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  • P B
    6 months ago

    Ladies who intend to do Brazilian laser hair removal, do note that the 19 sessions provided will not work on removing the hair, especially on darker skin tones, according to what I was told. They will say it’s because they cannot go beyond a certain frequency in the sensitive areas.

    I was only informed about this after I confirmed my package and saw very little improvement, even at the 15th session, and decided to complain. They told me they were required to inform the customer that ‘more sessions are usually required for Brazilian’, but I was not informed about this. This would have affected my decision to sign a package with them, as they are not cheap.

    Another thing to note is to observe how your therapist is performing the laser hair removal. It was only when I decided to complain on the 15th session that my therapist paid more attention and time to the treatment. Also, the therapists are not licensed doctors, which is the usual practice for laser hair removal. Again, I was only informed of this after purchasing the package.

    On top of all this, a lot of hard selling goes on, leading to a very uncomfortable customer experience. Overall, not satisfied with the service offered here as they do not follow through with what is promised and are not transparent throughout the process

  • Eri Yawata
    7 months ago

    Had waxing done here and Jacqueline was very friendly and gentle with me. Will be coming back when I can, thanks!

  • Muskaan Pandya
    8 months ago

    Shashi & Jacqueline are professionals and greets everyone with a smile. Before the start of the treatment, they would ask me for the feedback from the previous sitting and then proceeds accordingly.

    During my very first consultation, Shashi explained me different services & treatments provided by Supersmooth and how every treatment works. I personally felt that unlike others, she did not rush to sell packages rather listened patiently to all my concerns and recommended the one that was right for me.

    Jacqueline knows her job very well. She would check on me during the treatment if I felt ok and make adjustments if need be. She is very pro-active in sending reminders.

    I am extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome of my treatment.

  • karo p
    2 years ago

    Therapists are good but appointments are hard to get nowadays.

    Also note that they try to fix you to 1 therapist so if she is not working on a certain day, you will NOT be able to get an appointment for that day for the rest of your package!

    So lesson learnt – check your therapist’s schedule before signing.

  • Hannah may Besnard
    2 years ago

    I started my brazilian waxing journey 2019 where I met Sashi. A very fine woman who will do your journey in a gentle manner (yes, first time brazilian waxing is damn painful) and eventually she will let you feel relaxed and comfortable. And then I switched my facial under her care, and she’s very good on what she’s doing. The place is clean, staffs are very friendly and approachable everything is a total package. They’re not pushy with their services and above all there’s respect in this establishment. Highly recommended! 🙃

  • Henry Low
    2 years ago

    My wifey has been with Irene for more than 10 years. Very happy with her service. Highly recommend.

  • P.
    2 years ago

    Many reviews mentioned there was no hard selling here so I was excited to try this place out, but I was very disappointed by my experience which for some reason seems to have been the opposite 🙁

    I was really looking forward to trying laser hair removal here given all the great reviews but was unfortunately quite taken aback. I do believe the staff members are friendly, the marketing really good, and that the treatments work, but I would like to offer my honest feedback in hopes that future customers may have a better experience.

    I went for a trial laser hair removal session since this was my first time trying any treatment of such a nature. I’m also very young and such treatments are a steep investment for me, so I wanted to be measured with my decision and ensure it was a worthy use of my money.

    I contacted SuperSmooth over WhatsApp mentioning this is my first time and asked how I may proceed. They said to come down for a consult that very day. I assumed it’d just be a brief look over the area, but when I arrived I was briefed about the package prices, and then was told I could have the trial right then (which I was not told over WhatsApp).

    I decided to do the trial anyway – on a side note, the treatment was not too painful, just a little stinging feeling, and as I write this some time later I do think it is effective. However, when I was done with the trial, I assumed I’d be given time to think about it, yet, the staff member that had assisted me this whole time (both with briefing me and doing the treatment) began hard selling the package to me pretty crazily. She insisted that I buy the packages (for $2000+) then and there, that if I went home to think about it she wouldn’t be able to subtract the trial price from the package amount (which I was completely fine with).

    I mentioned I’d like a few days to think about the experience, examine how my skin reacts to the treatment, and ponder the finances; yet the staff member only got more and more insistent, offering all sorts of random discounts, offering to remove the amount I paid for my trial from the package if I replied within 10 days, or even offered a random 8% discount in celebration of their anniversary(?). I was clearly visibly uncomfortable (didn’t even have $2000 on hand), yet they were so insistent and I had to literally force my credit card into her hands and insist that I pay for the trial and leave.

    Furthermore, the full package prices are nowhere to be found on the website, so I was only briefed about the prices when I arrived at the consult/trial, and this entire $1000-$2000 decision was expected to be made by me within the span of the hour that I was there.

    I completely understand if the trial price system loses the business money, given how affordable the first trial session is compared to their usual a la carte prices or even the package prices. But that’s the very point of a trial, so why advertise the trials at all if you don’t want customers to truly trial your treatments? Or if you’re annoyed with them for trying your treatments before/without purchasing them?

    I’m already very socially anxious and this made me all the more panicked when I struggled to make my point clear or when the staff member became more and more insistent. Please don’t take this as an attack, I just want to let you know how uncomfortable it feels to be on the other side of such hard selling 🙁

    The sad thing is I’d have most definitely signed up for the package had I been warmly allowed to go home and ponder over it instead of being hard-sold to so insistently and scarily, but I think I’m too afraid to come back here. I hope you’ll consider this for your future customers though. thank you nevertheless.

  • Ghayathiri Sondarajan
    2 years ago

    I have been going to Supersmooth since the start of 2020 and have had a very comfortable experience. The staff are very friendly and professional. I have been attended to by Shashi who is very experienced and skilled.

  • Justin Koh
    2 years ago

    I’m having my facial treatments at Supersmooth and Jacqueline & Novelle are both very professional and the sessions are very relaxing and enjoyable! Will definitely recommend to guys who are looking to do facial!

  • Anis
    2 years ago

    Great experience for the laser treatment with Staff Irene. Good hospitality and approachable.

  • Raphael Koh
    2 years ago

    I’ve had 4 LHR treatments with Irene so far and she’s done a great job so far! I appreciate the care, friendliness and professionalism that she provides and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

  • Enviar Amor
    2 years ago

    I’m a long time customer of Irene who is like a friendly sister neighbour from next door.. I had ingrown hair problems on my lower legs after years of shaving and she never once judged nor made me feel uncomfortable about having the terrible condition of my legs.. furthermore the laser treatments she recommended was painless and effective and I never had to deal with unwanted hair again! Subsequently did underarms and upper thigh treatments and they never fail. Thumbs up to Irene and her team! 🙂

  • Joyner Wong
    2 years ago

    I have been a long time customer of Supersmooth, it used to be called Spahaven back when they were still in Amoy Street. Supersmooth at Far East Square is a clean, brightly lit and comfortable outlet (my favorite so far), albeit a bit clinical. They have a wide range of facial services using top quality products but the star deal is their laser hair removal package because of the long warranty period. They will recommend what you need, not what they want you to buy. So I really like them for that too.

    Jacqueline who is my therapist is a really meticulous and I come out looking like a star everytime I go there. 😊 Thanks for making me beautiful, Supersmooth!

  • Yuunisu Chia
    2 years ago

    Been with Irene since 5yrs ago. And the service is really good. I have since done laser hair removal for various part of my body and have achieve good results.

  • Jess Martin
    2 years ago

    I have been seeing Irene for almost four years and haven’t looked back. She is the best and always does her best to fit you in.

  • Catriona Wong
    2 years ago

    Irene is extremely professional and knowledgeable on the products. Thank you for the wonderful service.

  • Sheena G
    2 years ago

    I’ve been a customer of Irene at SuperSmooth for years. Would definitely recommend Supersmooth as the results can speak for themselves. Irene is more than a therapist but also a friend who would give her honest opinion.

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