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25 Reviews on “Isaromia Aesthetics”

  • Thu Za
    3 weeks ago

    I am happy and satisfied with my full body whitening treatment at Isaromia Aesthetics .

    Susan is very friendly and helpful and professional.

  • 陈壁汶
    3 weeks ago

    (Very comfortable experience~

    Susan explained the whole process very gently and carefully.)



  • Ei Ei Lwin
    4 weeks ago

    Today first time to try full body whitening treatment can feel my skin more brighten! I will come to maintain to do ❤️

  • Kelly Wee
    4 weeks ago

    (The effect of the whitening space capsule is very good. I have done it 3 times. The nurse Susan is also very attentive. I will recommend it to my friends 🙂🌟✨)


  • annie tan
    4 weeks ago

    They provide good services and many types of treatments. And their products are very suitable for me. I can see my improvement on my face and body after Afew treatments. I love their healing mask ! Look for Susan , She is the best! ❤️

  • Choong Joanne
    4 weeks ago

    (I had a Crystal peel facial today and the whole process was very comfortable and enjoyable. Every time I ask Susan about skin problems, she will answer very patiently. Highly recommended👍🏻I will come again❤️)

    今天做了一个Crystal peel facial,整个过程都很舒服享受,每次我询问Susan关于皮肤问题的时候,她会很耐心的回答,非常推荐👍🏻还会在来❤️

  • Jocelyn
    1 month ago

    Love how patient Susan is constantly making the whitening experience comfortable for me whenever I visit the place. Absolute trust in her cos I definitely sees result in the treatments I have been doing.

  • ya kim
    1 month ago

    Susan is friendly, warm, and professional . She is good knowledge in skin care and very patient in answering my all queries and helped me understand different products and functions. She greet me with happy faces all the time. Love this place and its atmosphere.

  • Jing
    1 month ago

    After tried the Full Body Whitening, skin become smooth and brighter. Beautician is very nice and friendly

  • shihui tan
    1 month ago

    (After the first Crystal peel facial, you can obviously feel that acne and blackheads have been reduced a lot, and your face feels smooth ❤️The environment here is good and the beautician Susan has a very good service attitude😁)

    第一次做Crystal peel facial就可以明显得感觉到粉刺黑头减少很多 而且脸蛋摸起来滑滑的❤️这里环境不错 美容师Susan服务态度很好😁

  • Gwen Goh
    1 month ago

    Susan is a very friendly and bubbly person! Glad to be served by her! ❤️

  • Casiline C
    1 month ago

    This is the second time I came here for their diamond peel facial . Highly recommend because I can see that my face is getting better each day after the treatment and using their products. Best part is no hard selling . Susan is nice and friendly too 👍🏻

  • Shireen Toh
    1 month ago

    Susan is very friendly and good service here. Highly recommended for the fully body whitening.

  • Chze Earn
    2 months ago

    Susan is friendly and the treatment is effective!

  • Christella Fashion
    2 months ago

    (I did the whitening capsule here. I saw the effect immediately after the first time. I was born with sallow skin and never thought I would have the chance to whiten it. Thank you Isaromia for your care.)


  • Annie Wong
    2 months ago

    (It was my first time to come to the whitening capsule. After the treatment, my skin became very white and bright. The service here is also good and the beautician is very nice. Highly recommend this skin management shop,)

    第一次来做美白太空舱,做了后皮肤看得到很白很亮 这里服务也不错 美容师很nice。非常推荐这间皮肤管理,

  • xniapps ng
    2 months ago

    Happy and satisfy for the whole body whitening results. Susan is very helpful and professional, recommended to those who wants to be fairer and brighter skin👍

  • Boon Chin Boh
    3 months ago

    (This is my first time to try the care here. After the bojin treatment, my skin is so bright! The whole process is very comfortable and there is also a whitening capsule treatment. I really like it! I want to try their other treatments next time)

    第一次来尝试这里的护理,做了bojin treatment 皮肤好亮!整个过程很舒服 还有美白太空舱 护理 真的好喜欢!下次还想尝试她们家其他的护理

  • 劉瑞英
    3 months ago

    (After experiencing the whitening capsule, I am obviously much whiter👍The lady’s service is also very good and considerate)

    体验了美白太空舱 明显白了很多👍小姐姐服务也很好 很贴心

  • Vic Lim
    3 months ago

    Susan is very approachable, patient and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my treatment and I’m sure I will be a return customer! Not pushy on sales at all too. You can be ensured to be in good hands 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Fei Lin
    3 months ago

    Fantastic. Very good service. Really brighten a lot of

  • F Ching
    3 months ago

    (Throwback I finally had the opportunity to experience the whitening capsule. After the treatment, my skin was really white, tender and smooth. My arms were originally tanned and the two tones were more even. I was so happy😍The beautician Susan was very attentive and explained the service very well. Good❤️I’ll try other treatments next time)

    Throwback 终于有机会来体验了美白太空舱,做完护理后皮肤真的白嫩又滑滑,原本手臂被晒到两个色tone都比较均匀了,好开心呀😍美容师Susan非常细心的解释 服务超好❤️下次再来尝试其他的护理

  • Gary Chin
    3 months ago

    (Thank you beautician Susan for helping me analyze the treatment suitable for my skin. I really like the RWS7000 treatment! There is also Isaromia’s skin care product DOC, which reduces acne a lot after using it👍 It’s worth trying)

    謝謝美容師Susan 會幫我分析适合我皮膚的treatment ,很喜歡RWS7000護理!還有Isaromia的護膚品DOC 用了痘痘少很多👍值得嘗試

  • qian ying lei
    3 months ago

    (The advertisement attracted me to try their V Lift Facial. Before I came here, I was a little afraid of being surprised, but I didn’t expect that the result would be that my face would become smaller and brighter! After the model is finished, you can still see the face shape. It’s very special. I like it very much. I feel so beautiful

    The environment is also very comfortable. It is highly recommended for people who want to become beautiful or relax.

    Thank you beautician Susan for taking the photos for me. The professional service is good and the photos are beautiful.)

    广告吸引我来尝试她们家的V Lift Facial ,来之前有点怕踩雷,没想到出来的效果脸真的变小 很透亮!做完出来还可以看到脸型的模型 很特别,很喜欢,心情美美的

    环境也很舒服 非常推荐想要变美美的或放松的人来尝试


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