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  • Kim E.
    1 year ago

    Worst nail spa i have ever been, my $50 gel polish was fly like that… before i decided to try their service i asked them clearly if they do removal of dry skin and they said YES! I chose the classic Gel polish not the express one, but i felt scam how fast she clean my nails,.. i keep telling her please remove the dry skin cos it’s gonna be painful later on cos i always remove it.. she keep telling me she did, but helllo…. This isn’t my first time! Worst service ever! Not worth every penny!

  • Jayce How
    1 year ago

    I come here for my nails almost every month…every time I don’t pick a manicurist…! Today was my worst experience.. Lisa was rough with my hands.. I told her that I wanted to cut round nails and didn’t specify to cut them short~ She cut them short and then rounded them…I thought to myself Forget it…the nails will grow…After that I chose the color I wanted, I made the cat’s eye number 34, she just glanced at it and said 43…I said no~ I want 34…He painted it out and I was dumbfounded on the spot. It wasn’t the color i chose…I picked up the color book and pointed it out to her. I chose this color~Why did you paint this color~It’s so ugly! I chose a lighter purple and white color, and she painted it pink! They are simply two different colors~ She also told me that this is the color I chose! The attitude is very bad ~ quickly cut my nails, I felt as if my hand was being cut! Quickly cut the dead skin… Then quickly applied the nail polish that I didn’t choose, and after 10 fingers were painted, I felt that my gel was not completely dry~she told me it was done! ! Am I not paying now? Why is it so bad! She painted the wrong color herself, and didn’t redo it~ She just picked up another color and wanted to stack it! The standard is too bad! I have been here for more than a year. From the new opening to the present~ Today is the worst color I have ever made. It is so ugly! This employee must learn again from scratch! ! Poor service!

    我几乎每个月都会到这里做指甲…每次我都不挑选美甲师…!今天是我最糟糕的体验…那位叫Lisa的 粗鲁对待我的手…我跟她声明我要剪圆形的指甲并没有要剪短~她却帮我剪短了再修圆…我心想 都算了…指甲会长的…之后我选了我要的颜色 我做了猫眼编号34号 她只看了一眼说43号…我说不是~我要34号…他涂了出来 我当场傻眼 不是我选的颜色…我拿起颜色书指给他看 我是选这个色~为什么你涂出来是这个色~难看到透顶!我选比较淡的紫白色 他涂出来是粉红色!简直就是两个不一样的颜色~他還跟我说 这就是我选的颜色!态度很不好~快速剪我指甲 我感觉好像要剪到我的手肉一样!又快速剪死皮…然后快速涂不是我选的指甲油 然后10只手指涂完后 我摸到我的GEL 還没完全干的~他就跟我说 好了!!我现在是没付钱吗?为什么如此的恶劣!自已涂错颜色 也没有从新做过~直接要拿起另外的颜色又从叠!水准太差了!我在这里关顾了1年多 从新开张到现在~今天是我做过最糟糕的颜色 难看透顶!这位员工必须从新去学习过!!差劲!

  • STORM Zepeto
    1 year ago

    Nails colors are very nice but I seriously think they need to work a lot on their hygiene. They used the Gel light machine that was used by other customers that had their FEET in it and * They Didn’t Even BOTHER TO CLEAN IT* and they used it on other customers to put their hands inside the light which I think it is seriously VERY VERY DISGUSTING AND GROSS. Other nails shops have a separate light machine for hands and feet which is way more cleaner and hygienic. Kindly work on this before anyone would to report it

  • Meako Tan
    2 years ago

    Happened to walk past and decided to try manicure for the first time. The manicurist is very nice and patient when i asked a bunch of questions as it was my first time doing my nails. She was very gentle and diligent while working on my hands eventhough one of my cuticle on my pinkie bled but i dont really mind as it was a small wound. She went ahead to apply medication on it. Overall quite like the service, my nails looks rly good.. will come back again :).

  • Jorene Ho
    2 years ago

    Had a pleasant manicure done by Jamie who provided an wonderful service, thanks for making my nails pretty! 🙂

  • Ms Kainy
    2 years ago

    Been visit to this nails place for few times and im really like to their service here. Feeling love with their nails art with reasonable price and cosy enviroment. Super recommend to you all who wish to have beautiful nails.

  • cheryl
    2 years ago

    i really enjoyed my time here, Zi Xin was very gentle and diligent during the entire process

  • T Vilaire
    2 years ago

    I did a classic gelish manicure and a classic normal (regular nail polish, not gelish) pedicure here.

    The pedicure was fine. The manicure was terrible. The nail tech assigned to me was so rough and spent such a long time filing my nails — not buffing, she used a nail file — that they became so thin and painful. There were a few points when I actually flinched my hands from her and she just took them back to continue grinding my nails thin. It’s been two weeks since then, and not only have my nails been tearing easily, but my nail beds have also been in constant pain every day since I got them done here.

    Please do not patronize this place if you care for your nail health at all; or if you do, please don’t be like me and speak up if you notice them doing something like this during the process. I should have spoken up but I felt bad — that was my mistake. Honestly not worth the pain.

  • Fiona Thong
    2 years ago

    Very friendly and hardworking staff who produce great works. Environment is very cozy too 🙂

  • Kiara Pwa
    2 years ago

    i’ve here q a number of times for my manicures done by both jamie and jia qi and i cn say this place does NOT disappoint! not only are both of them skilled and detailed with their work, the whole team is super helpful and accommodating.

  • Lynn Hou
    2 years ago

    I have been visiting vanity of nails for almost a year now. All their staff are experienced and helpful especially Jamie. She is very friendly and detailed with her art. My experience here is always a pleasant one! 😀

  • Yuen Si Kong
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended. Good service worthy visiting. The ladies there was friendly and funny. The package for mani and pedi was quite cheap as compared to others.

  • Gillian Chor
    2 years ago

    VON have never fail to impress me with their services and nail art talents by their manicurist Fiona, Jamie and Jiaqi. They provided excellent services and make customers feel welcoming. Range of nail colors are up to date. Environment is comfortable and the pricing is reasonable. I will definitely recommend my friends.

  • Peis Liew
    2 years ago

    They have reasonable promotions come with package which helped me to save a few bucks each time. Some of staffs have great skills in giving you a beautiful manicure and pedicure, and Jamie’s service is proven to be best thus far. You only need to who to ask for.

  • Su Luke
    2 years ago

    I’ve been here for Jamie! She really good do manicure extension (I really get alot fake 网红 recommendation bad manicurists experience) Been going to Jamie for few times, she never disappointed me. she always did pretty nail for me and super good skills doing all steps no hurt no hard sell. Super recommended ! Thanks Jamie ??

  • Bobbi Trazel Tan
    2 years ago

    I’ve been going here for years (gel, classic with design), good service, very skilled and friendly staff, and affordable. Been going to Jamie for a while now, and she never disappoints! They are always up for the challenge of doing difficult nail designs and I’m never disappointed. Highly recommend!

  • filine low
    2 years ago

    Their services are excellent, the manicurists are detailed in their nails arts. Both the shops are well-designed and seats are comfortable. Overall, this nail art shop is worth going to.

  • Ong Ying Jing
    2 years ago

    The customer service is wonderful. We do not has to wait long and they are very sincere in giving truthful suggestion of which colours that match my skin tone.

  • Olivia Teo
    2 years ago

    Happened to walk into vanity of nails at bugis+ . Jamie and Lu Ying attended to me and they did a fantastic job im in love with my nails and their service!! Will definitely be back. 🙂

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