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  • Juit Lian Heng
    2 years ago

    This place’s treatment really worked, I shed 8kg! I came to know of this place through a friend who was dealing with postpartum weight loss. The guasha tbh was initially painful but after a few sessions, the body got used to it. The service is good and really happy to return. There is a diet plan to follow but it was no issue for me as I am a veggie lover. Thanks to Sarah and Rainie too ??

  • MC Wang
    2 years ago

    Always wanted to slim down and lose weight but as age is catching up, my metabolism rate also dropped significantly. And always too busy or too tired to exercise and work out after a long day work. Under the recommendation of a friend who herself has successfully dropped at least 2 dress size, I sign up with Slim Couture. In 16 sessions, i have lost 9.6kg and 3% of fats level. With the no carbs diet and TCM cupping and gua sha, the weight lost is very effective! The staffs are always motivating and friendly, I highly recommend Slim Couture to everyone who want healthy weight lost.

  • Suki Teh
    2 years ago

    I came across slim couture in Instagram. After reading all the good review, I decided to give a try. I was 7 months after gave birth when I started this program. My weight has been stagnant for 6 months and I didn’t lose weight even I breastfeeding. I hate to go to my wardrobe as I couldn’t fit into my clothes. Seriously, I lost the confidence at that point of time.

    It is amazing. I start to see the result after 2 sessions. The guasha and cupping treatment + diet plan really help me to slim down. To be honest, the gusha is no joke, it is quite painful and u just have to bear with it for that few minutes. I got bruise all over my body. But no pain no gain right. I follow the diet plan strictly as well.

    I finished 6 treatments now and I lose about 3-4kg. It looks very little in term of number but it means a lot to me. I manage to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. My colleague told me I looks slimmer even before gave birth. This really excite me.

    I have another 6 sessions to go and I hope I can achieve my idea weight soon.

    I strongly suggest people who try to lose weight and couldn’t achieve it so far to try this treatment. I personally try different slimming treatment on slimming centre before but it doesn’t effective as this.

    Lastly, I would like to thanks the therapists in slim couture. They are very friendly and encouraging. They are not pushy to ask u to sign up or buy product which make me more comfortable. Thanks again.

  • kareen ej
    2 years ago

    Got to know about slim couture through IG. Always wanted to loss weight, by trying lots of methods. Knowing that slim couture is using tcm methods like guasha and cupping to improve the metabolism ,thought it would be great to give it a try.

    The treatment was to visit twice a week for 1-2 months(depend on the number of sessions) and to follow their strict diet. Each session will be around 1 hour and the environment is really cozy and relaxing.The best part of the treatment is don’t really need to exercise.
    It was really painful in the first few sessions , but after a few sessions the pain was durable. But it was all worth it. After a few session, we will be able to see the result, which is an achievement.??

    The therapist here at PLUS plaza is really very friendly and helpful. ☺️They will share their experience and give me advise which is really great.

    I will recommend this place to those who really want to loss weight and get in shape.??

  • Elaine Teo
    2 years ago

    After CB, I put on so much weight. And I saw how much weight my girlfriend lost and how nice her figure was, i asked her how she did it and she shared with me her sessions with Slim Couture.

    I went to enquire on the sessions and started my sessions. The session includes guasha and cupping, 30 mins front 30 mins back. Initially the gusha was bearable; but after couple of session, it became a session that helps me to relieve my
    Stiff shoulder and back twice weekly. 2 months down the road, I lost 14kg! Thanks to Sarah! She has been with me since I started. Love hee guasha skills that gave me a hourglass figure and a waistline that I never had!

  • Glennis Lim
    2 years ago

    A skeptic with regards to slimming treatments, I had my reservations about SC but decided to give it a shot after my second delivery. I chose SC due to its more traditional methods – mainly gua sha and cupping which I really learnt to enjoy as I got used to the pain.

    Now at the end of my journey, I’m very glad I signed up for this. Definitely lives up to its promises if you can keep to their recommendations in terms of treatment schedule and meal plans. In fact, this treatment even alleviated my nerve pain which could be crippling at times.

    Want to give a shout-out to Serah (pictured with me) who accompanied me on this journey. She and the other girls made the Gua Sha and cupping process more tolerable and time passes so quickly whenever I go for treatments.

    Do note however there is a long waiting list! I had to wait for 3 months to start on my first treatment. Which probably only shows how good their treatments are to have new and repeated customers alike. I’m already looking forward to start my reboot program next year!

  • qw qw
    2 years ago

    Recommended by my friend who is also on Divine Slim!

    This treatment uses TCM method of Gua Sha & Cupping to help with improving metabolism. Coupled with proper diet, you can really see the results after each session!!

    Although the diet may need some time to get used to, but definitely it’s pushing you to select healthier choice option!!

    As for treatment experience, 1st timer for both methods certainly open my eyes ?! For those who just started, I would just say it’s would be less painful! ?

    Overall 2mths I lost around 7kg. ?

  • Ying Ying
    2 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I read many positive reviews and decided to give it a go as I had always been struggling with weight and stubborn cellulite issues.

    I’m really impressed by Slim Couture;

    – Friendly & encouraging staffs & good service that makes you feel comfortable during your sessions.

    – Non-invasive & safe treatment; treatment is pure guasha & cupping. While the guasha might be painful for the first few sessions (around first 6 for me), the pain will start to reduce as your cellulites soften and blockages clear up. No pain no gain!

    – No starving; you can still eat your 3 meals with a healthier dietary routine advised by the centre.

    The Results;

    – 85kg to 77kg in 15 sessions

    – Visible body shape, my thighs & hips are noticeably smaller & less bulky, something which I struggled with reducing in all my previous diets. My arms and waist has shed off quite a few cm(s) too.

    – Cellulites have really softened up

    – Overall I feel more energetic & have adopted healthier eating habits!

    I definitely would have lose more weight if I didn’t have a few cheat days for social events. Highly recommended for anyone who are struggling with weight/cellulite issues!

  • deborah seet
    2 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    I came to know about Slim Couture by reading Yina Dayre and Jessica blog . Slim Couture is not pushy in sales and products and their staff here are all very friendly and nice to talk to.

    In order for the treatment to be effective, I have to follow their diet strictly. That means no more desserts, fried food, carbo and etc.
    It maybe hard at first but as times goes by I got used to the diet. After 8 treatments, I have lost 4.8KG and 2.6% of fats.

    I will continue to work hard during my treatment and achieve better results. Do come and try Slim Couture if you want to loose weight ! This place is highly

  • m ce s ca
    2 years ago

    I have slip disc and weight was one of my concern, therefore I decided to try this out to lose some weight before I were to decide to go for slip disc surgery and so far I’ve lost weight which kind of improve the pressure on my lower back.

    The session involves guasha and cupping, as it help sculpts your body after a few session. It depends on individual and is great to see your body becoming slimmer.

    The result is definitely even more visible when you follow their dietary, which is to eat healthier and drink lots of water.

  • Mantisa Delight
    3 years ago

    My business shop was burn to dust,and I need help from slim couture pte Ltd, like giving me some amount of money to start up again,and I promise to pay back.

  • Melvin Lin
    3 years ago

    I had 3 months of sessions here.

    Not going to lie. It wasn’t easy, the diet and the pain of the gua sha and culling. But hey, no pain no gain


    1.) 105.6kg

    2.) 36.5% body fat

    3.) 108cm waist


    1.) 87.2

    2.) 28.4% body fat

    2.) 100cm waist

    I was strict with the diet for the first month.. subsequently had a bit of carbs here and there. I would highly recommend for anyone who prefers a quick fix and fuss free way of weight loss!

  • Hokgie Liem
    3 years ago

    Penang Street

  • lamour woman
    3 years ago

    I hope my sharing here helps you to save $2000.

    Signed up for a 8 sessions program at $1760 with full of hope after reading through the reviews with amazing stories.

    Treatments includes following a strict diet which I did not asked much (I should have ask more details) I personally feel that if you follow the diet, you can easily also lose some weight without going through the treatments. I find that the 30mins gua sha and 30mins cupping itself is not worth the price and is quite painful and bruised. The home care products are over priced at $200+ for 2 body creams.

    Suffered serious constipation after going through the diet program. There was only around 1.5kg drop during the 1st week which I find that is pretty normal for body to lose weight and water when going through a crash diet. There after the next 3 sessions no weight lost at all. My treatment was halt after the 4th sessions.

    I do not think crash diets method works and is not lasting and weight easily rebound. The therapist also said that be prepare for an increase of 3kg after we stop the program.

    Is a stressful 2 weeks for me and I am glad that I did not signed up more sessions after knowing that there are discount which is only offered to new customers and existing customers are not entitled to.

    My target was to lose some body fats and after doing some research online, I adopted semi- keto low carbs and no refined sugar diets + intermittent fasting and the result is so much better. I lost 3-4kg in 1 month without exercising at all. I lost most of the fats on my waist, tummy and thighs, energetic, smoother skin.

    The best part is, no need to spend thousands of dollars and the diet is sustainable, result is lasting.

  • Cinly Lee
    3 years ago

    TCM Slimming @ Slim Couture

    Thank you for helping me!
    Initially, I was skeptical to try their treatment due to my Health condition. I just gave birth to my 3rd baby- 9 months ago and was diagnosed with Hypotyroid.

    With on going medication, I was told that my results will be slower than everyone else but within 6 Sessions- 1 month i was down with 4.3kg and 2.1% lower.

    They Guide me along on the food intake every session we met and always remind me on taking more Cherries tomatoes ? has help me alot . Especially i am still breastfeeding and go hungry super fast!

    Thank you! ❤️

  • Flora Liu
    3 years ago

    TCM slimming @ Sim couture

    I have lost 4.5 kg after 5 sessions. Very satisfied with the result.

    All the staffs here are Super friendly, and I enjoyed the treatment a lot! I got to know slim couture through one of my colleagues who had a pleasant and effective journey too. There are more and more friends around me going to join Slim couture.

    Thanks for slim couture that brought back confidence to me .

  • Ellyn Kok
    3 years ago


    Suffered from postpartum weight issue and got introduced to SC by a friend who have benefited from the program.

    Started with 12 sessions and I have lost 10kg and fats level down 4.7%. The treatment gets better after every session, in a cosy ambience room.

    Happy that I can fit in most clothings nicely now with the new body shape! I will definitely reccomend their treatment

  • Gwen
    3 years ago

    Tcm slim Coulture

    Friend recommended n been doing that for 10 times . So far has been losing weight . The treatment is painful but will help to burn the fats away.

  • Sheryl Goh
    3 years ago


    I had graduated from Slim Couture before Xmas with 10kg of weight loss and 5% of fats lost in 2 months. I am worried that my weight will rebound due to do my travelling and job commitment. I am very happy despite all the holiday feasting and with Circuit Breaker, I am still able to keep to my current weight. I am looking forward to come back after the Circuit Breaker to lose another 6kg since i am now station in Singapore.

    Thank you Slim Couture & the Team!

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