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20 Reviews on “N20 Nail Spa - VivoCity”

  • Sangha R
    1 year ago

    A thumbs up!!! N20 Salon for their services. Visited with my daughter recently during my trip to Singapore. Did our nails and were super happy with the quality of work and service.A special mention n kudos to our nail techinicians Chloe, Serene and Fang Fang. Their understanding and implementation of our briefs were a 10/10. Strongly recommend to visit for nail services.

  • Ire Y
    1 year ago

    First time using fave voucher.

    Served by Helen and Serene, both ladies very friendly and chatty.

    2 peoples serving one client, save time & real fast! I did Gel mani and pedi!

  • Y Y
    1 year ago

    Service became worse and worse compare to previous years. Bad attitude, unfriendly staffs, hard sell, “MONEY FACE”, soak off costing $40+ if your mani/pedi not done from the outlet previously. Staff will argue with you and serve you with BLACK FACE. What an UNPROFESSIONAL service! Spoil your whole day. You will always feel stress when you walk into the shop. Hope to finish the package and goodbye N20! ???

  • blur2sandy
    1 year ago

    Overdo my heel. Caused me pain for 1 month

  • Kristabel Quek
    1 year ago

    Nice ladies, Ok service. Came on Kris+ voucher.

  • Xiuhui Xu
    1 year ago

    Bought a voucher on Kris+ that entitles one person to a classic Mani+Pedi. Terms and conditions consist of 5 points which none of it specify that it’s only redeemable for new customers who last visited N20 nails more than 18 months ago. I am a regular customer with existing gelish package with them. They tried to turn me down and claimed that it’s their “unspoken”rule. I beg your pardon, please honour your voucher and admit your incompetence at drafting terms and conditions before your sell your vouchers on various platforms.

  • Renee Cutaia
    1 year ago

    Local spa…lots of chairs, friendly staff, easy booking and lots of color selection. I go with my partner and we always get some some sort of package hitch take off a few bucks but makes you a little committed to the place. The ladies are really nice and I think it’s pretty clean so we don’t have an issue to sign up for the package. You can get your own box of cleaning utensils if you are a regular with a package so I would recommend you sign up if you are thinking to go more than 4-5x. It’s conveniently located at Vivo so you can always plan a mani/pedi session along with your shopping outing. They are fairly fast, 45min for pedi, so doesn’t take much time. As mentioned; they have a lot of chairs so usually it’s not an issue to get a spot or if you have to wait it shouldn’t be more than 10-15min. We like going here for all the convenience & price of the package. The quality of work is also quite good although I’ve never got any design. Nice part is that they don’t charge for multiple colors with most salons do charge for.

  • Tammie Chan
    2 years ago

    Quick and professional

  • Stella Ng
    2 years ago

    Fangfang is very friendly, offers good quality service too! ?

  • Catherine cheong
    2 years ago

    The quality keeps getting worse. I’m glad I finished my package with them. I don’t think I will return again. Went for a gel manicure and classic pedi. Pedi paint job was really shabby and rough. Both manicurists were rushing through my session even though there was no customer after me. Overall very stressful and anxiety inducing experience.

  • Frances G
    2 years ago

    Gel mani always cracks within one week. Some girls are really rude and lacking service. More training is needed. Dirty seats and equipments. And the girls keep selling more packages. Regret purchased package. Very annoying and unpleasant experience.

  • pooja raman
    2 years ago

    Lot of hard selling I have been with them for almost 3 years now broke the relationship.. mani pedi was ok but the nail paint used to come out very fast even the gel only stayed for one week .. Over all they provide ok services but nailpaint part was a not good.. most of the time I just went without nail paint as there was no point

  • Priscilla Chia
    2 years ago

    Did a gel manicure in light pink. First time here and served by Chloe. She was fast and attentive. Liked that she wasn’t over talkative and didn’t push sales. Will look for her when I return

  • Abby Ridzuan
    2 years ago

    One of my top list of HORRIBLE nail salon. I walked in to get my nails cleaned, I mean just cleaning. No colours, no coat, nothing. Just to clean the slight gelish left on my nails. Really tiny bit left.

    Sat down for 15mins, nobody was attending to me. I had to get up and asked if anyone was gonna attend to me and get my nails cleaned up. All foreign staffs who barely understand simple english. So this lady came to service and didn’t even do it right. I kept on telling her to re-do almost every finger but she insisted, “it’s the machine that makes my nails looked like that. It will go away”. I can see how unprofessional she is. She even kept asking me to join membership for $300. I kept telling her no. Once done they wrote down my bill(using pen and paper) so I asked why am I paying so much for just cleaning, they explained in words I couldn’t understand. My bill came up to $38.50!!!! I could’ve gotten a manicure and cleaning at that price!

    After 10mins walking out of that shop, I realised there were still alot of gelish left on my nails as I pick the edges of nails! I went back to the shop and asked them to re-do my nails.

    That’ll be my last time there. Honestly I read the reviews before going but I didn’t wanna judge but that’s the truth about N20 Vivocity. It was a horrible experience! Such a low standard nail salon in Vivocity.

    Truly disapppointed!

  • Jz L
    2 years ago

    3.5 stars: Staff are friendly and accommodating, did quite a good job of gel manicure despite a walk in. Colors offered are unique that I didn’t come across at others. But would think that they should record all customers’ mobile and create an account in system, apparently they don’t keep walk ins, only for members who bought packages. Wont sign a package but probably return if need for fix

  • Maria Donna Salangsang
    2 years ago

    Been a member for 4 years. Their packages are great! Their services are superb! Treats all their customers really well!?

  • Lara
    2 years ago

    nice staff and service

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