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  • Melody
    2 years ago

    Have been going to Dr Lim since long ago for tattoo removal with great results. Recently started laser for acne scar and Dr Lim upgraded my session to his newest Picosure Pro for free. Also done fillers with amazing and natural results. You can always see before and after photos for comparison in the clinic and Can be assured Dr Lim’s assistant doesn’t push or promote treatments you don’t require.

  • Jessy Tan
    3 years ago

    Dr. Lim is a professional and skillful doctor. visible results after 1 session

  • Claudia
    3 years ago

    An extremely friendly and professional doctor who is always making sure the best results attained aesthetically. A caring team who never fails to make sure the procedure runs not just smoothly but most importantly comfortably knowing my threshold for pain is extremely low. Will definitely recommend Dr Lim to anyone seeking facial treatments!

  • Grenda show
    4 years ago

    Dr lim is humble and friendly. Skilful and charges reasonably. I’ve been trusting him for more than 7 years to care for my skin. Thumbs up!

  • Anna Anna
    4 years ago

    I have exposed gums and receded chin. When I laughed, I used to worry about being seen too much exposed gums, which looked like buck teeth, and receded chins looked like double chins :”(
    Later, I found Dr. Lin. Since Dr. Lin took less than 10 minutes to help me solve these two problems that have troubled me for many years. I have been to other medical beauty clinics before and there is no doctor suggesting or helping me to improve my problem. Dr. Lin is really too professional, with first-class aesthetics?

    我有牙龈外露和下巴后缩的问题,以前笑的时候总是担心被人看见牙龈外露太多看起来像龅牙,下巴后缩看起来又像有双下巴 :”(

  • Gloria
    4 years ago

    I’ve been looking for a clinic to improve my skin and I’m glad to have chanced upon MY Medical Aesthetics! It’s been almost a year here and Dr Lim and the team there is always extremely patient and welcoming, making sure I leave with my concerns being met.

    I feel that my skin has improved tremendously since my first visit and I like how the team would recommend me different treatments on how I can further improve my skin, without any hard selling at all. The packages are also tailored to individual concerns so that each session will be more effective.

    If you’re looking for a good clinic long term, don’t hesitate to give them a try! Thank you Dr Lim and the team for all your effort!

  • lee voonwooi
    4 years ago

    I have been following dr lim for coming 5 years now. I had problematic skins which I have seen so many doctors and even specialist, spend thousand of dollar with no improvement. I am so Glad I decided to stay with Dr Lim he cured my acne and I am super comfortable with my bare skin even without any make up. I am really impressed with the clinic assistant skills as they do extraction on my skin without leaving any scar or huge patch of redness. Thank you so much !

  • Tiffany Teo
    4 years ago

    Dr Lim and his assistants were professional, friendly and extremely patient in explaining the tattoo removal process and treatment. 10/10 recommend. 🙂

  • Berenice Wong
    4 years ago

    Dr Lim and team has amazing proven results! I have hyper-sensitive skin as a previous renowned facial brand had screwed up my skin. Even after 2+ years, I still suffered from dry uneven tone on my face and extreme dryness. I had tried everything, from creams to Cytocare but nothing seemed to work. I pretty much told myself I had to live with sub-par skin.

    Dr Lim genuinely wants his patients to get the best had also advised me to try Profhilo and it works wonders! My skin has never been better, results were seen on the 2nd appointment, my dry patches were gone and skin was smooth and dewy instead.

    Dr Lim and team are non-pushy when it comes to treatments which I really appreciate, prices are reasonable and even the ocassional pimples are popped for free.

    I seldom leave reviews and this clinic is highly recommended. Please keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Angeline Tan
    4 years ago

    My second visit here after a year ago. Very friendly environment, comfortable and feels at home while being attentive to your area of concerns. They also give recommendations suited to your budget. Importantly, no pressuring and respect your choice of treatment. ?

  • San Kyi
    4 years ago

    Beautiful skin is a kind of beauty of a woman … ?

    The best and most suitable doctor for dry skin
    Dr Lim Ming Yee. Having been treated by Dr Lim Ming Yee for over a year now, my buttocks are thinner and my facial skin is clearer and softer. Thanks to Dr. Lim Min Yee’s professional treatment, I was able to regain my facial skin.
    Thanks to Dr Lim Ming Yee and Team ?


    မှဲ့ခြောက် တင်းတိတ် နဲ့ ခြောက်တွေ့တဲ့အရေပြားအတွက် အကောင်းဆုံးနဲ့အသင့်တော်ဆုံးဆရာဝန်ကတော့
    Dr Lim Ming Yee ပါ။ တနှစ်ကျော်က Dr Lim Ming Yee နဲ့ ပြသ/ကုသ လာတာ အခုတော့ ကျမရဲ့တင်တိတ်တွေပါးသွားတဲ့အပြင် မျက်နာအရေပြားတွေလဲ ကြည်လင်ပြီးနူးညံ့လာပါတယ်။ Dr Lim Min Yee ရဲ့ကျွမ်းကျင် မှန်ကန်တဲ့ ကုသမှု့ကြောင့် ကျမ ဒီလို မျက်နာအသားအရေကိုပြန်ရလာတာပါ။
    Dr Lim Ming Yee နဲ့ Team ကိုကျေးဇူးတင်ကြောင်းပြောပါရစေ။?

  • Li Ching Lim
    4 years ago

    Been visiting My Medical Aesthetics for laser treatment due to face pigmentation. Great results with effective and affordable treatment and of coz kudos to Dr Lim who always go the extra miles for his patients. Highly recommend if you are looking for a trusted aesthetics doctor to bring radiant and beauty to our good self.

  • Darius Pow
    4 years ago

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are able to address all my concerns and provide very good services. If can I rate more than 5 stars, I would.

  • Cherine Wee
    4 years ago

    I have been with my medical aesthetics for two years now and have always been very well taken care of, especially by Shan who is very personable. She ensures that I am comfortable during every session and checks in regularly on my skin’s condition post-treatment. Dr Lim is always friendly and professional, recommending only the treatments that I require, which have helped to maintain and keep my skin consistently well. Thank you team x

  • Andrew Chua
    4 years ago

    I visited MY Medical Ast based on the Internet reviews and the central location of the clinic. I am very happy with my choice as the outcome of my face treatment has been above expectation. The services received from Dr Lim and his team are also very professional yet friendly. They are able to explain clearly on what they are doing, especially Dr Lim during the course of his procedures, and I know I am always in his good hands. I highly recommend MY Medical Ast as the trusted clinic to go to.

  • Ivy Chan
    4 years ago

    Dr Lim is professional and generous in terms of his services. His team is very helpful and consistently follows up on treatments and skin conditions of patients. I enjoyed the LDM sessions and find these treatments suitable for my acne prone skin. Highly recommend the LDM treatments!

  • Fayne Cheng
    4 years ago

    The service is impeccable, very nice and friendly staff. Full of laughter whenever I come. Dr Lim is exceptionally GOOD!! I switched a few clinics but this is by far the best. Prices very affordable compared to many clinics and most important is I see fast results! I did my lasers, HIFU, fillers and they really give you the best for the dollar spent. Even cream is also the highest quality ones. No need to put cling wrap.. No need to sit like 30-45 mins waiting for face to numb..
    After lasers still have a mask to swelling & redness.. Awesome!! I love Dr Lim!!!

  • Kayslyn Yang
    4 years ago

    Visited MY Aesthetic for laser treatments, Dr Lim made sure I understood the process and also the aftercare. Visible results after 1 session. Definitely recommend anyone who needs it!

    4 years ago

    I visited Dr Lim due to my acne problems as it was becoming more serious and I am amazed to see great results after the 2nd session. After visiting several doctors, I am very happy to have found Dr Lim who is able to treat my acne issues. He is a professional doctor and has deep knowledge about the different types of lasers, its setting and using them effectively to target the patient’s problems. The clinic staff are very understanding and has great customer service. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who has skin issues. This is one clinic you can trust!

  • Jaslin soh
    4 years ago

    Have been visiting MY medical aesthetics for my tattoo removal treatments for 3 times now and I’d have to say it has shown great results! Dr Lim and team have been very nice and helpful in answering my questions regarding the treatment and aftercare. Highly highly recommend!!!

  • Julian Mittag
    4 years ago

    Been there many times and can say that they are very friendly and professional. A very welcoming atmosphere when you enter the place and the ladies at the reception always take care of me. Never have to wait long. The doctor is also always friendly and very caring, listening and has a lot of experience! Great results! I can really recommend the clinic and even my son was there once with me and he was very happy, too.

  • SF Ong
    4 years ago

    Visited My Aesthetic clinic for the 3rd time with my mum and our skin conditions have improved greatly. I have been to numerous “branded” aesthetic clinics but none is like My Aesthetic. Dr Lim is very generous, not calculative like most of the others I have been to. He is highly skilful and got rid of my mole in 2 procedures, which my previous aesthetic doctor has done 5 times to no avail. I am impressed with his skill and attention to detail. Dr Lim is also a warm personality and always serves us with a smile and a good sense of humour. My mum wanted to burn the oil seed and some lumps on her neck and Dr Lim painstakingly did the procedure for her in detail, it took hours with a combination of treatments without extra charges. I am amazed with the dedication of Dr Lim and his team and certainly will continue my support and highly recommend to all my friends. Thank you Dr Lim and all the staff in My Aesthetic!

  • Sheena Kheh
    4 years ago

    Have tried several anaesthetic doctors and Dr Lim is the most experienced and skilled doctor I’ve ever consulted. My first experience with Dr Lim was in year 2016, he had help me a lot on my acne issues with facial and lasers treatment. Price is affordable as well. Results can be visibly seen within 1-3 sessions. All of their staffs are very warm and friendly too! Highly recommend MY Medical!

  • Kim Yeo
    4 years ago

    By entrusting in Dr Ming Yee Lim’s professionalism and skilled practice, I always find myself returning for more. He provides affordable yet advanced aesthetic procedures. His team’s politeness and their willingness to help in any questions about their procedures. MY MEDICAL AESTHETICS…great service and greater aesthetic care. SUPER!

  • Lily Lee
    4 years ago

    Been with Dr Lim for long time. Highly recommend for their aesthetic treatment which are effective and prices are reasonable too.

  • Vina Koh
    4 years ago

    I liked the individualised attention and treatments that are specifically tailored to my needs and skin conditions.

    Big thank you to Dr Lim for your patience and professional care. My skin condition has improved and…no more skin tags on my neck!?
    (P.S: Hope I don’t break your 1 hr 45 min record for my next visit.)

    And thank you ladies(Crystal and Pei Shan) for your excellent service! See you soon.?

  • Doris teo
    4 years ago

    My skin was very dry and dull since i started working a few years ago. I am so glad that my colleague introduced Dr Lim to me! He recommended Volite skin booster and picosecond laser. Now my skin is hydrated and brighter after just one treatment!!! Guess wat! my acne also improved tremendously. I am super happy with the results! Highly recommended! TQ, Dr Lim! 🙂

  • J F
    4 years ago

    Started coming here this year regularly for treatment and today decided to leave a review after one of my close friends complimented me on how youthful I look these days. It’s all thanks to Dr Lim and his team who always takes good care of me during my visits. I’ve tried laser for acne, anti-aging and brightening, as well as Botox jabs to refresh my appearance. Every treatment is customized and super good value for the quality and care you get. Clinic is clean and staff friendly. Highly recommend.

  • shala bob
    4 years ago

    I would like to thank Dr.Lim for correcting the Tyndall effect under my eyes. It has been there for years, but Dr. Lim fixed it with his magic hand and patience.
    I used to be clinic-hopper until I found Dr.Lim and his amazing staffs.

  • Hello Patrick
    4 years ago

    This clinic is great for tattoo removal and aesthetic treatments. A compassionate doctor, easy to communicate with and friendly nurses. I have quite a number of tattoos, thankfully he charge a much affordable price and he uses Pico discovery lasers! The procedure is quite painless and the tattoo fades much quicker. The Doctor is extremely diligent and does not rush through the sessions, my friend he visits this clinic for keloid treatment agrees that the doctor is nice and the treatment is much more efficient. Highly recommended!

  • grrAcee gyg
    4 years ago

    It was always a question on how to choose the right medical doctor esp. Aesthetic Dr.
    As consumer, there’s a list of concerns roaming in our head before we step into the clinic. E.g. the doctor’s skills and ability, the charging prices, how sensible is the doctor about what can be done to make a better look, appealing results.

    I found positive answers to all of the above questionnaires at My Medical Clinic.

    Dr. Lim Ming Yee is the founder of this clinic, he is an experience physicians in aesthetic practice and before he specialize in this specialty, he went on to clinical rotations in various department at SGH, KKH, and Alexandra Hospital. Besides, he also upgrade his skills frequently by attending workshops and seminars and explore to new technologies. I realized when I make next appointment with the staff nurse, hence I’ll avoid those period which he is not around.

    The clinic is located at Bugis, a very convenient location and it open till 7pm in the weekdays hence it eases me to visit after work.

    Besides, imo, doctor-patient relationship is fundamental, Dr.Lim take time to answer my questions, explain the procedure in details. Sometimes, he also crack a joke to release tension.
    The competence and communication are impacted, leads to better adherence of treatment.
    As such, I have more bravery to put my face in his hands.

  • Vincent Chong
    4 years ago

    Great services for the reasonable price u pay for. Highly recommend this place:)

  • Janelle Koh
    4 years ago

    The treatment I signed up was effective and the price is affordable for student. It took me just one session to see the result and I’m so satisfied that I continued my treatment with Dr Lim. He understands my concerns and go extra mile to make sure the treatment was effective. Strongly recommended!

  • Germaine Doo
    4 years ago

    As always, Dr Lim is very professional and advises what is good for me. All the Therapists are also very very helpful in preparing and guiding through all the steps which I really do appreciate a lot! Thank you!

  • Kahoda Kapadia
    4 years ago

    Service is ok.

  • Ella Teo
    4 years ago

    Highly recommend My Medical Aesthetics they provide a wide range of services like facials and laser. I did tattoo laser with Dr Lim it was fuss free and convenient, appointments were easily booked with friendly and helpful staffs too. Visible results could be seen after each session and unlike others I do not have to purchase a package for my treatments which is a plus point. 🙂

  • E Goh
    4 years ago

    I’ve been here a few times for laser treatments for acne and Dr Lim continues to deliver outstanding results every time I’m here. He has a keen eye in aesthetics and I always feel safe and 100% confidence in the treatments he administers for me. His skill in aesthetics/lasers is really one notch above the rest, and I dare say that as I’ve consulted a few other doctors before. Happy to be back for my next treatment, and can’t wait to see myself getting younger with each passing day 😀 Thank you Dr Lim and wonderful team of MY Medical!

  • Yen Feng
    5 years ago

    Congratulations on your new office, Dr Lim! It’s such a modern and luxurious space and really shows your practice is getting more and more successful! So grateful that we connected and many thanks for taking such good care of me and my sister. You’re a great listener and I appreciate that you don’t “hard-sell” like many others in your industry. Highly recommend and without hesitation. Take care!

  • Leonardo Barbosa
    5 years ago

    perfect clinic, incredible care, Dr Lim is incredible, I applied botox in the face and acid to lighten blemishes, fesultado and accompaniment surprising, super indica

  • CL Tan
    5 years ago

    They have excellent service, care and kind!
    Dr Lim and nurses will explain thing clearly and make sure u clear all your doubt before the procedure.
    Highly recommended!

  • Niki Tan
    5 years ago

    Highly recommended!!! Dr. Lim is very experience and the price is reasonable. Previously I done my fillers at Bangkok but it doesn’t look natural. First visit Dr. Lim was advised me to do the fillers to correct my face shape. After the correction it’s really give me more natural look. Second visit I went for a hifu treatment, it helped to dissolve fats on the cheeks and lift up my lower face. The result was amazing! My face shape is more define now! Love it! And the nurses there was so helpful and friendly 🙂

  • J Tan
    5 years ago

    Came here for coolsculpting. I find the attitude of Dr Lim a little brusque towards me. Although the clinic does do aesthetic procedures, criticizing your patient in order to hard-sell is a bit much in my opinion. Nobody likes to fork out money to be told “your tummy is really big” and you need X number of sessions. Afterall, aesthetic procedures are optional and not medically necessary – the doctor needs an atittude check and a good look at himself before saying such harsh words. The therapists here are really nice though.

  • Amelie Poh
    5 years ago

    Had a super pleasant experience with Dr Lim today! Detailed and attentive and made me feel very comfy with the botox procedure. Sincerest thanks -Amelie

  • Sarah Lim
    5 years ago

    Dr Lim has really helped me solve my breakout problem. Not over-promising an instant solution, through a series of lasers and Profacial treatments, plus great TLC from his staff (special mention to Crystal!) in helping to extract the stubborn spots, my skin is finally clear and breakout-free! It’s also brighter and much more radiant. I also appreciate his honesty and patience in explaining the problem, going right to the root cause, and the possible solutions the clinic can offer. Very thankful!

  • zhiqing1994
    5 years ago

    Highly recommended!
    Went for Pico laser today for my tattoo & unplanned removal of pigmentation. Dr Lim is so kind, friendly and warm. Understanding too! V nice doctor & Nurses. Like the fact that they are v accommodating and reassuring to you well before the procedure starts. Nurses is gentle during post care & attend to my qns promptly, ya even on WhatsApp. V much appreciated.

    And biggest steal, price is so affordable.
    Not like the others clinics, daylight robbery.
    It’s good really! (:

  • S Bear
    5 years ago

    Was introduced to Dr Lim through a mutual doctor friend. I got more than what I paid for everytime. His truthful and ethical way of running his clinic is respectable. After just 1 session with him, I know I can trust him to manage my face. Haha ❤️

  • Rae Sim
    5 years ago

    Very pleasant experience with Dr Lim! I usually go overseas to have my fillers and botox procedures done, as I had bad experiences in Singapore before (won’t say who). He’s very friendly and professional, recommended by one of my besties.

    I was so happy with the result that I decided to leave a review! It looks natural, and I’m so glad I can save my air ticket. Highly recommended if you want a natural look like me.

  • Seok Ng
    5 years ago

    Dr. Lim is very good with Pico Laser treatment. In my opinion, he is the best in town. I have Melasma issue and he has tailored a laser program for me. So far, I am pleased with the results. Besides the lightening of the pigment, my skin complexion has improved as well. What a bonus!
    If you have Melasma like me, Dr. Lim will be the doctor for you.

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