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  • wengfai chun
    2 months ago

    (After the involution, I dragged my tired body through this store, and then I went in on a whim to soothe my skin. The masseur Vivi was amazing, her skills were better than those of others, she was humorous and spit out lotus flowers, and she felt refreshed in the blink of an eye. Seeing that this place is comfortable and pleasant, even better than a paradise among flowers, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed. It’s getting late and I’ll see you tomorrow.)


  • Alex 9889
    2 months ago

    Feel very comfortable today with Ling Ling, she have a good massage skill, make my body relax and full energy. Pls look for Ling Ling if u wan a good massage.

  • Chaiya kitti
    3 months ago

    Baby is a gorgeous and polite therapist that has applaudable customer service with excellent massaging skills that was able to relieve the pain and sore on my body especially my calf. In the past, whenever I went to Yue Yan for massaging, I had different female therapists, and after I have met Baby, I realize that none is as good as her. Because of Baby’s attentiveness in massaging and friendliness in serving me, I am very comfortable and in future whenever I return to Yue Yuan, Baby will be my only appointed therapist. Thanks

  • Frank Chen
    3 months ago

    Ling Ling massage method strong that she also is pretty and nice girl~ welcome every one to find her

  • Huey Cin
    3 months ago

    Great relaxing massage experience with Vivi.

    Recommend to relieve your stress for the day. Best service ever!

  • patrick chua
    3 months ago

    Busy for so many month.

    Whole body aching.

    Today very lucky to meet Ling Ling.

    Good skill at massaging.

    During chatting get to know she is professional train in massage.

    Massage is good & hit the aching point.

    She is pretty & always smiling.

    Really a good gem not to be miss

  • wee yeow huang
    3 months ago

    (I’ve been working overtime for several days and I haven’t been able to sleep well. I ended my work early today and came over to work for a full-body SPA massage. When I met vivi, my body relaxed a lot. The gentle voice and professional massage techniques are one of the best relaxation options. Next I will definitely go to vivi this time. I had a wonderful sleep after the massage. It was so comfortable.)


  • 神之一手夜
    3 months ago

    (I came to vivi on the strong recommendation of a friend. This store is very convenient to the subway station. It only takes 5 minutes to get off the Green Line Lavender Station. The store has a variety of set meals to choose from. I chose 60 minutes.
    Vivi’s massage is really good. She is professional, attentive and skilled, and takes no time at all. She looks better in person than in the photos. I will recommend other friends in need to seek vivi massage when I have time next time.)



  • 雷Lightning
    3 months ago

    Massaged by: Mia

    Looks: 9/10 (met expectations)

    Figure: 11/10 (super exceed expectations)

    Personality: 12/10 (super good to chat with, set up a great atmosphere)

    Massage 11/10 (strong but soft hands, super skills, 100% feel super good)

    First time here, super lucky meet Mia.

    Super nice to chat, put me at ease.

    Massage was super relaxing, cannot ask for more.

    She say good massage like strike lottery.

    I say, got her as my first massage is I strike lottery.

    Venue was abit old, but at least the walls werent peeling where I was. The massage totalle made up for this though.

    10/10 satisfied.

  • Wong Waikit
    3 months ago

    LingLing is very patient, the process of careful and careful, good technique, sweet smile, soft voice, easy to reduce stress, let me feel very comfortable

  • Ddp 1997
    3 months ago

    The place is clean and Mia is very skillful & professional and no upselling.

  • Kek Chee Yong
    4 months ago

    (LingLing have rich professional knowledge and have in-depth research on various massage techniques and theories. She can provide personalized massage services according to individual needs. LingLing also have a very good service attitude. She always maintain a smile and patience and are able to establish relationships with guests. Her good communication makes people feel welcome. LingLing is worth recommending to everyone)


  • 王哈
    4 months ago

    Here, every massage is a unique experience. Nina gives me a different surprise every time. I am very happy and will support you again next time.

  • Kiam Phua
    5 months ago

    (Chenchen’s massage technique is very good, her technique is skillful, and understood what I truly wanted. Mainly, her strong and accurate acupunture point massage makes people feel very comfortable and relaxed. It can quickly relieve physical fatigue and discomfort, making me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommended!)


  • Devis Ong
    7 months ago

    (Waste of money, not worth it)

    浪费消费 不值得

  • Daniel Lim
    9 months ago

    Environment 4/10

    Hygiene 3/10

    Massage Service 5/10

    Customer service 2/10

    Everything is rated so bad !

    Massage was still okok but the attitude and customer service of their staff, really sucks! Thought of relaxing after a long day of work but end up got sarcasm from them! I’m paying for your service, not your attitude. Excuse me ladies, u all came all the way to sgp to earn a living, so please be more professional and at least know where u standing at! Especially that gal named Chen Chen, worst attitude I ever saw!

    Guys… If u wanna have a relaxing massage, please dun come here. If u wan, come at your own risk then. I cannot guarantee your blood boils or not.

  • Chris Chan
    9 months ago

    Renovated. Unlike the review photo, my room was clean. Although ceiling paint is peeling, suspected from moisture from the bathroom. Massage was excellent as i informed the therapist where i wanted her to focus on.

  • Jerry Leow
    1 year ago

    (The masseuse Amanda speaks softly and her massage skills are very good and comfortable. She also cooperated with me if I wanted to massage my legs more. It is a highly recommended masseur and she is also very beautiful.)


  • Hyunji Cho
    1 year ago

    (Definitely not recommended. I paid almost $150 for a 90 minute massage. This is similar to the price of a hotel per day. But overall, the hygiene in the room was not good, which was unpleasant. It smelled like mold… 😢 But that doesn’t mean the massage skills are good. It’s just a pat on the back. I stopped by because I was tired on the first day of my trip, but I don’t have a very good memory. It’s a waste of money ㅠㅠㅠ I’m crazy ㅠㅠ

    Oh, and it was very noisy throughout the massage. Suddenly, they are doing construction work and talking loudly among themselves… I really regretted paying…)

    명확히 비추천합니다. 90분 마사지를 받는데 거의 150$를 냈습니다. 이정도면 호텔 하루값이랑 비슷해요. 하지만 전반적으로 방의 위생이 좋지 않아서 불쾌했어요. 곰팡이 냄새가 너무 나더라고요…😢 그렇다고 마사지 실력이 좋은 것도 아니에요. 그냥 토닥토닥하는 수준이에요. 여행 첫날에 피곤해서 들렸는데 썩 기억이 좋지 않네요. 돈 아까워 ㅠㅠㅠ 내가 미쳤지 ㅠㅠ

    아참, 그리고 마사지 받는 내내 너무 시끄러웠어요. 갑자기 공사 같은거 하고 자기들끼리 크게 떠들고요…진짜 결제한거 후회했습니다…

  • Junyu Tu
    2 years ago

    Not recommending

  • Musho Pea
    2 years ago

    Disturbed by some of these reviews, I asked for someone strong and got ah mei. She is chatty but will seek your feedback to adjust her pressure level. She’s definitely strong and knows the pressure points and immediately spots knots to smooth them out! I chose to tolerate the pain and emerged feeling more loose and relaxed.

    Edit: place is kinda rundown and don’t forget to check Aircon temperature if you feel hot.

  • Orion Beltin
    2 years ago

    Actually the worst massage i have ever received. It appears that their masseuse are untrained and simply unskilled. This spa is almost akin to a scam whereby the reception will constantly try to upsell you in exchange for a horrible experience. An automatic massage chair can provide a much better massage experience than this place ever can. Also, seems like their 5 star reviews are bogus ratings created by their own people.

  • Jaycob Vanderson
    2 years ago

    Horrible place. Avoid like a plague. Walked pass their spa after having supper in the area and decided to give it a shot. Right from the start the counter staff consistently pushed for the higher priced package claiming it is the best and most common one that their customers choose. I conceded as I was in need of a massage.

    Subsequently, the massage was absolutely horrendous, the worst massage i have ever received from any spa. My masseuse was simply arbitrarily tapping all over my body, as if she was playing the piano, completely devoid of skill or technique. To make matters worse, she consistently fell asleep throughout the massage. At one point she sat on the chair and had her head on my back completely motionless for a good 3-4 minutes and after i woke her up and asked what is happening she said she is too tired. Thereafter, i when to the reception to ask for a partial refund or change of masseuse but the male receptionist simply said “sorry nothing can be done”.

    It is a given that sometimes it is a matter of luck on whether you receive a good masseuse. But shouldn’t any respectable establishment train all of their staff to adhere to basic customer service? Fervently avoid unless you want to play a game of masseuse roulette, leaving it to chance on whether you will get a decent masseuse.

  • Lester Poon Yu Da
    3 years ago

    First and foremost, don’t go to this spa if you want to have a peaceful massage without being upsell.

    2nd.. I was told that when I signed up for the 90 mins package, will be given either gua sha or ba guan. But end up none of it was given. When I asked the front desk lady, she said I have to tell the masseuse myself but when I ask the masseuse, she said she wasn’t told to provide that service.

    3rd, aircon was spoilt in the room, I was perspiring half way into my 90 mins massage.

    Overall if there is a negative star, I will not be hesitate to provide it…Terrible place to massage in. Totally wasted my $80 bucks

  • Gavin McCloy
    3 years ago

    Feeling like walking on the clouds after amazing relaxing body massage thank you so much lovely staff, very good service, lady at reception also very polite and smart and very friendly and very helpful 100 out of 10

  • Calvin Cai
    3 years ago

    Great massage will come back for longer sessions strength is great professional service.

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