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  • Alice Siah
    1 month ago

    I went to Somma Beauty Spa for the face and back bojin trial today, my therapist, Catherine did a wonderful job! As this is the first time I did bojin for my back, I have to say it is really painful, and that is because my back is very stiff and tired. After the session, I could feel that my whole back is lighter and am pleased with the result. As for the face bojin, I am also very happy as it did have the lifting effect.

  • chong apple
    1 month ago

    Outstanding service and professionalism! Sommar offering great advice and guidance for a healthier lifestyle. Therapist was professional. The environment is clean and comfortable. Highly recommended!

  • Teng Teng Liew
    1 month ago

    Sylvia is very professional and I really enjoyed every time I am there for facial bojin. Felt very relax and comfortable leaving my face to her skilled hands!

  • yapchels
    1 month ago

    Bojin at Sommar Beauty with Reen as my therapist is a true gem. Her expertise is unparalleled and she ensures that I am 100% comfortable. I leave the place feeling cared, refreshed and rejuvenated! Thank you Reen for always taking care of me!

  • Alice Yen
    2 months ago

    The therapist named Vivian is just so professional 👍, I like the service that she provided. She is knowledgeable and passionate while explaining. Highly recommended

  • Liping
    2 months ago

    The environment and services at pacific plaza branch are great, staff are very nice and friendly. Feels very welcoming and comfortable ever since my first visit. Highly recommended as staff will also give you advice of some yangshen tips and remind you to self love yourself and take good care of our own health when we tend to forget.

  • Linda Perpectua Lim
    2 months ago

    This is my first time doing biojin, attended with my Sis & gf. My therapist Christine is very experience and also knowledgeable. I’ve chosen 2 parts, tummy and face. Its pretty painful at the beginning, starting with my tummy and there’s also a mineral mask for it.

    Then followed by my face and I can see the obvious lifting effect comparing both sides.

    Though my face, was pretty red after the treatment. I almost fell asleep b4 my mask was to be removed. I had free head bio jin which is also pretty painful. I learn from Christine that Sommar specializes in biojin.

    Overall, its a very good experience & a birthday treat from my Sis & my 3 Kakas.

    Lynn, the consultant shared with us that biojin originated from Taiwan which theirs is from Taiwan as well. She also shared their packages and offered us the smaller ones for first timers only. However, we didn’t commit.

    Actually, today ( day after, as editing my review ) I felt soreness & some bruise on my tummy & felt it on my head as well. Though what bothered me most is my face, the redness may’ve subside partially but my foundation can’t cover much for it as if I have pigmentations and I felt my face swollen. Though it maybe good treatments health wise but suffering the pain & all wun be something that I’ll go for. I remember asking for what to expect but wasn’t told that I may feel all this. Hence, giving first timer some expectations will be relevant.

  • L. Ophelia Lim
    2 months ago

    The therapist is very professional. I did a face bojin, the result is really good. After she completed 1 side, I was shown to compare both sides of the my face. Cheek was lifted as well as brow. Amazing.

    Also, my shoulder n neck din feel so stiff after.

    High recommend Sommar.

  • Joanne Soong
    2 months ago

    5 star for Catherine my therapist. She has great skills and knowledge. My body is responding well to treatment and health advices she gave!

  • Valerie
    2 months ago

    I chanced upon Sommar’s bojin treatment promotion on the 小红书 and decided to try it out since their Orchard branch was quite convenient for me anyway. I felt that their service was very meticulous, polite, and professional. 🙂 No hardselling as well. I was pretty much sold by their treatment service & decided to sign up for a package. They’re truly one of the better bojin outlets I’ve tried! 🙂

  • Samantha Lo
    2 months ago

    My therapist Rin really made my day. Face feels super clean after the personalised facial and I saw immediate result from the facial bojin. My face felt very relaxed and lifted. I highly recommend Rin !

  • Iris Wee
    2 months ago

    Saw many good reviews about Sommar and went ahead to book an appointment for their back bojin trial. My assigned therapist, Catherine, is very experienced and skilful. Throughout the session, she pinpointed my issues and ways to improve them in my daily life/diet. My stiff neck and back felt better after only one session. Definitely going back on a regular basis to improve my condition.

  • Valerie Chua
    2 months ago

    Had a trial session at Sommar Beauty. The Therapist Sylvia is very skillful and friendly. She will constantly check if the massage is ok. No hard selling, highly recommended!

  • 엄Hera
    2 months ago

    Love this! Must go!! If you don’t try, you wouldn’t know how much it’s good

  • Janice Nopvichai
    2 months ago

    Very good Bojin treatment, Sylvia is experienced therapist, good results. Reception is also friendly, I will return again

  • imma Abdullah
    3 months ago

    Been trying Boijin treatment for the first time in Oct 2023, started with face and back treatment and i must say its indeed a good experience. Thanks to Vivian and Lin for explaining to me the benefits of boijin treatment

  • stephanie wong
    3 months ago

    Highly recommended. After the 2 treatments, I could hardly walk or function because i was so relaxed. I tried their first time trial, the back bojin + womb rejuvcare. It was at a cheap rate. My masseuse (Katherine) was very knowledgeable and experienced. She explained the treatments to me and what i should and shouldn’t do and what i should and shouldn’t consume. She released all the knots in the areas with tension. The whole thing was 2hrs and the feeling i felt after was amazing that i am buying a package.

  • Si Ling
    3 months ago

    Love the bojin massage at Sommar. Vivian is very skillful and I always feel refreshed after the session.

  • Siti Mariam Ahmad
    3 months ago

    Thanks to my gf who introduced me to Bojin in Sommar. Aside from the soothing environment, & friendly team, the bojin treatment is fantastic. I recommend you to try before you start to fall in love with it. It gives much benefit to your own self.

  • Adeline Tan
    3 months ago

    I chanced upon Sommar on IG and decided to go for their trial sessions. The initial session was ‘overwhelmed (painful)’ but I saw the improvements almost immediately to my body after 2 sessions and decided to continue. I’m also very happy with Catherine – my therapist, her profound knowledge and dedication is on point and I’m happy to see the progress. The consultants are also very friendly and service oriented. Now after 8 months, I’m still enjoying my weekly sessions.

  • Ivy Chong
    3 months ago

    Always satisfied after a good bojin session at Sommar with therapist Reen. She is skilled and professional. She takes the extra effort to ensure I am comfortable during the session. Thanks Reen

  • mmy
    3 months ago

    Very Good Service! Nice

  • xingtian Tai
    3 months ago

    good services! nicely

  • Winnie
    3 months ago

    Always feel feathery light after my back bojin with therapist Slyvia. The customer service staff are also veey helpful and friendly.

  • Deborah Tay
    3 months ago

    Signed up for a back bojin package with them after trying out their trial. Vivian, who is my therapist, is very knowledgeable and thorough with my treatment. She takes the time to explain why certain parts of my back are more tensed than the others, and makes the effort to ensure there are no more blockages. I always feel less tensed after my session, and look forward to the next. Highly recommended!

  • R Tan
    3 months ago

    Had an hour back bojin with therapist Vivian, where she cleared the numerous blockages I had. This helped to relieve the tension I had on my back and neck areas for months. She was very meticulous and consistently checked in to ensure I do not feel any discomfort throughout the entire session. Overall, a great experience!

  • Theresa Lee
    3 months ago

    Started off with Fortune Centre but transferred to Pacific Plaza, under Sylvia. Professional service and amicable staff! Recommend for anyone who needs a good Bojin session! Find Sylvia!

  • Manpreet Kaur
    3 months ago

    Vivian is an amazing therapist. I have only signed up for bust but because I saw good results I even sign up for the face bojian. Highly recommend her. So polite and amazing technique

  • Jasmine Jazzmine
    4 months ago

    Best experience in bojin for my body with therapist Catherine. Its good to take good care of my body through traditional methods.

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