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  • Karen Sum
    1 month ago

    I started my (pigmentation and melasma) treatment with Dr Heng from Ogee Clinic in Nov 2023. After 5 mths with Dr Heng and his team, I am ready to pen the review 👍😂

    Totally agree with all the positive reviews posted. I chose Ogee after going for trials in 3 different clinics. Dr Heng is very professional in giving appropriate, truthful and practical advises on the treatments needed based on your condition; does not over promised. He is very patient in listening, never in a hurry to answer your queries and does not brush you off.

    The results of each treatment has been progressive and satisfactory (treatment is still ongoing).

    Additionally, he and his team are simple; never pushy and totally no hard sell at all. Anyone would be comfortable with them. He has a great team, friendly, sincere and approachable. So I must say, I made a very right choice, no regret! Ogee Clinic is highly recommended for any of your facial/aesthetic needs 🙂 Thank you Dr Heng and your amazing team!

  • Maelyssa Elena
    2 months ago

    Really happy with the treatment I received at The Ogee Clinic. To start off, front desk was so friendly and pleasant so it wasn’t awkward to walk in to the clinic. Then during the consult, Dr Heng was so lively and warm that he really made me feel at ease to discuss my insecure areas with him 🤣 I had shared that I was concerned about my dark eye circles and he was very informative to help me understand the causes of it and how we can better improve the area naturally and subtly! I was abit nervous prior to the actual procedure and Dr Heng really made me feel at ease. I was pleasantly surprised that it was practically painless! Dr Heng is very gentle and he does it so swiftly that you just know you are in good hands. Really love the results and the experience. Will definitely be back again. Highly recommended. 👍🏼

  • W. Kim
    2 months ago

    Dr. Heng at The Ogee Clinic is my trusted aesthetic doctor. Having followed him for many years, his warm approach and expert advice make each visit special. Consistently outstanding care and remarkable results by Dr. Heng and his team make The Ogee Clinic my top recommendation.

  • C Y
    3 months ago

    Last week, I visited The Ogee Clinic for chin fillers with Dr. Heng. From the initial consultation to the treatment itself, Dr. Heng and his assistant, Penny, provided exceptional care and reassurance. They ensured my comfort throughout the entire process and checked in on me regularly. I particularly appreciated Dr. Heng’s approach of recommending only necessary treatments. Overall, it was a great experience, and I look forward to returning for future treatments.

  • MK Z
    3 months ago

    Omg. The staff and service. Beyond expectations. No hard selling. Dr. Heng is excellent in his demeanour, explanation and work ethics. His professionalism –

  • Celeste Chua
    3 months ago

    Had a great filler experience with Dr. Heng and the team when I visited them to my dark circle. He gave me a good advise on how to enchance my features and improve my dark circle

  • Janice Fion
    3 months ago

    I had an incredible experience at Ogee Clinic! Dr. Heng exhibited remarkable patience in guiding me through the Botox procedure, ensuring a seamless process. The entire experience was remarkably smooth and virtually painless. The results were truly amazing, noticeable just three days later! My skin feels tighter, and the reduction in wrinkles is remarkable.

  • Thong Hui Min
    3 months ago

    It is always a pleasant experience whenever I visit The Ogee Clinic. The staff are welcoming and attentive, which makes me feel at ease and comfortable. Dr Heng is extremely meticulous and understanding. I appreciate that every laser session is done thoroughly; and I can be vulnerable with the issues that trouble me. I highly recommend The Ogee Clinic to anyone who is looking for visible results in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • Yen Tan
    4 months ago

    I have been contemplating on getting botox on my forehead as I have many wrinkles on my forehead. My friend recommended me Ogee Clinic and I was put at ease by the warm and patient Dr Heng.

    I was so surprised at how painless the injections are and I was out in less than 15 mins!

    Now my forehead is nice and smooth

  • Mandragora Filibustera
    4 months ago

    Excellent service. Nice and experienced staff, great doctor, no pain. Quick and efficient. Will def go back!

  • Pam Lok
    4 months ago

    Over the years I’ve been to quite a number of medical aesthetics clinics to treat my problem skin.

    Must say I am impressed with Dr Heng’s professional skills in treating my skin issues and with such gentle hands. He is honest and would recommend what could work better for me that are actually less costly vs pricier options that I’ve tried at other clinics and know won’t work.

    His team of assistants know their work well. I am particularly impressed with Sheryl who is consistently very kind, patient, understanding and non-judgmental e.g. when I tried to find out more on my purchases. She put herself in the shoes of the client and diligently clarified my queries and followed through my requests.

    I feel I could trust Dr Heng and also Sheryl, together with the rest in his well-trained team, to help me improve my skin, and, at the same time, have a pleasant experience seeking treatments at ease.

  • Emma Liew
    5 months ago

    The entire experience went better than I expected. Dr explained everything thoroughly & made me feel at ease. Will definitely visit again. Thank you so much xx

  • Kamirul
    5 months ago

    Honestly? Dr Heng is so good at giving advices on what is suitable for me after telling him what issues I’m facing with. I’m glad I came down to Ogee Clinic, I feel welcomed with the staff and everything is taken care of. Also! Pain level it’s 0/10 for me!

  • Sherrine
    5 months ago

    Went for a consult recently and tried HIFU for the first time. Dr Heng is very patient in explaining how the procedure works, he only recommended what was necessary instead of other treatments that I didn’t need.

    During the procedure, numbing cream was used so there weren’t any discomfort. He also paused a few times during treatment to check on me. Would be back again! 🙂

  • Wendy Lim
    5 months ago

    I have been visiting Dr. Heng an aesthetic doctor who truly exceeded my expectations. Dr. Heng’s professionalism and genuine interest in helping his patients improve their skin condition and needs were evident throughout my entire experience.

    Dr. Heng’s expertise in aesthetic medicine is truly remarkable. He took the time to thoroughly assess my skin and understand my concerns before recommending any treatments. His knowledge and understanding of the latest advancements in the field were impressive, and he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, ensuring that I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way.

    One thing that struck me about Dr. Heng was his genuine care for his patients. He listened attentively to my concerns and tailored a treatment plan specifically for me. He didn’t rush through our appointments; instead, he took the time to answer all of my questions and address any doubts or fears I had. It was evident that he genuinely wanted to help me achieve the best possible results.

    Throughout my treatment, Dr. Heng’s professionalism shone through. He was meticulous in his approach, ensuring that every procedure was performed with precision and care. His attention to detail was truly impressive, and I felt confident that I was in the hands of an expert.

    Not only did Dr. Heng excel in his medical skills, but he also created a warm and welcoming environment in his clinic. All his staff are friendly and accommodating, making me feel comfortable and at ease during each visit. The clinic itself was clean, modern, and well-equipped, further enhancing the overall experience.

    Thanks to Dr. Heng’s expertise and genuine care, my skin has improved significantly. I am thrilled with the results and cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are looking for an aesthetic doctor who is professional, genuinely interested in helping his patients, and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes, look no further than Dr. Heng.

  • Brent R
    5 months ago

    Had my appointment this week and had a great experience. The receptionist and nurses are very pleasant, cordial and make you feel welcome at all times. But more importantly, I was impressed with Dr Heng’s professionalism and expertise. He really is able to recommend and know what is best for the patient. I could easily tell that he has good experience for facial aesthetics, and unique foresight to know which procedure will be effective and safe for the patient. During the procedure, he was also gentle and made me feel safe and less anxious throughout.

    5 months ago

    I felt really really comfortable opening up to dr heng about my poor life choices 🤣 (i always go overseas to get my fillers done and it was horrible). Anw, dr heng managed to dissolve my chin filler that was slanted and we did a neck botox to reduce the appearance of double chin and also to create the illusion of a sharper jaw. Iffah also rendered literally the best customer service any business could offer.

  • Stanley Wong
    6 months ago

    Amazing service and the staff do not push products which is a real deterenece. I have been with them for coming 2 years. Dr Heng will always be my primary go to professional in many more years to come.

  • Syahirah Boomba
    6 months ago

    Had a great time at Ogee Clinic. Everyone were super welcoming & professional. After the procedure, one of their staffs served me a drink too. 😊

  • Cndy A
    6 months ago

    Doctor is skillful and made sure i am comfortable throughout the procedure. He also advise me on which area i need on my face. Had a pleasant experience with the team at Ogee!

  • Allan G.
    7 months ago

    Now this is what I am talking about. From the unpretentious and relaxed ambience to the thorough consultations and precise treatment, I knew I was in good hands. Will come again

  • Yu Qing Lee
    7 months ago

    I did Jaw Botox at The Ogee Clinic to help sculpt my face better as well as address the big muscles developed from teeth grinding and honestly, the experience was so good! Dr Heng was professional and explained the technicalities super well. He also gave me lots of reassurance as I was feeling scared, but honestly the experience wasn’t painful at all! There was no numbing cream applied, just a vibrating tool to help distract you during the process and a stress ball to hold. Pain level 0.5 out of 100, pretty chill. So far it’s only been a well but I do feel like my face looks more balanced now. Highly recommend The Ogee Clinic and I’ll definitely come back again!

  • Tina Amir
    7 months ago

    Felt welcome from the min I stepped in! Dr Heng was very meticulous and advised me on the appropriate amount of filler I needed – didnt recommend me more than I actually required. I left looking so much fresher than before. Personally for me, I had no downtime and everything went really well. Cant wait to be back!

  • Ian Cheng
    8 months ago

    doctor and staff are all very friendly and professional, appreciate it

  • Jessy Lee
    8 months ago

    Dr and staff was really nice in general. No pushing or hard sales and very accommodating to the treatment you required.

  • Kirin Lao
    9 months ago

    Very patient and professional with 5 stars experience with Dr heng and his staff. Had fillers done today it was comfortable as Dr is really skillful. No hard selling for sure. The assistant Dorcas is very pleasant too. Thank you for your excellent service!

  • yt yap
    9 months ago

    Dr Heng is skillful and patient in addressing the concerns I had during the consultation. The overall experience is comfortable and staff is friendly as well.

  • Jennie Ling
    10 months ago

    Dr Heng is very patient in explaining my condition and answeing my questions, and has a reassuring bedside manner. The creams prescribed by Dr Heng for my pigmentation problem are effective. I appreciate very much that he doesn’t recommend unnecessary procedures unlike the other skin clinic I approached. The receptionists are also very responsive and kind. A very good experience overall.

  • Irin Lai
    10 months ago

    Love Dr Heng and his girls. Dr Heng is so gentle and professional.

  • Maestro E
    10 months ago

    I was made to feel very comfortable from the Botox treatment I’ve received from Dr Heng at the Ogee Clinic last Thursday. I felt the whole atmosphere experience was the most relaxing, painless and handled very professionally. Dr Heng and the nurses/assistants were very helpful and welcoming, explaining exactly what treatment I was about to receive, making me feel relaxed and very much at ease. Best of all, treat when needed to and no hard selling. The only problem I believed, as a man, we don’t tend to go in for this kind of treatment. However, I would highly recommend it, guys. Trust me, you won’t regret it. That is, of course, if your personal interest is to feel and look better. Overall, it is an excellent job done by Dr Heng and his team, and I will definitely go back again. 👍

  • Gracie Guo
    10 months ago

    Very professional team. Clinic assistants are all very approachable, caring and helpful. Went back for my Botox treatment again as the results was fantastic from my last treatment. Results was natural and lasted a good decent number of months, most importantly is not painful. Without fail , Dr Heng always give a detailed consultation and advise on what kind treatments suits me best , he is not pushy at all, makes me feel comfortable to share with him my concern. Will be back for other treatments in plan. A trusted Aesthetic clinic to visit .

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