional and treatment result is good

  • Zui Sim
    2 months ago

    Visited Woodleigh outlet since last year Dec. Did yellow laser & pico laser to treat my Melasma & freckles problem. I can see so much improvement on my melasma and freckles almost 60% is gone. Thank you doc & all staff at woodleigh outlet.

  • Paolo Ramos
    2 months ago

    Dr Zayden is really helpful and explains the procedure well.

  • hong sean Chen
    2 months ago

    This is my 3rd session of sulfurs treatment. I can see my skin smoother and pores more tightening. Even my wrinkles also lighten. Overall I’m very satisfied and I believe my skin will continue improved more. Thank you doc and woodleigh staff.

  • Helen Lee
    2 months ago

    Dr Jaclyn is knd and patient..knowing that I m afraid of pain..she will let me get a stress ball.

  • Sally
    2 months ago

    I so happy with my sylfirm result. I had done multiple sessions, can see my melasma lighter.😊

  • Catherine Mok
    2 months ago

    They have treatments FDA, CE approved. bring out youthful. Very impressed.

    Highly recommend their prof skilled

  • Cherlyn Lim
    2 months ago

    I’m always very concerned about my saggy skin especially my double chin and deep laugh line. I signed up hifu full face & per part. I followed doc instructions to do quarterly and I can see my puffy face become slimmer. Obviously looks younger too. Thank you Dr Jaclyn & woodleigh all staff.

    2 months ago

    Sharing my experience at Woodleigh outlet. Pico laser indeed improved my skin. My pimple marks had been so much lighten & I can easily do with light make up without any concealer. Thank you doc & woodleigh staff.

  • Pei Ting
    2 months ago

    I had done my pico laser & acne laser by Dr Jaclyn. She’s friendly and caring doc. Now my acne under control without medication. Acne marks lightening in progress. Thank you so much and all woodleigh team for your kindness.

  • Henry Lim
    2 months ago

    Went to Woodleigh outlet to treat my freckles problem which had been unsolved for over 10 years. V aesthetic truly amazing with their pico laser & yellow laser. I can see significantly results on my face. My freckles is almost fully gone in just 5-6 sessions. Thank you Dr Zayden & woodleigh staff for guiding me throughout my journey.

  • Jennifer Lim
    2 months ago

    I had to share my personal experience at Woodleigh outlet. All staff is friendly and Dr Jaclyn is very caring. She had been very patient & gentle during my Sylfirm session. Although is slight pain but is very bearable. I can see my skin tightening on my pores and gradually on my forehead wrinkles too. Thank you ☺️

  • Soo Hiong Ang
    2 months ago

    I came Woodleigh outlet consult with Dr Zayden. He recommended me do Sylfirm and Chanel. I feel my face firming and my pores is tighten up. I happy with this result. Strongly recommend to everyone.

  • Cathrine Sim
    2 months ago

    It was a wonderful experience getting my first-time consultation and the subsequent treatments from V Medical Aesthetic at the Woodleigh branch. Everything was of top standard and the atmosphere with the staffs has only been great.

    If you are in need of consultation for any skin type problem, I highly recommend here for your starter package and the experience only gets better each time I come! Thank you V Medical Aesthetic.

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