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25 Reviews on “Eternal Beauty Centre - Toa Payoh”

  • Kuek Shi Min
    2 weeks ago

    I am thankful to have Lina for the treatment of body detoxification, gua sha, cupping & uterine detoxification every month to help my body releases the humidity.

  • Shi Yun chu
    2 weeks ago

    Came here for head spa and full body massage.

    Head spa was very relaxing.

    There was a before and after scalp analysis. Scalp was clearly very clean after that.

    Full body massage lean towards the individual body.

  • Tan Jane
    2 weeks ago

    Service was good.

  • Kah Xuan Tan
    2 weeks ago

    I was served by Amy for 淋巴排毒 for a few session so far. My body always felt better after each session with her skills and professional massage service. If there is any particular area to focus on, she would play more attention to it, making every session worth while!

  • Bee Lian Kwan
    2 weeks ago

    Experiencing it personally, I really enjoy and love their professional services provided. I would also like to highly recommend Amy, as she is super friendly and professional.

  • Hedy Wang
    2 weeks ago

    Great massage. Wendy is very knowledgeable, able to tell which part of the body is tight n will massage hard to clear the knot. Definitely will go back and strongly recommended

  • Fadzil Adnan
    2 weeks ago

    Service was good . My scalp was red n sore but after the session it became better . 😊

    Specialties: Head spa

  • Crystal Chng
    2 weeks ago

    Went today for a hair spa treatment becos my scalp was clogged n inflamed. im a regular else where but just wanted to try new shops. the instagram / fb advert seems very cosy and relaxing but to my dismay the shop was extremely shabby and run down – i visited midtown hougang. no ambient light or dimmed, bright white light while doing treatment, no essential ooil smell like others, no music, no NOTHING. NO warm TEA. they will put a heat pad afterwards on your eyes. i didn tlike the heat pad. for the eye bojin, it was okay, but she used oil around my eyes and i had eyelash extensions on, told her to be careful around it she say its alright she will wipe off later. ?? hello that would be equivalent to dissolving n removing of my lashes right, + the heat frm the heatpad , my lashes all drop by chunks aft im home.

    the place gave me a not so cosy feeling, and she even asked me to do $98 treatment instead of $68 one becos my scalp was very inflamed. i am skeptical but whatever la. jus try. then end up the stupid extra $30 was for the herbal head soup bath??

    she left me alone for 25 minutes in the room with that stupid hair water thing, yes i was looking at my phone the whole time, doesnt help that their shop;s reception was so bad i cant even use whataspp.

    the water turned cold after 5 minutes so idk what herbal they talking about. totally useless. to be fair the massage was okay but it was really short. and then comes the part where other;s also complained, i have never went to a spa salon where they dry your hair lying down… she still tell me their shop alot alot of customers and they r the first to do head spa in sg. ok wtv

    my hair wasnt even dry la hor and she didnt comb my hair + fringe and back of hair all wet. never put oil nothing. i walk out looking like a lion. $98 my foot. my hair / scalp doesnt even smell nice for the very least. at least other head spa feels good and smell nice. they recently pushed alot of ads out. so if you saw pls dont go, a very waste of $98. i would pay $38 for this at most

    -coming from someone that frequently visits head spa.

    i have pictures but i will not attach them but its almost the same as other bad reviews.

    edit: the therapist while showing me the other side of my scalp she pushed my head inwards against her breast and scanned my scalp, and blocking my eyes at the same time with another arm holding scanner, it was very speechless and uncomfortable. lol

  • marilyn soong
    2 weeks ago

    Bao Bao skill was very good. It is real lymphatic drianage massage. Moxibustion bust and stomach was very good

    Especially the Bust one.

    2 weeks ago

    (I have been doing facials and body detoxification here for a long time. Lina is very patient and has a great attitude👍🏻 She helped me do full-body detoxification and cupping, and I felt much better after that.)

    这里做facial和全身排毒很久了。 丽娜很有耐心,态度也很好👍🏻 她帮我做了全身排毒和拔罐后真的会舒服很多

  • Buffel 2009
    2 weeks ago

    Terrible experience! The renovation was unbelievably loud, and the bed felt like a rock. Absolutely no relaxation or comfort. The worst part is that I was exhausted but couldn’t even manage to fall asleep. I opted for a head spa and an additional lymphatic massage. The massage was excruciating, and the masseur insisted on using various tools that left my skin sore. Massage skills rated 3/10, and the cupping session dragged on forever. To top it off, my friend also had a 2 hours “lympathic massage” which was a terrible experience and rated his masseur 1/10. Not worth the price of $397 in total. The salon was at BLk 186#02-424 toa payoh Centre 310186 (2floor).

  • Megan Tan
    2 weeks ago

    Have been visiting them for the past few months, with Wendy attending to me at every session! Really nice lady who helps me identify all my pain problems in my body 😃 Very sincere in helping me, no hard selling and im very grateful that there are better results after every session. Really recommend if you’re having any problems with your body and health!

  • Joanne Mei
    3 weeks ago

    (Highly recommend Wendy’s hand techniques and skills~it’s really good!)


  • Sheryl S
    3 weeks ago

    I am a customer close to 2 years now and I must say I have been really pleased with Wendy’s excellent services (Lymphatic drainage and Bojin).

    Her expertise and intuitive approach ensure that each session is tailored to my specific needs, providing both relaxation and relief. Wendy’s attention to detail and commitment is evident in every massage session, making her a true professional. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone seeking a top-notch massage therapist!

  • klkl kl
    3 weeks ago

    (The beauty salon I have been visiting for a long time

    Highly recommend the moxibustion service here

    Very attentive)




  • vivian liang
    3 weeks ago

    (I do body detoxification and moxibustion at least once a month. The physical therapist Yingying helped me with the lymph node detoxification massage and her technique was very good. The massage and moxibustion acupuncture points are very accurate! Keep in good health and avoid getting sick!)


  • Foo Sze Hwee
    3 weeks ago

    Really refreshing head spa!

  • Shirlene Foo
    3 weeks ago

    Great experience here!

  • Jingwen Liu
    3 weeks ago

    Comfortable place for massages n good choices for taking naps

  • Fanny Chew
    3 weeks ago

    (Amy’s approach is really



    Amy 的手法真的



  • JiaWen Ng
    3 weeks ago

    Amy was good in the 头疗. Really enjoy when doing. Recommended. Her massage was good too.

  • Felicia W
    4 weeks ago

    The best place to get head spa and lymphatic drainage massages! A must visit at least twice a month – seen drastic improvement in my overall health and quality of sleep. Definitely highly recommended.


  • Cynthia Tudanca
    2 months ago

    I was served by 丽娜.She was a very professional masseur. I always very relaxing, comfortable having a massage session here. Therefore, I always look for, 丽娜who is very attentive and has great massage skills.

  • Gerrain Ang
    2 months ago

    I was recommended by a friend to try their lymph massage and it was done by Wendy one of their best therapists. Subsequently i have tried their meridian head spa when I happened to experience bad headache. I am very satisfied with her skill and experience, great relaxing feeling after the treatment.

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