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30 Reviews on “Pixie Nail Spa - Plaza Singapura”

  • Cathy Kuah
    2 months ago

    This nail service shop is a front for harassing you to buy exorbitant nail service packages. DO NOT STEP INTO THE STORE AT ALL!!!

    In the first place their services are not cheap, the moment you sit down they already try to up sell other add ons. While you are waiting for the nails to dry they start to harass you to buy ridiculous packages of $4000!! They will continue to nag and harass you with next $3000, then $2000 and last of all $1000 packages. You are sitting there stuck cos of drying nails and you don’t want to walk off after having a $188 treatment.

    I tried them for the first time for their spa treatment which was quite good but not worth $188. They harasss you right to the very end up to the point when you are going to pay. SUCH A BIG PUT OFF AND SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

    Needless to say I refused to buy any thing. Very unethical. The staff who are young Viet or Thai nail technicians told me they were trained to do such hard sell… they are very well trained I must say, not rude but lots of different psychological approaches and packages. They have to report back on why they failed (with me) and I suspect they will be given a hard time by their bosses. They pleaded for me to help them (which could be a ploy anyway).

  • Jae
    3 months ago

    Terrible staff.. no training at all

  • SH
    8 months ago

    Do not patronise them. It has different outlets with different names Qoosh Nail, Picota Nail Spa, Maco Nail, Buff’d Nail. Agreed on the price and when service is done, they will tell u another price. Then proceed to ask u sign package, saying it will be cheaper. More ridiculously, they wanted to add $10 to a color, claiming it has shiner effect.

  • Booboo
    9 months ago

    Towards the end of the session she was pushing me to get the package. Finally to “escape” her I made a down payment of $50 more meaning she’d subtract $50 off of my package price if I came down the next time. So instead of $449 I paid $500 in total. Such a disgusting tactic to oversell your product. I also found it ridiculous that they charged extra $28 for the vitamin nail coat and another $20 for a single scoop of the sea salt and then another $20 for the scrub.

  • Angela
    10 months ago

    At end of service, they made you sign a blank form, which is their customer feedback form.

    Last Tuesday, the staff who remove mu gelish damaged my nails. She realised and changed to another tool when removing nails on my left hand.
    But my right nails are damaged, dented.


  • Shan
    12 months ago

    Do not go here they push the stupid package forcing u to buy and say its 188$ then when finish they calculate 800$+++ i do nails extensions that cost 168$ total i paid 914$ with gst!!!! There are the same as nail palace!!!!! Cheat people money!!!!!

  • Nidhi Rana
    1 year ago

    Be careful especially if you are using a voucher, they reduce the service offered and then ask to pay for these. Over priced from the start and you realise you are paying double for no reason. Many amazing honest businesses around, better pay to the ones who are happily serving customers. This one absolutely a NO GO.

  • Vernessa
    1 year ago

    A part of the gelish on one nail peeled off a day after my visit. Never had that happen before with other Pixie Nails outlets I visited previously. I did wonder after reading the multiple bad reviews, but was still surprised. Come on, get the basics right at the very least? ?

  • Grace Shen
    1 year ago

    DO NOT COME HERE – I have never encountered such dishonest business practices in Singapore, this place needs to be shut down. They charged me $480 for a mani pedi by force adding ridiculous add ons. Throughout the mani -pedi they ladies continuously tired ti up sell me services. I rejected most of them but made the mistake of agreeing to have my feet sanded which ended up being a $116 additional charge on top of the full pedi price. They also claimed I had severe toe fungus and uncharged another $200 for treatment after l I had turned down the $388 add on treatment they were pushing. I said if it was so severe I’ll go to a doctors. When it came time to pay, I tried to dispute the charges but there were 3 workers there and they all just kept saying “you said yes”. Then the tried to push me to but a $1000 package so I’ll get 25% off. They have no shame.

  • Adrian Allen
    1 year ago

    My wife and I are taking what legal action we can to hopefully ensure no other self respecting human being has to experience what at best can be described as the malicious and calculated daylight robbery of good people’s hard earned cash.

    It’s hard to express how appalled, shocked and frankly distressed and upset we are at being victims of a very frightening con where we were taken for over S$500 of add ons we didn’t agree to.

    What should have been an enjoyable facet of 35th wedding anniversary trip of a lifetime holiday turned out to be something that will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

    If I were to describe what happened readers would think I was writing fiction but let me assure you the modus operandi of this con is staggering.

    Given the number of similar reviews posted about this company heaven knows how Singapore authorities can turn a blind eye. I can’t believe these people are allowed to interact in society.

  • Sarah C
    1 year ago

    Overpriced, rude, pushy and underhanded. Didn’t let me use my entertainer voucher even though the merchant is listed on the app and the terms of offer don’t state that its use is limited to first-time customers.

  • chloe yap
    1 year ago

    it was my first time doing my mani here and saw that it was $29 for classic mani so i decided to try out. the staff that served me recommended me to try this shade of polish and told me it’ll be an additional $10 because it was of a higher quality. i told her i didn’t like that shade and told her to stick to the normal polish. when it was time to dry my nails, she did not allow for my nails to be dried properly and said it was alr done which resulted to my nails being smudged within 15mins after i left the place. when it was time for payment, the staff kept pushing for me to buy their packages which was super annoying and unprofessional! and when payment came, i was charged the additional $10 which i was unaware of and i walked out paying $41 instead. all in all, a very bad experience and i will not recommend going there.

  • eric benghozi
    1 year ago

    Looks old and not well maintained. Took a package years ago and got my friend to use and they charged sooo much to get a gel on the top, plus charged for exfoliation etc. Seems to be they are just after money

  • Letitia Liew
    2 years ago

    For the price i pay, its just not worth and i got cut from her aggressive filing. I did express manicure: choose 2 colours and it amounted to $78 wo gst — total is $83+

    They have super hardselling and goodness with the calculator action going on. Highly don’t recommend going to this place.

    Banner says $38 but end up paying $83 ? major rip just go to far east plaza and they do better and cheaper nail mani.

  • Silviya Dobreva
    2 years ago

    I’ve been going to different branch of pixie, which looked better (newer and better maintained). This outlet is rather old, I was happy with the manicure I got, but had to correct her work few times.

  • Nicole Y
    2 years ago

    Came here several times. And they cut my skin few times already. Will stop coming when my package end.

  • Melbournebreeze-faith Sg
    2 years ago

    Good experience! With Lynn. Very fast and well done..

  • Rebecca Sim
    2 years ago

    they have a lot of hidden charges and they keep hardselling their packages and products. Nails are nice but the staff were a bit forceful, making it an unpleasant experience.

  • Serene Tay
    2 years ago

    First time to this outlet at PS and was greeted by a rude staff called Candy. She rushed the cold spa water and rudely acknowledged that salt was included in my package after I asked. After running the water she added the salt but I was told to get both my feet up in less than a minute before my feet could feel the salt! And the rest pedicure is done like less than 10mims! minus the nail colour application though. she proudly proclaimed she is very experienced and very fast worker! How can one do a proper pedicure in less than 15mims! But I must add that another lady who did my manicure did an excellent job, but that Candy staff needs to do her job properly! She thinks experienced can do away with proper cleaning and arrogant! Whoever is her manager needs to wake her up

  • Harshini Arumugam
    2 years ago

    the pedicure was not thorough, spent very little time scrubbing my feet. the manicurist also hardsell alottttt. also they did sone hand and leg /shoulder massage which was terrible. they just touch touch and then slappedy back. never coming back lol.

  • Petrina Dawn Tan
    2 years ago

    I specifically said I do not want to sign packages but yet they kept going on and on about it. I had to say more than 10 times. It’s exactly the same everytime I come. I used to have packages with them before but ended it because every 2 times I go they will try to sell me another package. How lame is this money making scheme?

  • 林南
    2 years ago

    It was a very bad experience for me, when I went to their plaza store for the first time, they took good care of me, I even signed the package, and then I went to use my package, but they The service staff was very perfunctory, cut my fingers to bleed when they trimmed dead skin on my fingers, and even finished the coloring very quickly, when I got home, I noticed that the coating was uneven, and they like to hard sell, I feel pressured every time I go to make payment, because if you don’t buy a package, they will always force you, even if you say no, when I refuse to use sea salt, the service staff immediately got unhappy, I can understand that the company asks you to help customers with matching packages, but you don’t sincerely help customers with manicures, and you can retain customers just by relying on hard selling packages? ? I’d rather not use the rest of the package than to go to this nail salon again! ! !


  • Iris Yuet
    2 years ago

    CammCandy’s service is excellent. Very skilful and kind.

  • Qistina Rossmadi
    2 years ago

    It wasn’t an entirely bad experience but after what happened, I would not come back. Went for a pedicure at Plaza Sing outlet. Staff was nice and pleasant. I thought to myself, I can come here again. But things turn sour for me during payment when staff tries to sell me packages. I go for mani-pedi only 2-3 times a year. I politely declined to staff regarding their package and informed them that I don’t do pedi often. Staff was persistent and showed me breakdown of their package pricing. Then they offered me 3 session package since I declined their 10 session package. I think staff should understand if a customer repeatedly says no, it literally means no. And their reaction to my no was like a “ok then can’t force you”. You don’t need to hard sell, focus on service, it will speak for itself and people will come back.

  • Najma xx
    2 years ago

    Highly recommend candy and lin

    Fantastic placé and friendly girls

    They do a great job!

  • Emma Lee
    2 years ago

    The staff Lin and Sukiy were very very good and friendly. They are very professional and they don’t push products or packages though they gave me enough information for me to make my own decision. Will come again! Highly recommended this branch !!!

  • Yaru Wong
    2 years ago

    The staff name Suki very friendly and professional. Definitely will visit again.

  • Filmar Cabrera
    2 years ago

    Great service from Suki and Jennifer! Very professional and friendly.

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