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  • TN Lam
    2 years ago

    Was introduce to this place by a friend about 3 years ago and love it. Being doing my nails here since then. The place is clean and service has always been perfect every single time.

  • lynn lin
    2 years ago

    My go-to nail salon. Prices are on the pricer side but I really don’t mind if it means quality service which they always deliver. Nail cleaning is done longer than other places as they are really meticulous and strive for perfection so do factor in a longer time for this. Nail technicians are also not chatty so the environment is very peaceful. Always have received polite and professional service and they don’t push sales which is why I keep going back. I don’t do packages no matter how good a place is so this place is perfect if you don’t want to endure the stress of having packages promoted to you. They end each nail session with a massage but for a very short while. Wish they would put hand/feet massages on the menu! I will gladly pay for those!

  • Crosta
    2 years ago

    Really nice experience!

    meticulous and gentle.

  • Lusi Jie
    2 years ago

    Went there today for pedicure. Manicurist Doris such a darling and attentive personality. After i told her about runner’s toes problem, Doris carefully remove dead skin and in-grown nails. I’ve a pretty nails again. A hot brew tea in raining day, is a nice gesture too. Definitely will come back for regular pedicure 🙂

  • Fatima Khalilova
    2 years ago

    A 5 star service place, with very friendly and professional staff. A huge amount of colors to choose, some are very unique. Greta quality products. Relaxing ambience

  • Yuyi Heng
    2 years ago

    My favourite place to get my nails done! I always have such a great experience. The team are quick and efficient, and they don’t chat unnecessarily, giving you that quiet time between/after work. What I love about them is that they don’t upsell anything. There are no stressful situations where people are pushing you add-on services or signing new packages.

  • Aylin Guenay
    2 years ago

    Really cute nail salon, nicely decorated. The service was excellent and I am in love with my nails (I got the Hailey Bieber design). The lady who did them was a perfectionist and very sweet. Very much recommend this place!

  • Sigrid F. vanTol - Schakel
    2 years ago

    Great and very clean! Rather expensive but worth it

  • Jz L
    2 years ago

    Returning but not much perks given, plus soak off is at higher rates. Should review to a more reasonable time frame of a month to enjoy discount and also discounts to be made more viable. Spent $72 overall for an express manicure with soak off which is about 1.5-2x more exp than norm.
    My first time even though my office is just minutes away. Very good service and pretty comfy decor from reception till end of gel manicure treatment. Nail artist is very patient and suggested suitable color, nail art as what I like. They have good range of gel colors and designs too. Salon is modern and clean. Will return again!

  • Johnathan Williams
    2 years ago

    Place is cool as a cucumber. Very and I mean very good service. I look like a straight up thug. I walked in the place and the Manger very nicely had that look. The look said you must be in the wrong shop. After I told her that I am indeed here to get my nails done she was very pleasant. Highly recommend.

  • Calum McCreath
    2 years ago

    It was my first time for a manicure with my girlfriend and Jessica looked after me! Great experience and I will be back again. Highly recommend.

  • Sreejita Deb
    2 years ago

    Good value, great service

  • Zoe Yang
    2 years ago

    3 stars are practically for their nicely cozy decorated environment. I signed their package of $500 directly after my first mani + pedi becoz I was sold for their environment and tea served.

    BUT there comes the but, I signed up becoz I wanna do my nails right ! First I am a really season nails doing person, which my nails seldom is those one or two colour normal gellish nails, I prefer my nails always in some form of design, and this isn’t the only package I had with nails parlour. But definitely the most expensive. Their regular crowds are mainly expats, price point is high, but nails design is not on par with their pricing. Simple designs took forever, can’t imagine if it comes to complicated drawings. Nail coatings kinda uneven as well. Being picky obviously because your pricing is premium I would have expect premium nail arts done. I would recommend doing their spa there would have justify money well spent. The last time I visited, once again reminder that appointments are super hard to get, so having a package also doesn’t ensure you have a slot, but staff seems to improve in their customer service by offering next available slots, which is a plus point. (But aren’t such basic services supposed to be in place at the first place since you are positioning your nail salon as premium parlour) I needa get my existing nails soak off which isn’t done at their side and extra charges is normal since my nails wasn’t done by them previously, so I thought $30 additional soak off is fine coz all other shops are charging $10 for soak off. The shocking thing is the staff wanna charge me $70 for soak off as she insisted I have “hard gel” on my nails and normal soaking with acetone takes extra effort. Hmm, I started to have tons of question marks on my end if you could feel how I felt that moment. I wasn’t having extensions on my nails, and I explained to the staff it’s not even hard gel, it’s the new gellish nail strengthener top coat. I have done many times extensions of coz I know how extensions are. But this really isn’t. The staff started telling me it’s a company policy to charge $70 for hard gel soak off coz it requires a lot of time filling it off right. That isn’t my point, you don’t understand about a new product available in the market which yeah nail strengthers are indeed hard than your usual soft gels but it isn’t hard gel as mention in your policy but ok fine let’s solve the issues here and meet at mid point. I asked her in order to save time so that you won’t charge me the $70 why not use the nail filling / drilling machine. Simple and fast, I don’t mind nails getting brittle since I do my nails so frequent. (And that’s the reason I have nails strengthener on) Still she told me their company seldom use nails filling machine. Wow babe, I am in shock, I came here to just get my nails done, but now we really have an issue, my nails are half soak off then she brought up the extra charges issue, I end up really unhappy and fed up because simple things took forever and finally when she decided to tell me “I am only doing this as a favour for one time without changing extra”, but yeah their soak off still cost a bomb. So In the end she put in extra hard strength to fill my nails and soak then in acetone for very long, no offer on using the machine. I ended with 10 red swollen sensitive fingers and long hours spent sitting there which actually could easily done faster else where.

    Pros – very pretty environment, teas offered while doing services, I would still recommend them for girls day out, Mother’s Day pampering for moms, spa services and Hens night outing.

    Cons – price point super high not for girls who are doing their nails on a monthly or bi weekly basis. Nail arts charged at extra high premium as well, not for girls that like complicated designs or extensions as well. Staff skills not up to standard. Not on par with their price. If price isn’t an issue, wanna do simple 2 colours, loves pretty atmosphere, hygienic, tea served, yes they fit the bill.

  • Nikki K
    2 years ago

    Brought my mum here for a birthday manicure and we were left feeling so satisfied and contented as a result of the great ambience, gentle manicurists, respectful staff and absolutely no hard selling. I highly recommend this nail salon to anyone considering and I’ll definitely be back. Our manicurist for nail art was Mei Chee and she did an amazing job 🙂

  • Catherine Flynn
    2 years ago

    Always a perfect gel manicure that lasts longer than any others I have had in Singapore. Great selection of colours, comfortable salon, stylish and clean.

  • Laurie Carroll
    2 years ago

    The best manicure I’ve ever had. I wish I could get one this good in NYC!

    Lovely girls in there, very relaxing, and cute decor. I’m going to book one more manicure before I leave Singapore just to have this nice experience again!

  • D. Lundy
    2 years ago

    Great place – popped in with the girlfriend and the team were very helpful

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