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  • Tan Yok Kim
    6 months ago

    Yestdy visit to multi flora century sq was a nightmare , d lady by d name of Flora , not sure is she d boss or wat , had a big argument wif me for not wanting to sign up a package after she advice me to upgrade to a specific treatment, told her I just to get watever package I have for treatment, she commented I spoke very badly, in d room wif d massuee I do not want to make a scene , after treatment she called me into her room , I question her about d remarks she said of me , anyway I feel I have d right not to upgrade watever she suggested , she just blew up stormed out of d room n telling her colleagues some unpleasant comment again , very very shocked n disappointed wif such actions , pls b mindful , if u r in a bad mood day , do not lash out as customer, let’s hope d relevant person in charge to educate her behaviour, I’ve been wif afew massage n beauty salon , nvr have I experience such horrible action , treatment from staff ,

  • Sunflower
    7 months ago

    I bought the voucher during their road show and paid for $400 plus. Facial and body treatments. I went for my treatment and they advise me of my condition and said my back is too ‘high’ and needed another treatment and cost $390. I find that they are doing hard selling. I plan to complaint to CASE but I forgot to get back my receipt. Please don’t sign up with them.

  • Wen Yan
    11 months ago

    I bought this package at road show too, suppose to be have. 2.30 hrs MYOfascial therapy , when started they already start to sell package even you say you have no money , she still can keep pushing you to spend money , at the end she offer you do another one therapy which is cost 398, if u no money she consider the senior citizen coast 198 , I rejected have no money , she keep pushing say if no money use your another 1.30 hr package to redeem this therapy ,so total from 2.30 hr to 1.30hr therapy for $228, at the end I agree with just use everything in one shoot , but when she finish whole therapy is only use 60-65mins , totally not what she say ,, please don’t stupid to go and sign any package again .

  • Chow Clarissa
    12 months ago

    This is place is really scary with hard sell and upsell, each time when I have treatment there is a stressful affair. Supposingly to be relaxation therapy and treatment but ended up a stressful experience with all the hard sell. Services of the therapist is good but overall admin is bad service. I just want to quickly finish my package. Each time you ask for a treatment – they will deduct a session even just 10minutes on your hands. I dare not do any trial treatment though my body needs it, after which they asked you sign up for thousands of dollars of package.

  • crystal girl
    1 year ago

    Bought the trial for eye massage at roadshow.

    Made me wait for 20 min in the shop before the therapist came despite having made an appointment.

    Therapist did eye massage for about 15 min before applying eye mask. Was asked to rest for another 30 min with eye mask on. Really wasting time and money.

    Still wanna quote me more than 1k for 10 times eye treatment. Daylight robbery.

  • Chin Juliana
    1 year ago

    I bought the package from the road show after much persuasion. Well I trusted and bought it. The day I went for the treatment, the whole feel was totally different. They are not professional as what I projected them to be. Before the treatment started, they will delay the treatment and kept on pushing me to sign up a higher package where my intention is to get my personal issue treated as what they claimed. I’m totally disappointed and disgusted by the sale tactic. I want
    To warn anyone from going to this place. I Have an intention to bring up to case

  • cynthia lee
    2 years ago

    Bought a package 2.5 hrs during road show.. Went for first treatment.. I was forced to buy songjin as they say it is a must… End up paying extra $208+…The lady keep selling me their $7k+ package.. I told them no money… N insists tat I should top up extra $100+ for another session of songjin… I refuse and lady was sarcastic by replying ..is only $100+ for top up… So hard sell n still can tell me they are not hard sell… Best part… My skin was injured after songjin ( burned). Therapist was talking talking through out whole session. I can’t enjoy my treatment.. Wasted $400+..I will never go back for remaining treatment of 2 hrs.. The purchased package receipt was kept by them n refuse return to me

  • Judy Qiu
    2 years ago

    (The service was excellent! It was a bit painful at first, but I felt very relaxed after doing it)


  • Lo'vyn Lai
    2 years ago



    Hard selling:

    – Before the treatment even began, I was told I should upgrade to the detox treatment since I’m “a woman”.

    – During treatment on my neck, I was preempted that it’d be painful, and I should upgrade the treatment if I’m afraid of pain

    – During treatment on the back, I was told something on my back was “too high”, and needed another treatment

    – When I felt ticklish, I was told to upgrade to a less ticklish treatment.


    – I was scolded for squirming because it was ticklish. I said, “I’m trying my best”… I really was.

    – The therapist stopped treatment and lectured me.

    – At one point, she said that after the session, someone “outside (the room)” would ask me for my experience and I would only have negative things to say.

    – I cried, because I realised that she was all about getting money and positive feedback out of me, not about treatment. Sad, I told her that I had tried my best not to squirm… It was just a reflex.


    – When the customer feedback that you’re rubbing too hard over the bones, maybe you should go softer.

    – When the customer feedback about feeling ticklish, you may want to try using broad stroke to warm up the body first.

  • Regina Poh
    2 years ago

    Both my partner and I went for 90min session on different dates, after purchasing from the roadshow. My experience was pleasant but his was not so.

    I’d like to commend Judy (not entirely sure that’ was my therapist’s name, but it was on the form that i had to sign) as she did not hardsell me anything even after i declined the top up procedure, and did my full 90min right from 5pm to 6.30pm. She also did everything really well and did not make a lot of conversation which i appreciated.

    My partner, who went weeks ahead of me, had a different experience. He had a different therapist who sold him the top up hot stone procedure because she said that she already had finished the song jin? This felt quite scammy tbh. Paid for 90min but then finished very fast, so he topped up $94. She then tried hard selling him packages from $6k-8k(??) and then reducing to $1k+ at the end.

    If i were to purchase a package after seeing effects from today’s massage, it’d definitely be with the lady who did my session, thank you!

  • andy tonne
    2 years ago

    purchased a 90mins session. the timing that they made me fill up questionaires and they try convince me to top up additional was 15mins. at the end, i was given only a 75mins session. will not recommend it to anyone. just don’t like hardsell.

  • Jennifer Tan
    2 years ago

    Went for the 10mins song jin promo at the open space event 2 july. I have timed and it is not even 10mins. In between the massage, the massager still walk away. Shouldn’t she focus? I told her she did only 6mins and she insisted is already 10mins. I suggest to put a timer rather than let the massager end anytime she wants it.

  • 1991 Plastic Bag
    2 years ago

    Bought a few of their packages and I got to say, it’s good only for a few sessions. After that they would keep trying to sell me more sessions every time I go there. To be fair, it did help me. But the constant tactic to sell everytime I finish only one session is exasperating. I already paid for them but you keep on wanting me to sign on. Don’t go there.

  • Jen Angeles
    2 years ago

    I am ediiting my review, May 17 I received a call from same attendant Teresa to have my appt for June booked & yes they saw my negative feedback. I had my 1st booking done June 4. I received a sincere apology from the branch mngr. The treatmemt I bought was discussed to me & no hardselling.
    Service was very good & they are very accommodating.


    we are getting nowhere and keep on insisting to wait for their call end of May I am asking why and just said no worry we will call you.No choice for a customer like me who wants a sure appointment even for a month of waiting. What is the use of call for an appointment then ? Lesson learned on buying a package.

  • weiwei loh
    2 years ago

    Our very first experience at Multiflora was very wonderful and relaxing. Therapist Rachel has displayed the highest professional in her job with excellent service extended to us. Highly recommend to everyone who is reading this review!

  • Lucy Wee
    2 years ago

    Though didn’t come for more than 2 years, they still honour my package. Beautician explains every step and it is a very relaxing facial. Face brightens up after facial

  • Puay Chin Chan
    2 years ago

    Good service, have a great experience with Judy

  • Jasmine Lee
    2 years ago

    Will leave it as it is now as they did Service recovery

  • David Tan
    2 years ago

    The service is good and the environment is beautiful?Will introduce friends to come?


  • Yoke Ngo Liw
    2 years ago

    Good service !keet it up??

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