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  • H Wolve
    2 years ago

    They basically put you on a highly restrictive Low calorie diet and call it “healthy eating.” Eating that little will naturally cause weight loss but also deprivation and many end up gaining the weight back. It’s a joke.

  • Hazel Sim
    2 years ago

    Been with slim couture since 2015 and was weight almost 70kg then. After 30 sessions of treatments, I lost 15kg and total fat lost of 10% then. Managed to keep off the weight all these years no matter how I eat and drink. Recently, in end 2021 I had a suddenly weight gain of 6kg and 4% increase in body fats, therefore decided to restart my slim couture journey in 2022.

    After restarting, in just 2 sessions I have already lost 1.7kg. Each session of ba guan and gua Sha not only helps to regulate my sluggish metabolism but also sculpted my figure back!

    Will definitely recommend this place for those who really wants to lose weight and body fats!

  • Maureen Chua
    3 years ago

    Came back after 2 years to reboot my system. Lost 3.4kgs in 5 sessions. Fats level dropped 1.4% which is very important. Diet is also an important factor whereby the food are not too strict. Pretty wide range to choose from.

    Can feel my clothes are loose & my main problem “the barrel tummy” has reduced in inches significantly.

    Therapists are also very friendly, knowledgable & accommodating. Overall very happy to come back Slim Couture for my swimming sessions. Most important reasonable pricing

  • J S
    4 years ago

    I started TCM slimming at Slim Couture since 2018. I lost 7.2kg and 4.3% of fat levels after my 16 sessions (in 2 months). I also continue maintenance with them. They are not pushy with their services and they truly care about your well being as a customer. I have been for other slimming centres but Slim Couture is the only one that works! In addition, the diet advice is sound and change my way to healthy eating! 100% will recommend their services to anyone who wants to lose weight safely and healthily!

  • Rachel Ang
    4 years ago

    TCM slimming at slim couture, saw through Facebook and it really help lose few kg of weight!

    Really thankful to them for the past 2 months!! Was really painful at the start but slowly got used to it and starting to enjoy the sessions now!!

    Up next to the maintenance course soon!

    Thank you Slim couture!

  • Joanne Lim
    4 years ago

    Introduced by colleagues who had seen results in slimming thru tcm. I decided to give it a try to lose my post natal weight. I lost 3.2 kg only aft 3 sessions with them. They had advised me on how to adjust my diet and increase my water intake. Happy with the result so far and strongly recommend this slimming centre.

  • Poh Joo Lim
    5 years ago

    TCM slimming @ Slim Couture

    I know slim courier through my friends. My friend join this program slim down 18kg in 3 month so I decide to join slim couture.

    I lose 8.4kg and drop 3.1% of card level. I’m very happy with this result.This treatment improve my health condition.

    I’m looking forward to see more result. Thank you

  • James Teo (Emomomo)
    5 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I was 79 kg before I went to Slim Couture for treatment, and I lost 6.1 kg and 2% fat after 8 sessions of treatment!

    It was a great experience, as a good diet was recommended along with the treatment. This change in lifestyle over the few weeks really benefitted me as I stayed away from unhealthy food and changed my diet even after treatment. Staff were friendly and helped to answer any queries I had as well. Highly recommended, do drop by if you need help in slimming down!

  • Jeanette Lee
    5 years ago

    TCM slimming @ Slim Couture

    My weight loss journey has taken many years and I’ve tried many slimming pills in the past but every time I stopped the weight came back with a vengeance and so my weight kept climbing. I got desperate and a good friend recommended this to me having been through the course and lost 10kg herself.

    After just completing 4 sessions and following a clean no/low carb diet regime, I have seen a 5.3kg weight loss and 2.6% fat loss (in just 2 weeks!) …. and I’m am motivated to continue with this plan and excited to see the weight melt off.

  • Yoke Min Lim
    6 years ago

    TCM Slimming @slim Couture.

    No regrets. My good friend slimmed down so much at Slim Couture and so she recommended me to try Slim Couture as I was putting on weight even without eating very much. Seriously I didn’t have to think hard because my eyes wouldn’t lie to me.

    After having gone thru the program myself I have to say this place really ensures success if you follow their programs. The staffs there are very friendly and firm. When I was not disciplined in my initial diet, she would gently remind me. She would also get upset if there’s no result. I realised they really are very serious in helping me to loose weight. After 1.5 months lost a total of 4.8kg in and 5.2% fat level. To my surprise I am back to my weight when I was 20 years old! So so amazing and the good thing is that its not that difficult. Just need to have discipline and eat healthy.

  • Christin Cheong
    6 years ago

    TCM Slimming @slim-couture

    After reading many good reviews, I went down to enquire more about the slimming program Slim Couture offer. My body fat % is at 31% which is exceeding normal. Although I tried dieting & exercising, the love handle and my thighs still remain. Therefore, I decided to sign up with Slim couture. After a week of treatment and clean eating diet, I am happy to share that I’ve lost 1% of body fat and 2.4kg lighter.

    Thanks to Yvonne, Wen Wen & May for the encouragement & the tips! I hope to achieve my targetted body fat & my ideal silhouette.

  • Adeline Tan
    6 years ago

    Before coming to slim couture, I tried various weight in losing weight which includes jogging regularly and eating less rice but if doesn’t seem to help me lose much weight.

    After a few session at slim couture, my weight has been reduced by 2.7kg and my fats level dropped by 1.6% without needing to exercise.

    This treatment not only helped me to lose weight but also helped me to correct my eating habits. I can’t wait to see more significant results in myself.

    The staff over at slim couture are friendly and helpful that makes every session enjoyable with them.

    I would highly recommend anyone who wants to lose weight. Thank you slim couture.

  • Serene Khoo
    6 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    After giving birth to a pair of twins, i could not slim down despite controlling my diet. After they turned 1, i signed up for a package with Slim Couture, and OMG, this is the best investment done. No regrets and i am even slimmer than my pre-pregnancy size. 4.7kg loss and 6.6% down in fats level since the start of the package.

    Now at a fats level of 22, i can certainly hit the gym and work on my abs. All thanks to my decision to sign up at Slim Couture 🙂 all staffs are so friendly and understanding. And most importantly, not pushy at all 🙂

    Thank you once again team at Slim Couture!!!

  • Elysie Zhou
    6 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture.

    Was feeling skeptical initially but glad i made this move try out Slim Couture. Managed to drop 3.6kg and 3% fat loss before compeleting the 8th session. It have a strict yet fair diet plan to help in the slimming process. Highly recommended as it does not involve any pills or exercise required. The girls are also very encouraging and will never fail to provide advice on where gone wrong or which area can be improve better. Looking forward to see a better and healthy result! Thank you Slim Couture and the team at GSH Plaza! ?

  • Peak shuan Tai
    6 years ago

    TCM Sliming@Slim Couture

    After 2 weeks of treatment, I lost 3.3kg and overall measurements has decreased by 4.9cm.

    The consultants were very helpful and friendly, and they also provided a detailed diet plan that easy to follow.

    I got to know about Slim Couture through word of mouth.

    I look forward to my slimming journey and treatments with them.

  • Jasmine Tan Si Yin
    6 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    4 days into the program since my 1st session. I am most glad on the regularity of my blood flow in my body. This has allowed me to feel assured of how my body is doing with bad blood being detoxified. This was an area I was looking to as I approach this program. Till date, I have also loss a total of 1kg with 1.7% fat loss and 3.5cm loss overall. With encouragement from my consultant, I do not feel alone and manage to follow through with the diet change of eating healthily. This has also in turn aid me in good digestion over the days. I believe that with perseverance and consistency, I will pull through to see greater change in my body condition. I look forward to the day where I see an improved version of myself from the day I embarked on this program.

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