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  • Princess Iu Yu
    2 years ago

    Been a customer of Slim Couture for more than 3 years now, I am back again for my yearly reboot session and already losing 6kg and about 6% fat lost as well (yet to finish my sessions).

    The best part about Slim Couture is that there is no need to stay hungry as you still can eat 3 meals as usual, based on the healthy diet recommendation and drinking enough plain water. There no exercise required as well to lose weight.

    With gua sha, it has helped to shape out a nice body shape. Cupping has helped to reduce water retention in the body as well as bloatedness. Love all the friendly therapists here and I can foresee myself being a loyal customer for a long long time!

  • Leorio Koh
    2 years ago


    Therapist are professional and encouraging, diet plans are not difficult to follow, goals easily achievable.

    Usage of magnetic cupping method coupled with gua sha provides an non-invasive method to increase your metabolism to shed away those extra pounds.

    Would recommend to anyone who has problem trying to lose weight.

  • Shirley Ong
    2 years ago

    No pains no gains! Indeed painful on first 3 session based on my pain tolerance 6/10. Thereafter, it’s totally endurable and enjoyed after 12 sessions. But result are significance worth! I get my post pregnancy body and I felt more energetic after 18 sessions. With slim couture postpartum weight loss to healthier and younger body age I can run after my toddler, no sweat hahaha! Definitely recommend slim
    Couture to anyone I know whom are keen!

  • Jessica Y
    2 years ago

    Back to Slim Couture for a second time as I’ve personally saw the results 8 years ago. This time round I’ve managed to hit my goal weight! The therapists were very friendly and encouraging along the way and am still able to eat a variety of food (no starving). Thank you for doing what you do..

  • Grace Chang
    2 years ago

    Treatment works but most importantly is changing your diet and eating habits. The gua sha works in shaping our body and softening the stubborn fats. Can see the difference in my body, stomach and limbs become smaller and contoured. Both therapists at SSC really gua sha with all their might. Bernice and Sally are encouraging throughout like friends to lose weight. . Always look forward to the treatment cos can’t wait to see the numbers drop on the scale!

  • Juliana Ong
    2 years ago

    No pain no gain! Grateful for the encouraging and lovely ladies Bernice and Sally. Have seen some results thus far, its been a great journey!

  • Wei Hong
    3 years ago

    Learnt about SC through a friend. 3rd session in and I’ve lost around 1.4kg. Looking forward to great results at the end of the course.

  • Ashley
    3 years ago

    This is my 3rd programme with Slim Couture. Successfully lost weight after I gave birth to my 1st and 2nd child. Unfortunately I put back some weight and now hoping to reach my ideal weight!! The staff are always very encouraging and helpful to make me feel comfortable while going through the Gua Sha sessions. This programme really works! You just need to persevere and be strict on the diet throughout the programme! Money well spent!

  • Shirley Lin
    3 years ago

    Started with Slim Couture through friend’s recommendation. Was so amazed by the results and now I’m going through the process, I regret not having known Slim Couture until now! The diet plan was easy to follow, they therapists Bernice and Rainie are so encouraging. The gua sha might be painful at the beginning but it’s all worth it! The environment is cosy and services are friendly. You can always rely on the admin who is on WhatsApp right beside you to answer your doubts. I do hope more people will be able to benefit by Slim Couture.

  • Lin
    3 years ago

    Have lost 3kg in 3 weeks and look forward to losing more kilos. The service by the therapists is great. Thanks for helping me regain confidence!

  • P T
    3 years ago

    Not fat to begin but have many unsightly cellulite. Went through a course of divine slim together with Using the products and and was very pleased with the end results. Cellulite went away at the end of the course.

  • Veronica F
    3 years ago

    My weight has been in the 70+ kg range for the past few years after pregnancy. Since my treatment with Slim Couture a month ago, I have lost a whopping 10kg.

    Apart from following a clean eating meal plan, I also attend 2x a week session where the therapists use a smooth, flat, comb-sized panel to apply repeated strokes throughout my body. This scraping therapy helps to improve blood circulation to prevent further fat deposits.

    I enjoyed the treatment and the staffs here are friendly. I feel good and satisfied with my weight loss journey I have achieved with Slim Couture.

  • ooerperch ooerperch
    3 years ago

    Lost near to 6kg after 16 sessions with Slim Couture (Singapore Shopping Centre branch). Initially skeptical about the effectiveness of the treatment but I was really happy that first time in life managed to see weighing scale start with “4” and have to change wardrobe from size M to S.

    Through out the journey, Cindy and Fang Chen were very helpful & encouraging. I also learned how to eat clean and how much water to drink , I feel that I became very healthy after this programme and happy too =) I will continue with the reboot programme.

  • Audrey Toh
    3 years ago

    During the covid period, I put on alot of weight and after Slim Couture re-opened, I went back to them to help save me!

    In just 11 sessions, I lost 6.9kg and 4.4% fats. I feel so much lighter now and my clothes became looser already!

    As usual, Slim Couture uses gua sha and acupuncture treatment which are all natural and it feels like massage sessions! I always trust that Slim Couture can help me with weight problems naturally! Looking forward to lose more weight naturally!

  • Christine Ong
    4 years ago

    was recommended by a girlfriend who lost weight after their treatment.

    Achieved a good loss of 3.3kg and almost 2% fat loss after 8 sessions.

    Feel so much better now, being able to fit into old jeans. All thanks to Cindy!

  • Pamela Lim
    4 years ago

    I got to know slim couture through instagram. I’ve lost 3.7kg in 2 weeks, in 1 month I’ve lost 7.4kg. my body fats lost 3.8%. I am able to fit into my old clothes and my family friends also compliment I’ve lost weight in such short period of time. The whole programme is very simple to follow and best part is no need to exercise at all! I’ve tried different weight loss methods in the past but all doesn’t work as effective as Slim Couture. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wish to lose weight!

  • KC Wong
    4 years ago

    I’ve just started with Slim Couture at SSC and the results are amazing. I’ve lost close to 3 kg in just after 6 sessions and my fats level has drop by 2.5%! My clothes are now looser and I feel much lighter.

    My body is not so tense due to work stress and I feel more energetic. Even my colleagues have noticed the positive changes.

    Thank you to the friendly staff Su Fen and Cindy at SSC branch! I have also recommended my friends to try this treatment.

  • Rina Tan
    4 years ago

    This is my 2nd maintainenance packages with Slim Coulture since 2017 after I have signed on the slimming package. My sessions and the measurements taken are constant reminder to myself to watch my weight and overall build which are further complemented by the guasha and cupping. The ladies are very focused during the guasha and will specifically target certain areas on my body.

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