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  • Bryan
    3 weeks ago

    Wanna give 0 star if possible.

    Consultant is all about hardselling. Did not even bother to take measurement.

    Will tell you the free trial that you sign up is not useful and ask you to pay 200 for another trial.

    Don’t bother going

  • Debbie Lim
    2 months ago

    Totally agree with all the 1 star review. If I could I don’t even want to rate with any stars. By far the worst service encountered. Sharing my experience here.

    The consultant (I believe from hong Kong) didn’t even greet me at the start, brought me in the room and start asking me about what are the packages I interested in. And started saying one time is not enough, you won’t see result and started selling the packages without having me started on their treatment yet. So I was a bit confused and don’t understand. Firstly I went there with an eye treatment appointment so obviously I am there for an eye treatment and usually a typical service would be (no matter how hard they are selling): after registration -> they would bring you in the room for treatment -> then ask about how’s the treatment -> then start selling.

    But here, the rude consultant would start selling and being super super super unfriendly. Then when I told her I want to try first, she rudely said “OK CAN I GO ASK SOMEONE DO FOR U THEN”

    After the treatment, it’s her again!!

    Ok so waited in the room again she came in and show me the photo before and after. I couldn’t see any differences. But she didn’t even explain to me nicely and try to sell like a typical aesthetic centre would do. She frowned and keep asking “huh u can’t see the difference, see this line here blah blah blah” of course sister here is not an expert and cannot understand right and there really isn’t any difference !!!

    I told her I can’t see any difference then she said “ok nvm, do u want to continue one or not? “

    Obviously I said no.

    She said “ok” then open the door for me to leave.

    End of story, sorry for the poor grammar but I’m too excited to share this rude experience.

  • Dennis Tan WH 陳勇翰
    2 months ago

    Overall, the consultation is simple and fast. The consultation officer are very knowledgeable and efficient.

  • Ken Lim
    4 months ago

    It has a good marketing team to do the facebook ad and draws attention for the service for S6 body sculpting treatment. Even the follow up in Whatsapp is good and makes one feels the organisation is well established. However, the impression at the treatment center is a whole 180 degree bad experience. Firstly, though the appointment is booked at their opening hour, reaching early does not makes you feel welcome. There are no reception before the opening hour though the shop is opened for visitor to come in. Then, someone rudely ask you to fill in the form and make me waited for 10minutes without any further instructions. After seeing consultants or beauticians starts to changed to their uniform and come and invite their respective client, no one seems to care why I am sitting around. Meanwhile, receptionists and fellow beauticians were happily chatting on breakfast and their day so far. My consultant eventually came to me and brought me to a room. She immediately spoke to me in Chinese and assuming i understand. With her mask on, I have a hard time trying to get the words from her mouth. One of the questions ask in Chinese, “how long do you have your fat with you?” “what do you like to fix today?” I related numerous time that i am here for the whats app invite for S6 body sculpting treatment and she ignore and continue her scripted questionnaires. After measuring weight and commented about my BMI, she examine my belly and concluded that S6 body sculpting treatment is not suitable and i must go for Doctor X which i need to pay for today’s treatment. It is not the free trial that matters but the whole entire experience gave me a feeling that it is a scam. I decided to walk out before any further queries with the consultant. Please do not go for this marketing stunt and strongly do not encourage anyone to go to this place.

  • Alex Fong
    4 months ago

    I got to agree with those 1 star review! Total scam. Basically just want fast monies with no service. You can feel it the minute you go there… no greetings, no courtesy, only want your cash… supposed to be a free trial, then tell me no effect on me and proposed another treatment which cost $200. Fine. I try… I felt I am cheated. Really free trial is a bait to lure you down. But I am cool enough to reject their package which is expected. Fellows, read reviews from those who experienced before you make a decision. I went without reading and true enough, there is a reason why there are 1 star ⭐️ reviews given here.

  • Jillene Koh
    5 months ago

    Consultant was very rude in her body language. She had one hand in a pocket like some pai kia talking to me. She told me the trial package can’t do much-just release water retention. LOL. Idk what is this service for if it’s useless. I shared with her that it’s not nice to tell me it’s useless and advices me something more expensive.

    I feedback and she tried to fight back. LOL. Damn rude. The whole service is trash. They didn’t even bother apologising for the sales service and their false advertisement.

  • Mic
    5 months ago

    Terrible. Understand I signed up for a fat freeze free trial (A normal session would be 1/2 applicators for 30-60mins) and was ready for some package selling afterwards but did not expect it to happen EVEN BEFORE treatment was done. Told me to spare 90 minutes for whole session (30min consult + 60 min session) in the end consultation took longer than actual session. Went for consultation and consultant immediately went into asking if I wanted to do upgrade to a *special price* of $288 and it would be 4 applicators total time around 35-40mins each part. Told her I was here to trial then she said oh but trial would not see results as its only 1 applicator on 1 part (which is fine) but 15 minutes (huh???) thats not even ONE session. thats like half a session even though advertisement said 1 session. In the end total time of using fat cyrolipolysis machine was 10 minutes with 5 minutes of therapist taking photos and setting up. LOL of course no results la you dont even provide the half a service. Afterwards had ANOTHER consult but consultant didnt even bother show me before and after. just said now got special promo $2888 for 6 SESSIONS. lmao joke waste of my time.

    6 months ago

    The worst service I ever had and staffs were not well-trained with bad attitude , definitely won’t be back again

  • ZiQi Hngoi
    6 months ago

    Service is super bad, and the consultation is not friendly at all. I didn’t try their treatment because they told me I can’t have it for some reason. The consultation was super rude – it’s the first time I’ve been to a place with this type of attitude. Even though I can’t do the treatment today, they didn’t even advise if I could visit in the future.

  • Jo Eng
    7 months ago

    Nice and friendly services!

  • Angie Mak
    8 months ago

    I agree with all the 1 star review.

    First they tell you to go for trial, then once you are there, they will tell you they will let you TRY for 10 mins only and there wont be any improvement after the 10 mins session (obviously).

    The package they sold me the minimum is SGD1800.

    The advert says SGD388/10 times – is there somewhere we can complain about this?

    Its a bit dodgy really! There are many choices in Singapore, you don’t really have to choose this one. Yes its a waste of time just going there!

  • Cindy
    8 months ago

    Horrible service, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Consultant and therapist left without notifying client. Follow up on issue raised multiple times to the admin but each time they come up with excuses and keep delaying and now it’s been 3 MONTHS and they still have no updates. No initiatives to update at all. Ridiculous for the price customers have to pay.

  • Patrick Ang
    9 months ago

    Don’t waste time sign their package or engage their service the counter staffs is impolite n they are chatting there ignoring your presence.

  • holinfon52086 he
    10 months ago

    (Prices are random)


  • Luxurious Notes
    10 months ago

    *** All the 5 star reviewers got $10 Starbucks voucher from Perfect Aesthetics to leave a 5 star review. So just imagine.

    This place is the worst aesthetic place I have ever visited. I have been to several clinics, aesthetic parlours and the bare minimum they do, is render the paid service and then try to sell package. The doctor rushes doesnt show any care or concer or professionalism, uninterested about the clients (probably overworked) and all the staffs treat you like walking atms. They hardsell all their packages and will never reveal the actual objective of each treatment. They will pluck all sorts of info from the sky and spin tales to clients and coerce them to sign a package. Their easy targets are people who don’t do research and old people. Because I am quite knowledgeable of certain treatments, I didn’t sign their unnecessary and pointless treatments. They will lie to you that a certain treatment can even make solve certain issues that u mention. But total exaggeration. The consultants usually just wing it when they talk to you. They always say, this or that is better for you better for u good for you. But deep down they know its not true nor factual.

    Even if you paid a lot of money, they will still make u wait for a long time for every slot (despite booking appointments) and good luck trying to book an appointment in the first place. Always full. They don’t respect their customers and their time. I booked a doctor procedure and it was poorly done. They don’t even use full energy. They try to force u to sign double the sessions u need, but minimal to no improvement. Take your money and spend it at an actual doctor/clinic. Don’t waste your money here. Don’t waste your time here. Learn from my mistake. I spend thousands and no result and poor service.

    I really needed a laser treatment and when I tried their trial, they used only half energy and they let you leave without spf. And it cost 68$.

    Sanitary wise… they don’t sanitize or change the bed cover in between patients. They are so gross. The lobby looks pretty but inside really no standard.

  • cheesum Wong
    11 months ago

    Kumia and Yunan provide best service and especially Kumia she is very patient to explain to me the package and give a lots advice… she is the best! The best of the best!

  • Viv Chua
    11 months ago

    Krystal has been patient and handled my treatments with great care. Treatments no results seen.

  • Penny Lin
    12 months ago

    They have bad service. They treated students very reluctant

  • mervin soh
    12 months ago

    Therapist was inexperience, burnt my gf’s leg, after procuring a 2800 bucks package. After seeking enquiry on why there is a burnt scar? They mentioned to her that is normal. By late evening she was in pain and blisters starts appearing. Do not sign up any package with them, they tried to sell me a eye care package but thank God for Google review, it made me changed my mind from procuring it. I’ve attached the photos for your consideration before signing up with them.

  • Blogger
    1 year ago

    Hong Kong Karen 101

  • isabelle
    1 year ago

    terrible experience, the consultant was rude and unprofessional, couldn’t speak english and doesn’t describe the difference between the treatments online, but only when we arrived did she explain the difference rudely and as if we were supposed to know it beforehand “if you do the r6 treatment for your eye bags it’s useless! *chuckles* unless you sign the 100$+ igenius package then it would make a difference”

    go find another place to do ur treatments unles you got lots of spare cash to throw at terrible service and rude people.

  • Serene Life
    1 year ago

    Very lousy service, I signed Pico Laser for 12 times on May 2022 only use for 5 times untill now and this year they act blur always give reasons after I called up if never call they act yaya papaya, I asking for a refund the package that i never use, they no response and doing nothing!!!! This is the worst beauty salon I ever been, feel like get cheated, they just take money by hard selling and make you feel guilty after you bought the trial session for $38 they keep push you to buy packages cost $2880, which 1 time cost $240 it is a bit pricy and they never service me, there is no such treatment since this year 2023, its been 4 months plus after my last session on Dec 2022. The last 5th treatment also they anyhow do The green peel and CRS machines they cut short the time of it instead of 15mins (we agreed before signed up the package) by holding the machine they cut short like 5 mins and do like in rushing kind, put on mask very long instead of holding the machine do better treatment, very unprofessional service after signed up the package, Its make me very Dissappointed with them, call like no use, never give me a refund too, the receptionist sound like unhappy and wanna cut off the line 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Bumble Bee
    1 year ago

    Am very thankful to Bella for her professionalism and recommendations on the right treatment for me. Thanks Bella

  • Weilin Soon
    1 year ago

    Bella is very good and her explaination is very good and detailed as well.

  • Dguah
    1 year ago

    Bella is a very friendly and helpful person . she will assist u whenever u need help . I’m lucky to meet her.

  • Shannon Tan
    1 year ago

    Staff was patient and meticulous. Not pushy and communicate the package well. Kumi and Ruby serviced me. Great service.

  • Germaine Tan
    1 year ago

    Bella was very friendly and helpful! She is also professional and accommodating.

  • Maggie Ang Mui Teen
    1 year ago

    First time to be here try the eye treatment. thank you consultant Bella , she is very nice and professinal

  • Jewel Floren
    1 year ago

    Had an amazing first time here thanks to my consultant Bella. She was so welcoming and informative. 10/10 experience ☺️

  • Delicia Quek
    1 year ago

    Tried the I-Genius eye treatment. Bella provided very good service and explained the procedure clearly. Thank you!

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