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30 Reviews on “TD Spa (Traditional Thai Massage)”

  • Lynds ABR
    4 months ago

    I prefer kim !! She got strong pressure on me and i love it ,ever get another lady cant remember the name no pressure much which i told her 3x to for strong pressure as i have aver bad backache and stiff shoulder but no to respon.

    Kim is the best my preferance.

  • Alicia C
    5 months ago

    My masseuse was good but it wasn’t Thai massage. I was expecting Thai massage but it felt like a mixture.

    The place was a little rundown and bathrooms can be improved. However, for the location and price, this may be average.

  • Eugene Goh
    6 months ago

    Went w my wife and both of us are happy with the massage and service, given the price point. Opens till late

  • Mat Moto
    7 months ago

    High quality massages for a reasonable price. Please DON’T expect a high end spa with Balinese music and the scent of lemongrass incense. This is a basic but clean place and value for money. They speak simple English, there’s ample parking at the open lots and is walkable from the MRT. Recommended.

  • Alvin Ang
    9 months ago

    Very good massage finally by a Vietnamese small petite lady .够力到位。 will come again . 👍

  • Francesco Cenerini
    11 months ago

    Excellent service throughout including the happy endtraing extra

  • Raj Chhabra
    1 year ago

    The only major issue is that it’s not Thai massage place!! The masseurs are Chinese and that’s their style of massage. Nothing wrong it’s just that they are deceptive in their marketing. I even asked before paying at the reception if they do Thai massage and the guy lied on my face.

    Massage as such is clean and fine…just not Thai!!

  • Mandy Situ
    1 year ago

    Staff are polite.

    Place is clean & neat.

    Belle, the masseur, uses the right pressure & strength.

  • Cephas Jacob
    1 year ago

    Reasonable Priced, the people are friendly, good oil massage, will be back for more.

  • R. Perrie
    1 year ago


    First time going. Booked a session for my mum and me at 1050pm for 90mins. Told the lady I am looking forward to the massage as I heard good review- I am coming all the way from Tampines.

    Arrived around 1030pm and sat at coffeeshop to drink water and got a call- hello can shift to 1120pm? I said I was already outside 1120 quite late what happened? Plus I booked for 90mins! Got no bus later. Mentioned that a customer came late. I said, oh dear should have told them to shorten as you have other customer- or inform me earlier. ( i don’t think this is an unfair request- massage is at least 1hour long- u inform me only 20mins before for a 30min++ delay??)


    To which i hung up because no one should listen to such rudeness. Standards so low- apparently we must be happy they never ask money for booking and be grateful that they give a call when they the ones that screw up.

    There are many other places in this times of covid that need business- this place apparently business too good so staff can afford to be so rude to customer! MUST AVOID. Not worth the time.

    Edit: It is not the delay I was concerned about. It’s the fact that when I asked why there was a delay, that the staff began yelling at me (when I was not yelling in the first place) And even in the review reply, the staff is still yelling at me – which is very upsetting and why I would recommend no one visit this place as they have no decent respect in how they treat their customers.

  • Bhavani Shankar Mishra
    1 year ago

    My wife and I went for traditional Thai massage. And it was very relaxing. The masseuses were strong on the knots. Very well kneeded. Would definitely visit again.

  • Michael Lim
    1 year ago

    Sin Dee is very strong.

  • Aminur rashid Jainulabdeen
    1 year ago

    my wife and i visited the place and was attended by cindy and anne, both were great masseuse amd both of us enjoy the 1 hour massage service rendered.Kudos to the both of them.i will definitely visit the place again.

  • Dan Ismail
    1 year ago

    Went today 1st time. And they are good. Staff were friendly.

  • DiyaJayraj Paglinawan
    1 year ago

    The staff are very accommodating and consideration, I was late fory appointment cus I got lost( bad in direction) but still they give me a slot. Lucky it’s not busy day. Was attended by Ana, and she’s very good.. The best massage parlour I’ve been to.

    2 years ago

    Been today for first time, A very good and refreshing massage, highly recommend the place , got my back and shoulder pain fixed from Anne 😊

  • Sitalakshmi Ramasamy
    2 years ago

    I went there with too much pain in the neck and back. What a relief! Such a great place. Ann was super strong in her moves 👏 💪 will definitely come back

  • Kevin C
    2 years ago

    Came here with my wife. The massages are good and relaxing and of good value. More importantly, they found my wedding band (attached to my chain) and returned it quickly. Really 2 thumbs up.

  • Wan Hong Lau
    2 years ago

    I made an appointment. I made my all way up to the centre and was told no massager could serve me. They asked me to wait till 8pm (by the time it was 7:15pm).

    They seem unprepared of my session. I decided to walk it. It was a waste of my time.

  • nik tan
    2 years ago

    Very nice place for decent massage , 2nd time visiting – so far so good – have already introduce a few friend over to try , hopefully no disappointment

  • smartcookie
    2 years ago

    I was pleasantly surprised by the massage! Was convinced to visit this place due to the amazing reviews on Google and turns out, the ratings are indeed reliable.

    Made the booking via the online platform, received immediate confirmation.

    Had a relaxing massage and as with a traditional thai massage, it ended with an amazing neck and back crack (my fav part!).

    I believe they are able to keep prices low because they are situated in a neighbourhood area. Don’t let it deter you from visiting. You’ll definitely get a good bang for your buck. I’ll visit again. 👍🏻

  • Gwen Wong
    2 years ago

    Managed to finally try this place after hearing good reviews. Lucky they took my 2 x 60 min appointment at the last minute. Lynn did my Thai massage she was rlly fantastic! My husband did the oil massage and said his masseuse was also very very good.

    You may not expect such a good massage and service from how it looks but it’s really a gem! Will return

  • Cher
    2 years ago

    Had a backache. Went down for massage with Ann. Good firm pressure applied throughout massage. Back feels much better. Prices are reasonable . Will come

    Back again!

  • Mal C
    2 years ago

    This is not authentic Thai massage. The women aren’t trained. I asked for extra hard thai massage and was terribly let down. I wanted to walk out after 5 mins into the massage but was told that another massuse who could massage hard and well would be available in about 30mins. I waited as I had already prepaid. It was the most hyped up massage that left me disappointed and totally unrelieved. I felt more stiff after than I did walking in there. I asked for more pressure but received less pressure. I also asked for shoulders and traps but got my arms massaged instead. I asked for glutes and hamstrings but got my calves massaged instead. I then got told I should stretch everyday and that I worked on a keyboard that’s why I have tight traps. Both comments were not relevant as I do stretch everyday and I dont use a keyboard ever. Its like the massuse was making it up as she went along. She was saying how she has massaged for over 20years but she was atrociously inaccurate in her diagnosis and inaccurate with her massage. Both massuses were terrible. I wasted $55 and 90mins of my life there.

    In conclusion, this place is good for people who don’t know what thai massage is and who want untrained women hitting your spine with their elbow and not knowing anything about the human body. How this place has over a 4 star rating is beyond me.

  • jacky foo
    2 years ago

    Excellent Massage.

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