Ekseption Body Resurfacing Micro Peel & Milk

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Body Whitening Peel
400ML / 13.5 FL.OZ.
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A new way to consider body moisturising with this new treatment. Not only the skin on the face needs exfoliation to fight against the signs of ageing. The skin on the body is also showing laxity and blemishes with time on top of dryness. This product combines a micro-peel and a rich milk.

Gluconolactone produces a gentle exfoliation day after day while tranexamic acid reduces blemishes and even the skin tone. Sodium lactate and Galicare bring moisture and nutrition. After few days of use the skin feels softer and deeply moisturised..



– Gluconolactone

– Tranexamic acid

– Sodium lactate

– Galicare (Ecocert lactic acid ester)



– Nourishing and moisturising.

– Skin firming.

– Restores a high skin hydration.

– Reveals a smooth skin texture after few applications.

– Reduces the appearance of skin discoloration and blemishes.

– Formulated in an exclusive liquid texture to increase the penetration into the skin



A bi-fasic formula consisting of a micro-peel in the bottom phase and a nutritive emulsion in the upper phase. The product has to be shake to mix both phases before application. A new type of product that combines 2 products in the same container. This allows the customer to save time and apply 2 products at one time. Each product remains visible and identifiable in the bottle.



The product is easy to use, shake the bottle to mix the 2 phases and spray over the body every day after shower. Finish by massaging the product till absorbed.

36 reviews for Ekseption Body Resurfacing Micro Peel & Milk

  1. Jenny Siew

    Just what I’ve been looking for! It keeps my body skin moisturised and exfoliated. My body skin even looks much younger and much smoother!! XD

  2. Ailing99

    Nice smell. Fast shipping too! Will buy again after I finished using!

  3. Loi78987342


  4. Evelyn Chu

    My skin feels smoother after using the product. Can recommend to others!

  5. Hui plng

    Delivery is quick . This peel is hydrating and moisturising . It does not too thin my dry skin.

  6. Jiaxing29

    Very good ! Received in 1 day ! Happy with purchase.

  7. Priya

    2nd purchase. good stuff!

  8. syed7771

    So far this is positive, will feedback again if it is negative

  9. Yee Tian

    This is good to refine the skin texture. I have loose creepy skin on my tummy area and always feel softened and whiter after using this.

  10. janice0J

    Long expiry date and super fast delivery! Will order again soon👍

  11. EdithToh1986

    Help to reduce my back blemishes. Product arrived good and well packed too! Great deal!

  12. D3D

    Happy to receive it. The milk peel keeps my skin soft and moist but I feel it is a bit ex, anyway I will use only once a week so hopefully can last 6 months or longer.

  13. Shi Yi

    Nice rich milk, clean and hydrated after using in the shower. Thank you facial Singapore for this wonderful product.

  14. Siti

    I can only say that I am satisfied, it really smells good 🍦 it makes my skin super soft 💖 The only negative is the high cost when it’s not on sale. So, the product is good, I would buy it again but only if it’s on sale again.

  15. Andrea Lee

    Can see improvements after using in shower. I love this and never want to be without it. Thank you Facial Singapore.

  16. Adilene

    You won’t be disappointed. Delivery was quick, product was also packaged as well. Love, love, love the body peeling milk. I definitely recommend.

  17. sunshineprincess

    Happy with the purchase of this body peel and milk . Have used it with improved skin quality. Thank you facial singapore.

  18. Coco00

    Received earlier than expected and functioned as expected, bought this to help exfoliate the dead skin on my body and I’m just glad it worked well as this is the reason I bought this product for.

  19. countrygirl2023

    I have used several different brands of body milk. This is the best one I have ever used and recommend this product . It is medical grade and quite different from the other products available in the marketplace It makes my skin so smooth and silky after using. It does keep your skin hydrated and visibly removes dead skin.

  20. Shu Feng

    Easy to use and apply. After application magic happens. Turn my skin glowing and smooth.

  21. Lise

    Surpassed my expectations Perfect!

  22. barpvi

    Literally a godsend! I love it!

  23. Linawati

    I‘m indonesian chinese and have a medium skin tone. I am looking for body products to help lightening of my body skin, I looked into the ingredients for the body resurfacing milk and found Gluconolactone and Tranexamic acid , these are great ingredients to help lightening! The exfoliation also helped the skin lighten at the same time. I am happy I bought this!

  24. Jiayi

    After using it just a few times noticed good results. Can buy.

  25. Caihong

    Tried last night and like it. Will continue trying and hope can get the good results.

  26. pws4110

    Arrived very quickly. I never expect it to be this fast. First time purchased here. Must take care both the skin on face and body. Hope can get good results.

  27. misssg

    Repeat buy to Facial Singapore. My orders came in perfect condition. Reasonable pricing too.

  28. Shirley Yeo

    Lightens skin quite effective., Doesn’t leave greasy residue after rinse., Keeps skin moisturized all day long., Leaves skin feeling smooth and pampered.,

  29. Jupitar24

    Wasn’t sure what to expect , however, pleasantly surprised! The milk is unique with the top opaque and bottom clear , got to shake well before use.

  30. Luxxng

    Really nice. Now with discount and is AMAZING

  31. yourweddingplanner

    This is great! Very easy to use and just what I was looking for. Remember to shake before each use, Thank you!

  32. Swain Neo

    Hugh bottle! it will definitely last me a long time even when u apply on the entire body. Thanks so much!

  33. JennyKuan33

    The product is perfect for me as what i was expecting. Thank u..

  34. Ariana0000

    I use it twice weekly, It is also good to use after swimming, the skin is immediately pleasantly smooth and soft.

  35. Evangeline. Ng

    very very good and make skin look fair and nice .

  36. Jin Ling

    Item arrived at expected time and was very good

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