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21 Reviews on “N20 Nail Spa - Westgate Mall”

  • Peggy Ong
    1 year ago

    Unethical. Don’t sign package with them. I signed package with them. Yet had to pay extra $38 due to Xmas. Fine, I paid despite having a package and not being informed of festive surcharges. I was ready to pay $38 surcharge for CNY. On 18/1/23, I called to make appt, they informed that the surcharge is now $48. I considered for a day. On 19/1/23, I called to finalise appt and was told the surcharge is $58! This is a very unprincipled way of milking your customers who trust you hundreds of dollars upfront. Upset us over $10 $20? Worth it? You officially lost a customer. And won a poor review.

  • Wei Xuan Tan
    1 year ago

    Thank Jill for the patience and nail art. She listened to my requests and made sure I really love it!

  • E Tey
    1 year ago

    I have visited this outlet for the past two years. Like many other customers, staffs here always trying to sell additional service every time I come for pedicure. It’s kind of stressful.Other than this, staffs here are generally dedicated to their work and services are good.

    I would strongly recommend you to look for Helen if you are coming to Westgate outlet, she is very professional, skilful, will explain to you if there is any problem with your nail, and how to take care but not hard sell of any additional service. I don’t feel any pressure to come here and very satisfied and happy with her service.

  • Hui Qi Woon
    1 year ago

    In the morning of 13/1, I called and enquired if there’s a slot for gel mani + classic pedi, the cost and if I could use my gift vouchers. Staff said it is $68 + $38 = $106 and that I could use my gift vouchers (she went to check prior to getting back to me on the phone). I agreed to the slot. At that point of time, I didn’t realize it’s within 10 days to CNY (22/1).

    When I arrived, I showed my gift vouchers and checked with the counter staff once again if I could use them. She went to check with another staff and said yes. I offered to leave my vouchers at the counter but the staff said no. I intended to use $100 out $150 of my vouchers and I would have to pay the balance $6 in cash which I agreed.

    After I’d been seated, staff working on my pedi if I needed sea salt for my foot bath since my feet look like they had not done a pedicure in a long time. I asked for the price. $10 and I agreed.

    After having proceeded with some minor works eg buffing of nails, choosing of colours, the staff working on my pedi asked if I’m using vouchers. I said yes and showed my vouchers. She went to check and came back saying that I’ll have to pay the “service charge” in cash. I thought she referred to my earlier $6 and $10 charges and I replied her “oh yes ok for the $6 and $10, I understand”.

    When the nails were completed, I’m stunned by the $77.75 bill after using the $100 vouchers. The service charge is $28 for each service I had received – one for my mani and another for my pedi. None of the staff told me that there a “CNY” service charge and no where in the shop had such signages.

    Moreover, $28 is exorbitant considering the classic pedi costs only $36. And why x2 = $56? Is it because I’m using gift vouchers (which my family member bought using cash to give me for my birthday)? And they insisted that I can’t use my gift vouchers to pay for service charges.

    The staff continued to hard sell me with packages. 10 gel mani + 10 classic pedi for $780. I rejected. Then another offer of buying 6 only. … … I gave the staff who did my mani to have a chance to pitch since she had done a good job and gave me free glitter paint (maybe it’s because she accidentally cut too deep on my pinky which resulted in bleeding). To cut out of the hard selling (it’s my second time here at this outlet and I’m familiar with their tactics), I asked to foot the bills to leave.

    No doubt the staff are fast (all done within 1h), the nails were done properly, the chairs come with massage functions. For these services, I had wanted to leave a 5 star review until I’m faced with the bill.

    Just be careful especially during CNY periods… just hope they could have been more honest. disappointing.

  • TH Tay
    1 year ago

    All are Vietnamese staff, will try all means to sell me something even though I have signed package.I went in with the fave promo($28.80). the staff persuaded me to sign 10x package which she quoted $68 each. There was no mention of gst until I was making payment then I realised the price is $72.60 instead. When asked, she pushed the fault to gov.

    I have used 2 times of my package and every time the staff will try to sell add-on service. There is addition charge for removal of pedicure polish, nail protection, top harden, etc. those who intended to get their service, make sure u go without any polish on ur nails. You will end up spending more than what your paid at Fave

  • Janice Loo
    2 years ago

    Honestly the first time went I thought it was quite average so I didn’t bother leaving a review. But just 1 day later, my gel nails chipped. Already unimpressed. Cause these nails were for my wedding, I called them and they did offer to do a touch up. Service recovery was haphazard and hasty, but they got the job done. What put me off was when they insinuated that it was my fault because my nails were too short, but in my past experience with equally short nails my gel mani has never chipped THIS quickly after a day. Sorry but I will not recommend this place.

  • Lili Disini
    2 years ago

    I was conned here, previously the staff said would give me free sea salt for my package n kept hardsell and then when the next time I visit they said I didnt buy the package with sea salt. Totally conned. Wont recommend coming even they gave free as the staff wont just let u go before signing a package….

  • Jane Lee
    2 years ago

    Moon service is good and fast, very satisfied with her service.

  • Ngoc B Khuong
    2 years ago

    Not great service I was a customer at N20 vivo and the staff are much more friendly

  • Celina Luo
    2 years ago

    Extremely OVER PRICED for the result, and INJURED MY CUTICLES AND IS BLEEDING!!!! The lady was careless and didn’t really care how the result looked. I had gel overlays with acrylic and she could not put the paper on my nails so she went in to use have extension tips. The extension tip was not fully glued to my own nails and now there is a gap between. The other lady doing my feet made my toe bleed. WORST EXPERIENCE.

  • Joanne Phua
    2 years ago

    Frequented this place and used to sign package with them because thought they won’t really hard sell and their services are great. BUT today, when I told them I wanna talk about my package renewal next time, and am not ready to renew it, the staff kept trying to hard sell me. Eventually, when she knew I really don’t want to renew my package today, I can’t remember but I felt like she rolled her eyes at me and sighed IN FRONT OF ME?? She handed me the pen to sign for today, gave me a black face, didn’t say anything to me after that and then I left awkwardly… This customer service is unacceptable. Did actually think about renewing the package next time but now I am certain I wouldn’t be renewing it. Don’t want to name the staff who served me but if she read this, I hope she will take note to be more mindful of her actions.

  • Manimegalai Appavoo
    2 years ago

    Good service friendly staff no force sales

  • M K
    2 years ago

    I really hated the staffs here. Told them I not keen on packages as I just sign up with them. Keep on pressing, and at the end after rejecting her at least 5-6 times . The staff rolled eyes at me. First and last time till my session is over .

  • Catherine Huang
    2 years ago

    I quite last minute to make my appointment, and would like to Soak-off my gel manicure. The girl name Kim she’s very patient and done my new nail color nicely. Really love their service.

  • raspberrih
    2 years ago

    they definitely hard sell, but if you refuse they will stop. this branch staff are much better than the vivo branch, vivo branch will give you black face.

    I’m giving 4 stars because the gel service is really good, can’t deny it. and it’s much better than the sketchy bugis places where i got foot fungus from. I’ve been coming here for around 2 years, really sad when my regular nail tech Anna left last year. my new tech Nina is pretty great and always tells me about the new polishes and colours

  • Sally Lau
    2 years ago

    Had a bad experience visiting N20 Westgate. Couldn’t remember that I actually visited this nail salon in 2018 using fave voucher. Hence the staff told me off by telling me they have the rights to turn me down. Well yes they have the rights but the way she speaks to her customer definitely reflects badly on her as well as the nail salon. Manicurist accidentally cut my cuticle till it bleeds. Couldn’t be bothered to take a photo because I’m pretty sure is gonna be my last visit to N20 at westgate. Overall bad attitude and poor service.

  • Qxela J
    2 years ago

    Very busy shop. Nail work is decent. However the staff was quite hard on selling on each visit, which can be intimidating or annoying. Overall friendly staff and decent nail work.

  • Chia J
    2 years ago

    Walk in impromptu. Accommodated my appointment- which is good. Less than 24 hr the gel manicure chip off as pic shown which I think it is not of quality . Price is expensive .as usual staff would ask to sign package which I normally dont want to because of history’s of business defaults and being committed to it

  • Huile
    2 years ago

    Excellent service from Joan N20 Westgate. She is very meticulous. All the staff are friendly and helpful!

  • Ramya Priyadarsini
    2 years ago

    I got a gel mani-classic pedi voucher from Fave and hence visited the place for the first time. The women were constantly trying to hard sell even though i said no multiple times until the moment i left and that is not the worst part. I got a freaking toenail infection after my pedicure here. Please save yourselves. Never going back again.

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