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22 Reviews on “Kimiyo-G Beauty - Eastpoint Mall”

  • Madhumita Banerjee
    5 months ago

    The service is bad, you never get appointments, staff are in-experienced and don’t know customer service.

    The salon is dirty, sofas and seating area has not been cleaned for ages. Don’t waste your time by visiting the Simei branch.

  • Xuan
    6 months ago

    OM Ms Celine and the other lady is so nice in helping me to remove the initial nail polish and did a new colour and no hard selling at all. Thank You

  • Kitty Chen
    8 months ago

    (The staff are gracious and lovely.)


  • Gracelynn Chong
    1 year ago

    Terrible booking system! Even though booking 1 month in advance, was told “fully booked”!

  • jess jess
    1 year ago

    Have been a customer for 5 years. Service was previously better but recently it’s been atrocious so I decided to write this review.

    Firstly, I was booked to do pedicure with company of 3. They took our booking with no problems. But when I got there, they told us that they can only do for 2 and the last person has to wait. This was despite that there was no other customers in the shop and there were a total of 3 therapists working. This was never a problem until recently because I decided to sit on the outer seat and Bebe is my therapist.

    After waiting for 20+ mins, the supervisor Bebe asked one of my company to swap seats with me so that she can do my nails even though the seat I’m sitting at has the equipments to do my nails. This was because it was easier for her to do my nails at the seat my company was sitting at as compared to where I was originally sitting at. She then proceeds to make her staff sit on the floor (she took her chair away) to complete my company’s nails. This was super unsightly.

    She took about 30-35 mins to complete the whole classic pedicure session which includes scrub and painting. The work was slip shot and my foot is still rough after the scrub. She file my nails so hard that she ended up filing my toe itself and it hurt.

    After everything, I have a nail package and credits. Our nail package is originally 28 per pedicure but was charged 56 on my credit. I wanted to check before signing but Bebe insisted that I sign first then I realised after I was overcharged.

    I give this outlet 1 star because Yuki was willing to move to sit on the floor so that Bebe can do my nails.

  • Rowena Ooi
    2 years ago

    Bebe & Yuuki makes me feel at home each time 🙂 I can always trust them to recommend the best for my nails so that I leave the place with pretty & healthy nails 🙂 I’ve been coming back every month ever since I started at East Point Kimiyo-G 🙂

  • Saevaal Meenakshi
    2 years ago

    Yuuki and Bebe are professionals! They make you feel comfortable and really do a great job – my nails leave the shop super clean every visit.

    Also, they are always there to help recommend what colors/designs would be suitable based on my style.

    I really liked the service that I was willing to buy a package and now my fam and I are loyal customers (:

  • Tingling Palette by Shruti Murdeshwar
    2 years ago

    I have bought two full ten session mani pedi packages from Kimiyo (Simei) branch . The first session was pleasant apart from the occasional selling and promoting despite having bought the whole package . It’s better to book in advance as they never prioritise the members even one day before . The second session has been quite stressful with them . They are doing a favour by listing your appointment. Constantly using an excuse “we have other bookings” . The staff is super hospitable until you invest in their package . They have never accepted my request of booking with a specific manicurist ever .

    A salon experience has to be stress free but this has been rather very stressful . The massage is so minimal and hurried , adding to the minuscule amount of scrub used during the process .

    I would rather pay the normal amount and go without having bought the whole packages. .

  • Nur amirah
    2 years ago

    Cost: Unbelievably expensive. I booked for a full package for a full Mani Pedi which included a 3-in-1 pedicure spa. Which already costed $180+. Then I asked for a french tip manicure which was 7/10. And they charged me because it was “french tip”. Which wasn’t done very well btw! It totalled my bill to a whopping $222. Both my Mani and Pedi weren’t even gellish. They were really basic nail varnish. The “3-in-1 pedicure spa” also came out of a box called “Voesh Pedi in a box”, which I looked online- isn’t that’s expensive.

    Hygiene: dead skin was all over the chairs and they just dust it off with the blanket that’s used for customers to cover themselves. They also used this one nail dryer machine that has clearly been used multiple times by customers without wiping between customers. So the machine felt quite oily when I put my hands on it. They don’t even sanitize your and their hands before working on you.

    Staff: The staff however, are amazing, very kind and patient and they definitely do have the skills.

  • inna0526
    2 years ago

    Good service but they talk about you in their mother-tongue language, which is very obvious. Not so professional on that part

  • Tracy Baby
    2 years ago


    Jane is very meticulous and patience. I never have to worry about what design or colour to paint as she always has lovely and brilliant ideas suggestion for me. I am very pleased with her services and not forgetting Bebe and Yuki who are great as well. Highly recommend to give it a shot. Thank you ☺️

  • Yijie Tay
    2 years ago

    Love their service and the price is attractive !

  • JJ Ong
    2 years ago

    Fabulous nail art done by Bebe Kang!! Awesome experience, Bebe suggested this mid autumn festival theme and I just simply ❤️ it. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Huang XIN QI
    2 years ago

    Great nail services done by Yuuki Tan! ◡̈ No hard selling of the package at the salon

  • Eattolive93
    2 years ago

    My sister and I both frequent Kimiyo-G monthly.

    Yuki from Kimiyo-G is amazing. She is warm, friendly and engages her clients with lots of laughter and interesting conversations. She executes my crazy nail colour requests with a smile and gives me advice on which services I should do. Above all, she checks in on the progress for the DPL, which is working wonders! The hair has reduced so much and the growth is slowing down. She’s the reason why I keep coming back to Kimiyo-G. Thank you, Yuki!

    Bebe paints nails really well! She is meticulous and neat. She is also very kind and ensure that we get the best packages to suit our needs. She is a brilliant worker.

    Jane’s cheery disposition and funky nails inspire us to change up our nails. She has a good sense of colour coordination. She also listens to what we want and finds the colours we are looking for.

    This is the place to go to get your nails done!

  • Huey Ling Lee
    2 years ago

    Have been a Kimiyo-G customer for a few years starting at the Clarke Quay outlet, then Orchard and finally settled on Simei when it opened. The team at Simei outlet led by Bebe is small (comprising Yuki and Jane) but personable, and their service is extremely professional. The quality of their work speak for themselves. I have overseas friends who will make Kimiyo-G Simei their first and last stop whenever they visit SG until Covid struck. Other than manipedi, the foot spa and callus treatment are my bi-monthly indulgence and each visit never fails to perk me up. Absolutely love my French manicure from 2weeks ago (thanks Bebe!).

  • Rachelle Lee
    2 years ago

    Bebe, Yuuki and Jane are very friendly and gregarious. They make the customers feel at ease and do not engage in hard sell, unlike other nail salons that l have been to. Able to accommodate what l request. Highly recommended.

  • Annie Lim
    2 years ago

    Service good and staffs friendly!

  • Jing Ting Koo
    2 years ago

    very friendly staff with efficient & high quality service 🙂 would like to thank yuuki in particular for always giving me nice and long lasting nails 👍🏼 would recommend

  • Pearlyn Seah
    2 years ago

    Been having my classic pedicures done by Kimiyo-G for years. Satisfactory as always. Their service is top notched. Every session ended with me having clean and beautiful nails. Highly recommended!

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