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30 Reviews on “H'ermaz Men's Wellness”

  • Gabriel Wong
    4 months ago

    Excellent service by Kai, who is trained beautician from Taiwan. I highly recommend booking him for his services. He is gentle, meticulous and does his best for customer. Value for money as well. Will definitely return.

  • Masato 777
    7 months ago

    As a beginner of such treatment, I had no clue as to what to do. My therapist offered the best choise for me, the needle treatment. It was a bit painful as he informed me just before he starts, but soon after all done, I felt so much difference. I felt my face got moistlised and tightened. I will defitely come back.

  • Joshua Ow Yong
    1 year ago

    Great environment and service. Love the attentiveness to detail! Would highly recommend anyone who’s looking for male grooming to visit!

  • Raphael Sim
    1 year ago

    Kai is truly one of a kind! A dedicated therapist who pays attention to how you have responded to each session and adjusts accordingly. Beyond just being meticulous and professional, through all his small actions, you can tell how much he cares for your wellbeing too! Very lucky to have met him and never regret having Kai as my therapist.

  • Timophyll Y.H. Fong
    1 year ago

    Amazing experience with detailed explanation. Service is also professional. Definitely recommend to others!

  • Joshua Ng
    1 year ago

    Upon reaching the place, I was amazed by a very relaxing and chill ambience, quiet place with elegant nice interior design. Staff is also professional, super friendly and manly. I did Classic Facial service there, my face felt calmed and moisturised after that. Totally no hard selling at all, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you need on the day of visit. Will come back to try their other services again.

  • Fidel Chandra
    1 year ago

    Upon reaching the place, I was greeted by a very relaxing and chill ambience. Staff is also professional. I did Classic Facial service there, my face felt calmed and moisturised after that. Totally no hard selling at all, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you need on the day of visit. Will come back to try their other services again.

  • Chai Chuanchung
    1 year ago

    Did a facial service. 1st trial and I am happy with the venue as well as the service. The treatment room is airy, with high ceiling and the right brightness. You can tell the beautician to set the color tone of the light according to your preference.
    On the facial part, the beautician is dedicated with his work and not rushing through the process at all. He even provided me with an upgraded, thorough procedure FOC. He is also generous in sharing his knowledge on the available product in the market. No hard selling of house brand. Facial come with free eye brow trimming which is nice too. After service, there is NO package hard sell, a very important point for me. I will come back again.

  • Fariz Junaidi
    1 year ago

    Very good service, been a long time customer.

  • shadow chien
    1 year ago

    First trial here . Would like to thanks Kai spend so much time on me with no extra charges . He was helpful and give his best sincere service . I like his friendliness and pleasant personality, professional and no pushy or hard selling at all . Highly recommends!!

  • Tanut Watanachanobol
    1 year ago

    good experience here and not too expensive. great service!

  • Daniel Yeo
    1 year ago

    Soothing ambience with great professional service and advice. Enhance my confidence level progressively after every grooming sessions.

  • Alsotan
    1 year ago

    Great little joint. Cosy interior with detail oriented and helpful staff who don’t rush through. Took 3 sessions to show noticeable results. Very satisfied after 6 (needs occasional subsequent visits to maintain after that). Face area tends to be quite stubborn; rest of body responds better. Prices are also reasonable. Overall a pretty good option compared to what’s on the market.

  • G M
    1 year ago

    A professional therapist who is friendly and pleasant to interact with. Cozy ambience and a wonderful customer service. Thumbs up 😊

  • Sean Ng
    1 year ago

    Great session esp for beginners like myself. Therapist eased me in the session, and was able to provide a soothing and safe ambience. Recommending all those awkward males like myself to try their SHR sessions!

  • Tin Tin
    1 year ago

    He is dedicated, gentle and responsible . Great service!

  • Colin Toh
    1 year ago

    The calming and soothing ambience of this place always leaves me recharged whenever I visit for my treatments; almost like a quick getaway. Having tried out different hair removal services in the past, I would say that an experienced therapist + well-maintained machines are key to getting excellent results. This place has both!

    I appreciate the honest expectations laid out by my therapist, and feel comfortable enough to share my my goals. I am extremely pleased with my results. The therapists are not just experienced, but are also sincere and attentive to my concerns.

    The prices are competitive and just offers great value all around. I have not experienced any hard-selling, which in my book is another huge plus!

  • melcolm hoon
    1 year ago

    Excellent service & advise provided by the specialist. Process is being carried out professionally in a swift manner.

  • 島治郎
    1 year ago

    It was my first time to try at this salon. It is not the major salon, but the staff were friendly and spent enough decent time for the treatment to details, not rushing to finish. The price was reasonable, compared with the other salons. I will be a repeater for sure.

  • Joks Alkoian
    1 year ago

    Khai was really friendly and professional. He listens patiently to his customer needs. Beyond my expectation.

  • Jeremy Fu
    1 year ago

    Awesome service from Ventus! He is detailed throughout the whole process. 👍👍👍

  • Stefan Pang
    1 year ago

    Did my first ever hair removal here at the recommendation of a friend. Kai was my therapist and he was detailed and thorough in the shaving before the treatment, as well as the treatment itself.

    For the hair removal treatment itself: the equipment used feels hot and cold concurrently, quite an interesting sensation. You might also catch a whiff of the smell of burnt hair. Kai helped adjust the laser intensity to what was tolerable for me.

  • Andrew Liang
    1 year ago

    Very customer oriented, good services and therapist is very attentive to small details. My favourite place for IPL.

  • Kelvin Koh
    1 year ago

    Have been going for their micro needling treatments for the past 1 year. Professional service from the therapist Kai and noticed improvement in my face skin condition. No hard selling of package, all payment were on a per visit basis. Keep up the good work!

  • Kevin P
    1 year ago

    I only write reviews when I feel particularly motivated to. This is one instance. I’ve engaged the therapist now providing his grooming services at H’ermaz for a number of years already (once every mth / for SHR Hair Removal). And in one word, he’s exceptional. Two aspects I really appreciate – his meticulousness & very simply, he cares. Many people don’t. He does, consistently (through his quality service, not just words). That’s very, very hard to find. Additionally, H’ermaz’s location is easy to get to, very relaxing & clean, and private, all of which I value tremendously. As for the SHR hair removal treatment itself, yea, it does work. Took quite a few more months than I expected, but I accept that my body is different from others. More important thing is, I’m at where I wanna be – smooth & hair-free.

  • Adrian JS Tan
    1 year ago

    Great place to go to and get all your hair-related worries removed! Always impressed by the chill music and atmosphere at the place. Also great to have Ventus as the trusted therapist always! Try H’ermaz and you won’t be disappointed 😊😊😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Ang
    1 year ago

    I have been with the same therapist for a few years now, and he is taking care of my personal grooming in a very detailed manner. Services rendered were professionally done without any hard-selling. The place is still pretty new and accessible in town. Definitely recommended if you need a personalised and professional service! 👍🏻

  • Lee JunYi
    1 year ago

    (At first, I went to many different beauty salons for hair removal, but the results were not very good, the information was insufficient, and the sales were hard-sell. But, H’ermaz is completely different! Very professional and informative! The beautician – Kai, is very attentive and truly feels that you get what you pay for. Been there many times, very reassuring!

    #Highly recommended! #mensgrooming)

    起初去了很多不一样的美容院除毛,效果都不怎么样,信息不足,而且还 hard-sell。但,H’ermaz 完全不同!非常专业和信息丰富!美容师 – Kai, 非常细心,真心感觉到一分钱两份货。去了很多次,很令人放心!


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