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22 Reviews on “Picota Nail Spa - ION Orchard”

  • SG Supernanny
    1 year ago

    I usually don’t like to leave bad reviews, but unfortunately, my recent experience at this nail spa was so unpleasant that I feel compelled to share my thoughts. The staff at this establishment were extremely rude and unprofessional, and my friends and I were treated poorly during our visit.

    Thankfully, my friends were able to rescue me from this very pushy chain, and I’m grateful for their help. The overall experience was very disappointing, and it’s clear that the establishment needs to review their customer service SOP. The staff should be trained to treat their customers with respect and professionalism, regardless of personal preferences.

    As someone who values good customer service, I cannot recommend this nail spa to anyone. It’s important for businesses to prioritize their customers’ needs and treat them with kindness and respect. I hope the establishment takes this feedback seriously and works to improve their customer service in the future.

  • Silvia Fasana
    1 year ago

    Worse place ever. Ladies very impolite and you wait long time even when you book appointments. They only want to sell you packages. Zero customer care. And not cheap .

  • Huishi Goh
    1 year ago

    Avoid at all cost.

    The staff were hard selling their packages which did not contain any real perks if one were to be a member and were sneaky in adding extra “premium” salt foot scrubs were were seemingly ordinary.

    The price was exorbitantly high for a mere gel pedicure service? I had paid $148 before GST for just a simple gel pedicure service?!

  • Emmeline Low
    1 year ago

    Worst experience ever! The manicurists were super pushy for us to spend more. Did not tell us the price of add ons. Was charged a ridiculous $38 for adding sea salt while soaking our feet. After the service, they tried to hard sell us packages. When they realised we wanted to just share the lowest value package which is $600, they disallowed and said the package is shareable only on the next visit?!?! They became extremely rude when we decided to just pay ala carte prices and not pursue the package deal. One manicurist named Jessie/Peipei even asked us to open our own shop without any provocation on our end.

  • YC TAN
    1 year ago

    Very unpleasant experience at this particular outlet. Signed a package with them just last month, and they started to push another package to me. My current package would take me another year to run out, and here they are getting me to sign more. It’s simply ridiculous and just plain hard selling. Repeatedly did so even after I told them to stop. My entire nail session of an hour was spent just thinking of ways to reject them.

    After rejection, the girls started throwing things around to make me uncomfortable.

    Have been their client for at least 7 years, but after my package runs out, will stop going to them. With this service standard, you can easily get a better experience elsewhere.

  • Anupriya Agarwal
    1 year ago

    Excellent fuss free service ? I have now bought a package with them – only because it is good convenient and easy to get an appointment.

  • Christine Choo
    1 year ago

    Probably have the most sulky therapists this new year. ( I so regret signing a package with them previously, I probably won’t come back again if I don’t have package here, package is not cheap. Average is $145 for gel mani and classic pedi. N20 at Takashimaya is much better

  • Sarina Amani
    1 year ago

    Awful place. They will add on unnecessary things without even asking you. They will tell you they are adding something and somehow it’s additional 38$ or 28$ for some salt. Not only that they will add on treatments again without asking you and once they tell you the price it will then be impossible to say no as “ they already take out the products and not possible to put it back” by the end you’re paying 500$++ for a gel manicure and pedicure. Be wary of coming here. I will never step foot in this place ever again.

  • susanna lam
    1 year ago

    Rude, aggressive and dishonest staff. I asked for a pedicure ($39) and they told me they couldn’t do any nail polish for me because it wouldn’t dry in time so I agreed to a pedicure with no nail polish, which was weird in the first place. I said no to any of their add-ons but at the end they insisted that I agreed and told me that my pedicure with no nail polish was $178! I refused to pay for it because I had only agreed to a $39 pedicure but they started shouting at me and took my credit card against my will. I’m really shocked that something like this could happen in Singapore and it should be illegal to operate a business like this.

  • Sana Rahman
    1 year ago

    They told me i need to book an appointment 10 days before if i have membership. If i come within than 10 days then i need to pay non member price

    This is like being penalised for taking membership. No thanks!

  • Leon
    1 year ago

    Place to rip off tourists. Do not come.

  • Gillian Tay
    2 years ago

    Tried their service, it was good, so I bought a package, was rather surprised when I went next for mani & pedi & asked to pay $15 for sea salt scrub, thought this should be included in the package like everywhere other nail salon that I went to. Can’t wait to finish my package, once is enough, will not sign for another package!

  • 杨逸
    2 years ago

    this is my worst nail experience so far.

    I’m Traveling in SG and found this shop on fave, I bought a package and made an appointment via call. After arrival they ask me to sit and wait for 40min, then what is appointment for?? Then when they know that I’m not local but they say I can’t use fave package, the package was 20sgd for manicure gel.And in the end l have to pay for mani gel 78 and pedi gel 108. The soak off is additional cost 20 and they say the both normal color I have to pay extra 20. The whole 2 hrs they’ve be hard selling asking me to top up start from 4000sgd. I only come here once a year and they tried so hard. In the end i top up 550 very reluctantly with 30% off. And they don’t really have good techniques my nail is peeling off already less than 2 weeks. Plz don’t go to this place. It’s so wrong

    btw they have package online for new comer at that time 108sgd for both mani and pedi but they charged me twice the price, it’s really ridiculous

  • Kay Tang
    2 years ago

    I called to make an appointment if I could come 5 minutes later for gelish pedicure, the reply I got was okay I could just drop by.

    When I arrived, she saw me using fave and then she said I’ve to make an appointment 1 week in advance. I was only welcome if I buy it ala carte at $108.

    Do not make use of fave as marketing if u can’t make it clear to callers making appointment that voucher buyers are not welcome.

  • Jenny Zhu
    2 years ago

    I tried the mani& pedi several times but each time only end up with disappointment. The staffs are poorly trained with no proper skill set. They treat your feet like enemy. Feel painful when they cut cuticle and remove dead skin. Nails turned out uneven and ugly shapes, coupled with their bad service and attitude. The product they use is of no qualify too. This place is just not up to standard and yet charge a premium pricing. Have not have such ugly nails for years. Would not come back after I finish the package. Total regrets!

  • C L
    2 years ago

    I had signed at least 5 rounds of package each time worth 200 at least. But had a very unpleasant experience recently at Ion outlet. My gel manicure barely last a week, so i came in to have one of the nail which came off completely patched. Was told i had to top up money, but not only that, they made me wait for a long while and continued to serve other customers. When i went to ask how long more, i was told 20 mins, Just so that i could patch one nail, at an extra cost, Because they are a terrible nail salon that couldn’t even ensure your gel manicure last 7 days?? Never signing another package here again, pls stop asking and haunting me to do that every single time i go. Instead, think of investing in better skilled nail tech.

  • Jojo z
    2 years ago

    The price overcharge not worth it .

    If want to do your nail, so many nail salon ? can choose, don’t go this one.

  • Celine Yap
    2 years ago

    One of the most regrettable and horrible experience, never coming back again. Staffs are professional at sweet talking to make you try their services. Me and my boyfriend were clueless, but now we know. The bill end up to SGD915!! Pretty sure I did not agree to hand and feet spa but somehow was calculated inside the receipt. However, I wasn’t brave enough to turn back to ask why is it so costly.

  • Halley Loredo
    2 years ago

    One thing to note is that they do very hard selling! Really bummed me out when I just wanted to have a nice time. Not recommended. Additionally, some payment methods are reserved for members only.

  • elisabeth cuddle
    2 years ago

    The worst experience ever!!

    Don’t loose your day energy and time for this saloon!!

    The worst service ever, staff are very rude, they don’t care about customers, it’s really a joke!!

    This place shouldn’t exist!!

    Never ever again!!

    I’ve seen how they talk to clients, if they don’t like their job why are they there?! No really I’m very shocked!

  • Rachel Goh
    2 years ago

    terrible service! call with staff to book appointment showed incompetency and poor attitude.

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