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  • Juan Tan
    2 years ago

    Came here for the massage. Here are my views.

    The place is clean. I really appreciate the cleanliness. Walking around barefoot as required, I did not find myself stepping onto any stones, debris etc. It was pretty much like walking in your own home.

    The place was generally quiet and peaceful. Not serene, just quiet. Serenity requires more than low noise. The cafe food also looked relatively cheap. Did not try it as I was just on time for the massage.

    Booked a 2hr session, inclusive of a 30mins hot compress. This is where things went downhill.

    Before the massage, we were made to fill up a form on areas on the body we wish to have more time spent on massage and areas to avoid. There was also an indication of strength desired.

    We entered the room and was made to do the usual massage routine. Change, choose ur essential oil etc. The massage table was nice and large, sturdy and did not creak.

    Soon the massage began and here are my comments.

    1) masseuse ended up asking on the areas of my body to avoid despite already indicating so. I only indicated to avoid my thigh frontal area, wasnt that hard to remember.
    2) i also indicated on places to concentrate; my shoulders and back. But more time were spent on my legs and calves than my back. The shoulder massage was vague clenching presses and was absolutely pathetic.
    3) I indicated hard strength. So she used her elbows. Made sense. I asked her to lower her strength as her elbows were really sharp. Not only the strength was reduced, massage style was also changed. Came lame vague body presses and kneading.
    4) supposed 30mins warm compress turned out to be almost a good 45mins to 1hr of warm compress dabbing. During this warm compress there was NO massage. Just taking the warm compress towel and dabbing your body. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I could do the same by standing in a hot shower for 5-10mins.
    5) massage strokes were short and brief. It was like having a cat knead on you, only stronger. I did not enjoy it a single bit.

    1) Fair use if oil, masseuse did not scrimp on the oil usage. She used as and when needed.
    2) Towel clean up after massage was done well, most oil places were cleaned.
    3) quiet masseuse. No small talk, and was always doing something massage related. Did not disappear for toilet breaks.
    4) ginger tea post-massage was delicious.

    I’ll say this. I went in with a tight neck. I came out with a tighter neck and a wallet that did not feel like it got it’s money worth.

    Crowd for the onsen was about 30-40yo.

    Will not recommend for the massage. Unsure for onsen.

  • vargini Ledchumykanthan
    2 years ago
  • Keith Lin Junyong
    2 years ago

    Been a member for few years now. Definitely a good place to relax yourself in the fast pace life in sg. Members get 15% discount on food at the cafe. Their specialty onsen spa will change from time to time! Looking forward to it.

    By the way, the food here is awesome and with the discounts. Highly recommended!

  • Prema Devi
    2 years ago

    I had a wonderful experience here. Friendly staff, a variety of lovely onsens, yummy food and pleasant and clean facilities. Worth many tries.

  • Juhee Lim
    2 years ago

    clean and nice

  • zoey yuen
    2 years ago

    -was clueless when i saw the no shoes beyond this point sign at the entrance. should state of website to put shoes in lockers provided before checking in.

    -onsen facilities werent as amazing as i expected, other than the silk bath and steam room, the rest of the baths felt like heated swimming pools, also because of the slight chlorine smell.

    However considering the affordable price ($40.66) for a whole day, its very worth it. took my time trying out every bath, facilities were very clean and the signs made everything easy to understand!

    -black disposable bra and underwear provided, dont have to strip naked in the onsen if you dont want to.

    -went on a monday afternoon and there were around 20 people in the onsen, shower area and locker room.

    -the staff at both the cafe and onsen were very helpful and friendly, one of the malay cleaner aunties saw me struggling with my obi (yukata sash) and helped me to tie it, i felt so loved 10/10 customer service haha. for a more seamless experience, practice at home before coming.

    -hair tonic, body lotion, conditioner, hairdryer all provided.

    -resting lounge was so comfortable that i fell asleep for 1h+ .

    -I tried the unagi ochazuke ($13 something) and manga smoothie ($6 something) both were delicious, but the ochazuke is not worth it if you are looking for something filling (at least need 2 bowls to feel full).

    -stayed for about 5 hours with the onsens, eating, and napping. even went back for another dip after my nap, felt so refreshed and relaxed by the time i left, much needed break.

    overall, im very satisfied and feel that its definitely a worthwhile experience! affordable price and up-to-standard facilities. however, front desk staff could be more friendly (no eye contact/smile) and could be more first-timer friendly by providing instructions on how to wear the yukata, cafe food is also a little expensive, but delicious.

  • Nora Aziz
    2 years ago

    Facilities are clean, hygienic and we’ll kept. Food was delicious. Staff are dedicated in ensuring no mobile phones are brought into public baths, and where there were errant guests, staff had handled the situation professionally. I am very pleased and certainly will be a return customer.

  • JC
    2 years ago

    Around $40 per pax. Ex but still acceptable. Got a couple of different onsens, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room. Not many places in Singapore have so just go.

  • Keith Sim
    2 years ago

    Having visited the Bangkok Yunomori Spa, this is a much smaller establishment compared to the Bangkok one. The onsen pool is slightly smaller, perhaps missing the outdoor pool and magnesium pool. Locker room is pretty small but well equipped although the lockers are really too small to be useful. Food wise needs improvement. There is lounging area but the aircon really not working well.. and too stuffy to rest there.

  • SH
    2 years ago

    First time here and it was truly impressive! We took the massage and onsen access set menu which is really worthy in our opinion.

    Convenient location, just right out of stadium station and follow the direction signage to Yunomori. Fast check-in process. Clear instructions inside the onsen area and many staff to help you out. My friend was very satisfied with the skill of the masseur.

    Definitely worth a visit and we will be back!

  • Li Hui C
    2 years ago

    The onsen area had 1 cold pool, 4 warm pools (silk bath, Sakura bath, hydrogen bath and massage bath) and 1 sauna. It was also smaller than expected. Nonetheless, it served the purpose of soothing aching muscles. I also went for the Thai massage and the therapist was very skilful. The staff were very kind and even offered to take a photo of myself posing with the Yukata. I enjoyed myself during the session but perhaps was not used to the quick changes of hot vs cold water treatment so I fell sick after.

  • Tina Leung
    2 years ago

    Clean, well maintained. Big group came in and left their towels and shower caps all over the onsen areas and were generally noisy and annoying, but I was too zen at this point to care very much. Their mess was cleaned up soon after they created it

  • stella H
    2 years ago

    Cafe’s fried items for the past 2 weeks somehow have not been as good as they used to be. Resting area seats are getting old & sunken in. Baths are as good as they come. Steam room’s tiles are getting loose…would be better if there’s a constant well of water (instead of a tap & basin) for users to just scoop & splash on the seats after use. Majority do not do that too. Anyway, whole experience depends a lot on the quality of the other onsen-goers. If u r looking for tranquility, pray that u dun run into a bunch of noisy girls screaming and aunties that chat incessantly in their loudest voices. Oh & good luck on meeting the odd one or two who drench themselves w their headache-inducing perfumes & don’t wash themselves well from head to toe before coming into the onsen area AND worst, the supposedly nice orange scented steam room. The staffs were informed, but apparently nothing was done. Steam room remained stale perfume filled for an hour or so till I couldn’t take it & had to leave the establishment earlier than planned.

  • Frame Nawapol
    2 years ago

    Best staff I ever met Jey is kind and care about customer make good vibe and make atmosphere more relax. ????

  • Jamster
    2 years ago

    Epic experience. Got myself the platinum membership!

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