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  • Debbie Lim
    2 months ago

    Left my review over at perfect medical but also want to leave my review here too

    Totally agree with all the 1 star review. If I could I don’t even want to rate with any stars. By far the worst service encountered. Sharing my experience here.

    The consultant (I believe from hong Kong) didn’t even greet me at the start, brought me in the room and start asking me about what are the packages I interested in. And started saying one time is not enough, you won’t see result and started selling the packages without having me started on their treatment yet. So I was a bit confused and don’t understand. Firstly I went there with an eye treatment appointment so obviously I am there for an eye treatment and usually a typical service would be (no matter how hard they are selling): after registration -> they would bring you in the room for treatment -> then ask about how’s the treatment -> then start selling.

    But here, the rude consultant would start selling and being super super super unfriendly. Then when I told her I want to try first, she rudely said “OK CAN I GO ASK SOMEONE DO FOR U THEN”

    After the treatment, it’s her again!!

    Ok so waited in the room again she came in and show me the photo before and after. I couldn’t see any differences. But she didn’t even explain to me nicely and try to sell like a typical aesthetic centre would do. She frowned and keep asking “huh u can’t see the difference, see this line here blah blah blah” of course sister here is not an expert and cannot understand right and there really isn’t any difference !!!

    I told her I can’t see any difference then she said “ok nvm, do u want to continue one or not? “

    Obviously I said no.

    She said “ok” then open the door for me to leave.

    End of story, sorry for the poor grammar but I’m too excited to share this rude experience.

  • Ms T
    2 months ago

    Not a proper aesthetic company. Hard sell and attitude is bad with different brands names. Perfect medical, new beauty, perfect aesthetic, perfect men, perfect shape. Avoid at all costs.

  • Hui Winnie
    6 months ago

    Very Nice! gotta recommend to all my fdssss

  • Meiki Wong
    6 months ago

    I will recommend my friends here too!

  • Yu En
    6 months ago

    My experience at Perfect Aesthetics was beyond my expectations. Love how the way therapist treat us with care and patients! Done tried out their FREE trial and straight purchase their promo package as the results really shown!

  • Marc Prince
    7 months ago

    My first visit to try the $28 eye treatment. This is my observation when I reach there. All the staff look stressed and unhappy. Negative vibes. When I was at the counter, I told the receptionist that I have an appointment, she casually asked “你的电话号码?”. After waited 10mins a consultant led me to the consultation room. No proper consultation and explanation. Before treatment Said I will need to sign package to see result. Then Assigned a lady to me who lead me to treatment room. Also Not professional in handling customer. The lady said need to upgrade my treatment as my eye bag condition need to dissolve the fatty tissue. I asked if any additional charges which she said no but I will need to sign package. She said need to paste a plastic sheet on my back and just pasted on my back without my consent and asked me to lie on bed and left the room to do something. As I felt uncomfortable with the process, I left without treatment. My conclusion of my experience. Poor customer service. Improper consultation. Can feel that they are sales driven. Environment Lack of positive vibes.

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