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  • Jessica
    1 year ago

    havent even start their service , the way they talk to me on whatsapp like i owe them billion of dollars

  • Nazreen Noor
    1 year ago

    R&R beauty studio has saved my skin in 3 sessions after i suffered for over 1.5mths of going to see specialist doctors who only made my skin worst. R&R has literally saved me from more pain and worsening my skin.. Rose, Hani and Thao are very professional and dedicated.. they only have your best in mind and dont hardsell anything on you. I am so so so thankful for coming across their insta page and doing my treatments with them. I will always recommend my friends and family to them from now.

  • Hunny Indra
    2 years ago

    Best facial place to be. I don’t feel tense. Hani and Rose are both amazing people. Making sure I’m ok while doing all procedures. Hani is a very detailed person. Telling me what she’s doing next and explaining the benefit of each step. Rose on the other hand will recommend the best treatment suited for ur skin, customise individual skin needs. My current to go to now. Thank you ladies for taking care of me everytime I come for my sessions. ???

  • J
    2 years ago

    Got a quote online for the specific treatment I wanted to get, went there for consultation to be told different things, sales person tried to upsell other treatments and was also rude when I wasn’t keen on the treatments. Ended up not going for the treatment as it costed thousands more.

  • Blend it with Kiara
    2 years ago

    Coming from a brown skin girl! If you are looking for 100% results for IPL, pls come here and experience yourself. I’m already on my 4th session for my IPL and I’m seeing GREAT results. I’ve got no regrets and I’m truly grateful for Rose & Hani.

  • Uma Dhevi
    2 years ago

    Chanced upon R&R beauty studio via Social Media. Contacted the number listed and asked a lot of questions about various treatments. Rose was very nice to explain everything via WhatsApp to me. She also mentioned that various treatments works for people differently and told me to drop by to have a consultation.

    During my first visit. Rose explained to me what she thinks would work best for my skin type. At this point I also mentioned that I am few months away from my wedding day.
    We decided that I should try the Whitening Peel. This was when I met Hani for the first time. She told me that the treatment will take some time and ensured that I felt comfortable throughout. She was very meticulous in her work. After the treatment, I had to be constant with the steps of the facial creams given. At any time if I forgot the steps, I would drop Rose a message and she was ready explain and go through the steps with me again. She also requested for photos to check on my progress.

    A month passed and everyone around me including myself could see such a vast difference. My skin did lighten and infact was glowing amazingly! So many people including family, friends and sometimes strangers would compliment me on my skin. I would tell them the treatment that I did and would recommend them to visit Hani & Rose at R&R studio.

    My mother and sister also did the same treatment as me about a month later and had amazing results as well! As my wedding was approaching I had concerns about facial hair growth. I told Rose about this and was recommended to get the Laser Facial Hair Removal package. I’m only a few sessions in and my hair is almost completely gone.

    Prior to my wedding my husband and I did a facial and it was hands down one of the best facials I had. The 2 hours made us feel relaxed.

    Love how Hani & Rose makes us feel comfortable the entire time. Will definitely be a loyal customer with them. I wish them all the best!

  • Farzanah Barween
    2 years ago

    Did diode laser hair removal and used kya set for face care. Good products that actually work. Can see lasting results. ? Happy with service.

  • Shakeela Begum
    2 years ago

    I have been visiting them for laser hair removal for legs face and underarm. Am actually seeing good results in just a few sessions and its painless. They are professional and have good knowledge on what they are doing. I would recommend this studio esp to indians as they are experienced with tan skin and indian hair types.

  • gracia
    2 years ago

    I tried the Diode laser, it actually works really well without damaging the skin. Rose is also incredibly lovely. Great & safe experience that is so much more worth it than big clinics!

  • Fidd Lee
    2 years ago

    Did my peeling and it turn out bad.

  • Lin Ling
    2 years ago

    Great experience since the 1st time I had my treatment w the lady boss, Rose. I especially loved how Rose really took her time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options. Her treatment is top-notch I can see the difference within 3 months.

    Hani is her assistant she’s also very kind & friendly. At every appointment without fail always give a warm welcome. She always make sure you feels comfortable once you step in. No awkwardness.

    Not only they have taken great care of my skin but also both of them is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a dermatologist that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of service & care. Rose even reply to my text with patience when I have doubt w anything about skincare. Be it in the day, night or during her off day. She definitely reply. Oh, even when she’s in her labour room. ! Ohmy , felt so bad to disturb her but she replied me! Sorry dear rose & thank you.

    I had a great visit and Rose & Hani demeanor has really put me at ease. Greatly recommended!!! ❤️

  • Star 1234
    2 years ago

    Excellent service their facials are awesome. Both Rose and Hani are extremely friendly! Hani service facials for me. She’s very sweet humble and kind. Their massages are too good during facial I felt relaxed and tension free. They don’t hard sell their products but very genuine in their explanation . The KYA set is extremely good I did saw a huge difference. Rose responses to my queries promptly via WhatsApp. My husband loved the facial ! Very satisfied with the results and customer service . They do take good care of their customers 🙂 highly recommend!

  • Pierre Pang
    3 years ago

    Good service for lip embroidery done by rose.

  • Netanya Hou
    3 years ago

    I had a very good experience for the lip embroidery. Beautiful colour and Free touch up within 3 months! The staff are really friendly and I’m glad I chose to come here for my first experience. Will surely come back

  • Meena Kanan
    3 years ago

    Great service, great products does not disappoint extremely happy with the results, very accommodating and professional, they don’t hard sell only recommend what is needed.value for money.

  • Ranjini Veera
    3 years ago

    They are amazing. They are very professional and doesn’t over charge or sell you unnecessary products. They only advise you and get you to buy things that’s necessary for you. They are really kind too. They really took care of me well. Gave amazing services.

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