Ekseption Hyaluronic Flavonoids Serum (Hesperidine methyl chalcone 1% / ET-vitamin C 0.5%)

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Concentrated serum for eye contours & micro circulation

75 ML / 2.53 FL.OZ.

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An active serum to improve micro-circulation with 2% of XS hyaluronic acid, HMC (1%) and 0,5% of ET-vitamin C. The serum can be use pure as treatment for many indications involving inflammation and micro-circulation or mixed with other serum to prepare a more specific and personalised product.

The formulation is one of the most skin and eco-friendly. All ingredients in the product are issued from renewable source and the product is packed in a simple and 75 ml bottle to reduce wastes. An ecological and responsible skin care that is not making compromise on results. This is as close as you can get, in terms of respect of the environment and skin friendly.

Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in large concentrations in citrus fruits, including lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Shortly, the theory behind the hesperidin skin benefits is pretty much related to its flavonoid content. Hesperidin is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, whitening and improves micro-circulation. The most important of hesperidin is for sure its positive effect on blood vessels, it delivers impressive results after few applications on eye bags and dark circles in particular.

Lastly, the most interesting about HMC are his anti-inflammatory properties. Since it fights free radicals, HMC can soothe inflammations caused by oxidative stress, preventing skin cells damage. This accelerate skin healing, reduce redness but has strong positive effects on blood vessels.

HMC can reduce the blood leakage from vessels by 45% reducing inflammatory messengers. This is a unique property found only in this active ingredient and that can help to treat rosacea, couperosis, eye bags and dark circles in a very short period of time.

In our serum, HMC is complemented by other active ingredients to provide additional effects on skin moisture and free radical protection. XS Hyaluronic acid has a very low molecular weight that increase permeation through the skin compared to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It rejuvenates the skin by improving its visco elastic properties and significantly decreases deep wrinkles.

ET-Vitamin C is a multi-functional vitamin C derivative with excellent whitening, anti-oxidation, free radical- scavenging and collagen boosting effect. It exhibits strong inhibition effect on melanogenesis, reduces dark spots and age spots, fights photoaging by interfering with inflammatory cytokines and reverse ROS production to achieve free radical scavenging purpose.

The serum can be mixed in any proportion with other mixlab serums to create a personalized formulation with additional benefits.



– XS hyaluronic acid (2%).

– Hesperidine methyl chalcone (1%).

– ET-vitamin C (0,5%).

– Fruity acids blend (1%).



– Reduce skin inflammation.

– Improve skin micro-circulation.

– Reduce rosacea couperosis.

– Reduce eye bags and dark circles.

– Reduce free radicals.

– Reduce pigmentation.

– Prevent photo-ageing.

– Improve the skin texture.

– Micro-exfoliate.



One of the most natural and skin friendly you can find on the market as it is reduced to only active ingredients. The formulation is a water based gel that is thicken using only low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, no additional thickener or gum is added to reach the product viscosity. The touch is soft and non-sticky unlike most serums. The serum feels rich and nutritive despite it is oil-free.

To preserve the formulation we created the best environmentally and skin friendly preservative system. It is an aqueous dispersion of organic acids and natural fruit acids exhibiting a broad spectrum activity against bacteria, yeast, mould and fungi. The product is alcohol and solvent free.

We designed this preservative system for the most skin friendly formulations with low pH values.

The preservative system also contains naturally sourced, GMO free Propanediol which provides improved skin moisturisation characteristics, in addition to boosting the efficacy of the preservative.



Apply a few drops of serum once or twice daily after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating. At night, layer with other treatment products as needed; during the day, finish with a sunscreen.

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47 reviews for Ekseption Hyaluronic Flavonoids Serum (Hesperidine methyl chalcone 1% / ET-vitamin C 0.5%)

  1. sweetygirl476362

    This works incredibly well! I have been using it consistently for 2 months and I get so many compliments on my skin from my friends. I love that it is clean and it has Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in it, too. I have sensitive skin, but this doesn’t irritate me. It also helps to get rid of my dark eye bags.

  2. Glenda Lee

    Delivery is fast. Good for sensitive skin

  3. Robbie Johnson

    Finally found a product that actually does what it says. I am very happy with the results it has given me. The only downside is that it is quite expensive, but it is worth the money. However, the shipping and delivery is quick.

  4. PeiLi79

    Can see immediate reduction in the appearance of creepy skin. Feels promising!!

  5. ChewYuTing

    Good. High potency and does not sting. Face look brighter too.

  6. glovi

    Not bad. Skin looks more plump.

  7. ALGUZ

    Product came as expected, Securely wrapped. Serum is quite effective. Thank you

  8. Lee7584x3231

    Heard lots of positive reviews from this brand. Volume is good. can use a long time.

  9. morethanenuff

    Feels good to apply. Thank q FS

  10. billmaili

    Superb , bought one more for friend.

  11. Veris On

    Lightweight , nice texture, doesn’t feel sticky, fast absorbed. 10 stars

  12. Cik97

    Previously tried the sample of this in an aesthetic spa and loved it! Return buyer and its a great product indeed!

  13. Chui Heng

    Not the first time buying from this store and always have pleasant experience with the super fast delivery.

  14. HuangShiTng

    Love this brand it works and quite affordable too.

  15. Huxley46

    Great to have this wonderful, multi-use, multi-purpose serum , I use it underneath my make up daily. Its very healing for the skin!!!!

  16. Marley Chan

    The serum is gentle & hydrating, it helps to give skin a protective barrier thats rich is vitamins!

  17. zuhari

    Product looks to be fine. Will take more time to tell the effect.

  18. mrsrudolf

    Tested and very satisfied.

  19. Melanie Chia

    This flavonoids serum is truly what I needed. The air con in my office is drying out my skin and i am going through menopause with alot of hormonal change but putting this on in the daytime and night time along with the ice cream repair cream has left my face smooth and feeling fresh all day. Definitely will return for more.

  20. epanong

    Delivery was right on schedule. Thanks seller for the amazing serum!

  21. Aditya

    Seems promising 👌

  22. natoling

    I have combi skin, this serum works well on me. Have tried for a month now and could see improvements on my lines and texture. Would purchase again

  23. tancarol1322

    First time try. hope it works for my skin. heard from friends this product is good. texture is light and delivery is quick.

  24. 20bpou64t6

    Facial Singapore service is very fast, thank you . Good packaging.

  25. Gloria Wong

    Awesome It came early thanks.

  26. Junechristol

    Notice a change within a few days. My skin is softer and looks more radiant! Highly recommend this product!

  27. ngo79

    Quality as per description. Fast shipping.

  28. babara0101

    A good place to shop and buy. Thank you Facial Singapore.

  29. Jaslin Sim

    Have been using for a couple months on my eye area and is part of my regimen staple now!! It’s been keeping the skin around my eye looking ageless. No more dark eye rings! Love them and cant wait to see what I look like as I continue to use them. Recommend.

  30. Myriane

    This product is pretty good. really moisturizes and good for sensitive skin! My skin did not break out or get irritated after using this product. And it also does not have a scent, which is a major plus!

  31. Xinwan

    This is so easy to apply and best of all completely non-sticky.

  32. Ethel Xia

    Genuine products, came as promised.

  33. Low0o

    Cant wait to try it out after seeing all the good reviews, thank you facial singapore !

  34. hannah

    It’s highly recommend. 👍

  35. Shaina Leong

    Deliver came from Singapore and was indeed fast, received faster than estimated date, well package. This is my 3rd purchased, and will be back again.

  36. Truc2121

    Light serum, refreshing to apply on the skin and easy to use, no irritation.

  37. Asahise

    Use it for both eye area and face with no problem. don’t hesitate! is good product!

  38. Mohamed Noor


  39. Romee

    I am always very busy, so I needed to order something effective and quick to use… this product is FABULOUS! has a very light, natural scent and best of all its not oily. It makes your skin bright and radiant!

  40. Chun Hong

    This is an awesome serum I am using daily and liking it alot!

  41. Yvette Tay

    My favorite serum. Skin and eye area looking brighter each day!

  42. Jushaim3303

    I don’t appreciate the scent of this serum I probably could have gotten something better for the price.

  43. Ammai

    Love this brand!

  44. Kristopher Tan

    My wife’s favourite so far!

  45. EVRV

    Use it around eyes , can really see the skin around getting better. Hope my eye bags will be gone when I use longer.

  46. Ying Hui

    Thank you for the serum and really nice serum and non-sticky will try more of this brand to use thank you

  47. Divina70

    Very good!

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