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23 Reviews on “Nail Palace - Sun Plaza”

  • Sheily
    6 months ago

    The staff are friendly and give me a good advise when I was troubling on selecting the colours. The staff won’t show unhappiness when I did not take the package. No hot sale. Unlike some nail shop will show blackface to customers if no sign up the package.
    Will chit chatting with me. I am happy to have the service over there! Good service

  • Viv
    12 months ago

    Went to do gel manicure and pedicure. I could only remember Fenny who did manicure for me. Pic taken by her to. Very nicely taken. Thank you. Sorry did not take note of the other staff there. However all the staff there are very professional and friendly. They are not pushy and gave me time to think. Love their patience and dedication! Keep it up!

  • Enqi Yong
    1 year ago

    Their service is very good, I like it


  • May Ching
    2 years ago

    I am very pleased with the pedicure service offered by employee, Ms Wenny of Sun plaza outlet. Despite me choosing just the most basic classic pedicure treatment, yet Ms Wenny has shown her professionalism and served me well. She did a good detailed cleaning of my injured toes with proper care. Eventho I did not take up any package, she does not show any unhappiness unlike the employees in AMK outlet previously. Well done, Sun Plaza outlet.

  • Mingde Zhuo
    2 years ago

    My girlfriend went there for classic menipedi ended up getting charged 198 for gel menipedi she was hardselled into picking up extra services

    Scam shop, avoid at all cost. Meanwhile I’ll check with CASE, apparently from review my gf case isn’t alone, such shops shouldn’t exist in sg

  • Shuhana Yunos
    2 years ago

    Came here for a soak-off & express mani. They were nice and friendly. Towards the end of course they had their sales pitch. Despite saying no and that I wasn’t working had bills to pay, they were quite pushy with their packages. They even offered me a credit instalment plan for their packages (and I’m like no! I don’t need more bills to pay please) overall though they are friendly, they are actually very passive aggressive with their sales

  • jeeshma raja
    2 years ago

    Worst experience i did pedicure and manicure.they dont even remove my previous nailpolish completely even after they completed i could see my old nailpolish .they did my pedicure and manicure in just 35 minutes.I think they dont know whats the procedure they were forcing me to do ones with high prices and take package.iam so disappointed with the treatment.i think her name was Hami,she asked me whether to do scrubing and charged me extra 10 dollars for the 1min scrub.basically what we expect from manicure and pedicure is good scrubbing and massage.they dont even give a massage atleast for 1min.dont go this place.i am not sure about the other outlets,the one in sunplaza is the worst one i ever went to.

    I dont recommend this place for anyone,they only need the money.

  • michael cartwright
    2 years ago

    Horrific hard selling, walked out $100s of dollars poorer with Hami all the whole trying to sell me a package worth hundreds more. Please be wary.

    Update: I took them up on their offer and contacted them through their email address. Justifications from them only. You’ll live a more contented life is you stay away ?

  • Annu Rai
    2 years ago

    Worst place. I will boycott. They charged me 150 for simple pedi and mani and constantly force me to do some rubbish fungal treatment saying I have problems with my feet. Save your money, never even by mistake go here. They are so notorious for hard selling that I had to lie I live overseas and can’t sign a package. Horrible!

  • lele Tan
    2 years ago

    Went one time $698 gone

    No package

    Waste of money

    Won’t visit again

  • Kokyang
    2 years ago

    I accompanied my colleague to her pedicure appointment last week and was shocked to see the kind of horrendous treatment given to her. Firstly, the treatment was given by someone amateur who keeps yakking non stop about their overpriced packages.

    The experience is so bad that one would rather go to hell than enter this establishment again.

    They only had one simple job and they blew it. Its really a pity that google reviews does not offer ‘negative 5 stars’ as an option for rating. Therefore, I would not recommend this place to anyone at all.

  • Wei Yean Yong
    2 years ago

    I went to do classic pedicures.It’s pricey. During the removal of dead skin cells over my both soles, staff Weilin recommended to do a foot softener treatment of the dead skin. She told me that it costs $280 for the first timer, she also told me that the usual price is $380. I told her I don’t want first but she kept hard selling. After 10 mins of hard selling, I gave in. For first timer, my expectations was high because of the cost and wanting to remove the dead skin due to prolonged standing and walking for my job. However, during the process of stripping off the dead skin using foot file, she accidentally stripe until my right heel bleeding. It was damn painful and uneasy experience for me. I thought it’s just minor injury, however, when i got home to shower I realised that the injury was quite deep until I could feel the pain while standing or walking. Lastly, when I wanna pay, I didn’t expect the treatment was actually the price for the foot soften treatment is $303. Total price for the classic pedicures and foot treatment is $372.36. Before paying, staff Weilin still continue to hard selling me the plan, saying that the plan for 6 times of foot treatment is $1800 plus. I rejected her. However, she still hard selling me, saying that I could sign the plan of 2 times cost $630 and on top of this $630 I still need to pay the current cost 372.36. I was not happy because of the experience, cost and the hard selling part.

  • Angie Lim
    2 years ago

    Their scare mongering tactics we’re unethical and inaccurate. They charged me $570 for one fungaral “removal” treatment that they said was in such bad condition that it might require removal of my nail. Turns out the black on my toe was shoe dye from long wear which I told them from my shoe. In the end they barely cut deep and it ended up being a glorified typical $42 pedicure with a $530 “solution” from a bottle which did not have a sanitary application on my nails. They used the wand applicator directly from a used bottle with crud on the tips. If I had no fungus before, definitely shared with others then. Went to the doctor and the doctor said its just a common fungus that simple $10 solution can cure. Not to mention their hardsell price slash after treatment to get me to buy a package knowing that my nails were not in bad condition. Entire hair treatments that last 5 hrs don’t even cost that much for so little work. They just applied solution and waited, that’s definitely not worth $530 extra, esp when the bottle looks shared and mangy.

  • Tan Fenny
    2 years ago

    Got con $298 for 1 time pedicure with hydration foot treatment! When I arrived, I asked for price list catalogue but was not given, she told me normal pedicure $40+ and if include hydrate treatment total $238 nett. I thought this is the final price. During the process, they started to hard sell their packages, keep revising each time I said No! Until payment, she said is $298 cause $238 is only for foot hydration which wasn’t even on their displayed price list on counter. I felt being robbed by them. Their hard selling really freak me out. Force to pay. Overall process just less than 1 hour. Will never walk in this shop anymore.

    3 years ago

    Cut my nails too short

  • Vicky vicky
    3 years ago

    WeJust got con $698 for 1 time foot treatment !

    Hard selling use scare method , and finally my husband give in . Mislead my husband , saying $398 + 10% discount We thought This the final price . NO NO No. when payment is $698 ! Reason toes $398 and the heels $398 ! We felt just robbed by them . Is a day light robbing scaring and shocking ! This is happening in Singapore . And we can not leave the shop if we don’t pay .It so crazy like going into a tiger cave. Force to pay. I asking them what kind of treatment $700 for foot , they said their price list? Try to talk to them nicely but no Can not negotiations or Try listening to us . They just very Insisted and force us pay. It so crazy can you image what kind of treatment from a nail spa can cost $698 1 time only an hr . I think even a medical nail treatment don’t cost this much . This is happened in 1 hr treatment . And gone my $698 hard earned money . Serious this can happened in Singapore . When I try to file

    On cases is under alert list . Would

    Never step foot in this kind of nail place . It shocking expensive .

  • K C
    3 years ago

    PROS :

    – Convenient location – next to Sembawang MRT Station

    – Decent and clean environment

    – Consistent with the steps regardless who does your nails

    – Quality of their techniques have been pretty good and consistent

    – Proper sanitising steps included in their SOP

    – Friendly crew who seems acquainted with a number of regulars from the heartlands

    CONS :

    – Crew can be chatty most of the times. If you enjoy a lively environment then this is for you. But it is not a place to relax if
    you want a quiet downtime to unwind.

    – Music is okay but can be Chinese/Canto as the mainstream

    – No TV to watch which can be boring when you can’t really use your phone during the manicure sessions

    – Hard-selling at almost every visit, unless you had recently signed up for (more) packages. The “promotions” are never-ending to entice you to buy more packages. And at times, more than 1 crew member will start to chime in to “persuade” you with the hard-selling, telling you how bad your nails need the addition TLC treatment sessions and constant tweaking of the packages to suit your budget. Not a place for you if you find it difficult to say no.

    3 years ago

    Bad attitude, keep pushing customer to sign up package. Criticised on customer nail condition using harsh word. please make up your mind first before visit to this nail saloon.

    3 years ago

    Very good service help me cure my imperfect nails! They even put in effort to make sure that I’m alright after taking out the grown out nails from my side toe! Very professional and friendly!

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