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20 Reviews on “Nail Palace - NEX”

  • Anita Nair
    1 year ago

    Very gentle on my mani. A little pushy and tried to sell packages though but the ladies were just doing their jobs I suppose!

  • мιѕѕувєlα2828
    1 year ago

    First and last visit.

    Decided to give them a chance despite the low ratings and negative reviews as I needed to do a last minute walk-in for my christmas nails.

    Called to check pricing and was quoted $68 for gel manicure and $15 for removal and I went ahead to their nail salon.

    The whole salon was empty and after I sat down and settled in for about 15 mins, one of the staff then asked me if I have been informed of the price. I told them I was quoted $68 + $15. The staff then rebutted that $68 is classic mani not gelish mani. Gelish mani is $76, removal is $15.

    I explained that I clearly heard $68 for gel mani and she argued that $68 is for classic. As I was already halfway through the service, I had no choice and to continue with it.

    Towards the end of the service, they were pushy and asked me to sign package and even told me I can pay by instalment so that each month I only need to pay $100ish. Told them I will consider twice and they persisted.

    Managed to “escape” their pushy tactics but will never return again.

  • Marlene
    2 years ago

    Worst place to do your nails. I paid $300 over dollars and was told I get a foot mask or massage but never did. All I got was a scrub and the gel manicure is bad quality. It’s only been 3 days and it’s starting to chip off. The lady at the front, mid length hair didn’t even know what she was trying to charge. Throughout my experience all she wanted to do was to add on, add on add on despite me saying I’m already spending so much! I do not recommend anyone here.

  • Jane Ella
    2 years ago

    The other bad reviews are right! This place is EXTREMELY overpriced. I have a package at another nail salon in the city but didn’t have time to drive all the way there. So I decided to do pedi gel at this place. They said $98!!!!

    Go somewhere else ladies, don’t get scam.

  • chloe minq
    2 years ago

    I love my new nails SO MUCH it’s everything I can ask for ! It’s work they do is so amazing! I am very much proud of their work and I would 100 percent recommend for you to give this nail salon a try !!!!!! This is the BEST salon I have ever been to in my whole entire life !!!!! They deserve 5 stars FOR SURE!

  • kyonenineninefour
    2 years ago


    I’m a frequent customer of different manicure shops depend on the availability. Decided to choose nail palace as they have slots. Estimated price was $68 over the phone. When I arrived the shop, the nail technician quoted me $70+ for removal! That’s ridiculous man. The market rate to soak off is just $15-$20. Oh well, then she told me hardgel overlay for 10 fingers would be $100. Kthxbye, I then immediately turn around and leave. Funny, now I know how did they open so many outlets in Singapore.

    Soak off + removal = almost $200. I can have my manicure done with full set of nail arts out there.

  • sweets _
    2 years ago

    I wish I have read all the reviews first before heading to this place!!!!! They have a lot of add ons to the price and they only tell you after they have used the product/service – anti fungus powder, scrubbing services, quick dry, etc.I did my classic pedi * gel manicure at this place and I ended up paying $150.87!!!!! I will never recommend this place.

  • Joey Leau
    2 years ago

    Generally ok with the service, but just don’t like it when they ask me to add nail mask service and ask me to sign another package when my package is about half used. No hard selling, pls. I need some peace when I get manicured.

  • Sweety Garg
    2 years ago

    My gel nail paint came out within 3 days. Bad quality polish

  • Geraldine Wee
    2 years ago

    This place overcharges. The service itself was decent but they don’t do a lot of basic things that other places would do. Instead, they try and make you pay extra for all these very basic stuff. Eg I paid $42.80 for a normal pedi. They asked if I would like to pay extra for bath salts to soak my feet, extra for body scrub (to scrub the leg before applying colour). They have a basic file to file away the dead skin on my soles. And then said the foot file is not enough for the job and then asked if I wanted to BUY a stainless steel foot file that all other places I’ve been to would use as part of a basic service.

    So yeah I wouldn’t recommend this place.

  • Yola Gooi
    2 years ago

    The only reason I came it is because Dior , one of their staff is very sweet and lovely. She also always do a very good job on my mani pedi.

    But the other staffs are horrible. They’re like a bunch of piranha waiting to eat you alive with their hard sell and pushing you to buy more and more things. They insisted I had to buy my own tools, which i can only use for pedicure, and it cost me $288. (Think of all the tools they usually use for pedi, go to Guardian also wont be more than $100 fo all), then they insisted I had to buy serum, buy one get one free for $88 (I dont even know why we need serum for our arm and leg?? So unneccesary- I managed to reject this. ) Then they pushed me to buy more package, all the time they talked to me , they didn’t want to clean my treatment of my both legs (wrapped with hot-warm wax in a bag, which made me completely immobile even if I want to run away) .

    They really nice at my very first time and second. But now I have 15 more mani and pedi, and each time I am so scared they will make me pay and pay more for many things. They are all been taught to chat very well with customers, made us feel that they are genuine and nice, then they persuade customers in such an extend that makes us feel uncomfortable and pressured! Totally not relaxed at all!!

    DO NOT GO there. I will recommend you to go

    Elsewhere. Maybe Nail artistry in Serangoon garden, or Agnes B. This place is really should be shut down. Unless they can change their attitude and pushing hard sales. I am upset beyond words, but i got 3 different packages I have to clear !!!! The last one, not even used yet.

    They just wont let me go, unless I made a scene maybe. Which I am going to do, next time if I go again.

    Worst of the worst!!

  • Sonia Malhotra
    2 years ago

    They don’t provide any exfoliation and moisturizer/pack even in classic pedicure thinking of customers as naive and still want to charge the full price instead of providing half of service.

    Finished pedicure in 15 mins despite of telling me it would take 40 mins before the service.

    Clever enough to fool you.

  • Reindeer L
    2 years ago

    I’m just happy that I finally finished the package and will never ever go back to this place. Very so so quality of service. Totally Over priced! Keep pushing package really make me sick of it.

  • OKS Tan
    2 years ago

    Service is okay but the their price is over Pricing。

    Gel colour can last 1 month

  • Jes
    2 years ago

    This place should be shut down. First, I made an appointment for 2 pedicures and one of us had to wait 30 minutes to get started. I’m still not sure why since 2 women sat at the front welcome desk and just talked while I waited. Then the lady who finally came to start my pedicure took out DIRTY gloves from her smock and tried to start on me. After I asking her to get new ones several times, she finally changed them but she insisted the gloves were new but they had polish and stains on them – gross. Same as all the other comments below about trying to upsell. They wanted to add a package of antifungal for extra $10, then extra polish for $6 then she offered for $3 and really tried to push the packages on me but I declined. Finally and MOST IMPORTANT, the lady finished me, put the metal tools BACK in the sterilized bag and WALKED OVER TO A NEW PERSON AND STARTED. I jumped up and told the customer those tools were just used on me and NOT sterilized. Two women who worked there came over and said it’s ok they spray them before using. DISGUSTING, DANGEROUS AND completely lost my trust with this place. The first and last time I will ever go. BEWARE!!!

  • andriania gina
    2 years ago

    I bought gelish manicure and pedicure from thrm for almost $800 (7 services each) 2 years ago. I didn’t stay nearby so i haven’t managed to finish it all. I go here and there randomly to do the mani pedi. Today, i went there for the 3rd time. The sales offered me vitagel to strengthen the nails. I DID HEAR HER SAY “$8 each hand”. And i said ok. After all the process done, she did hard selling to me to buy vitagel package for more than $500 which i refused. WHY WOULD I SPEND $500s on it when i could get tons of vitagel myself! And the worst scenario is… I HAD TO PAY ADDITIONAL $90s today for the vitagel ($88 before GST). I was so furious! First, the sales didn’t say it right (she said $8/hand). And oh, she could barely speak English!), second, i check on shopee it’s just $20s per tiny bottle and they made customer pay so much for it, i didn’t even finish 1 bottle!!! They ripped me off!!! Money is one thing but i’m so furious with their service. GIRLS, YOU BETTER THINK TWICE BEFORE DEALING WITH THEM!

  • evelyn kwek
    2 years ago

    The girls there keeping pressuring me to buy one product after another.

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