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21 Reviews on “So Spa by Sofitel”

  • Diane C
    1 year ago

    So Spa staff were very friendly even though I was late. The facilities are abundant with a jacuzzi and 2 small pools for swimming. The surroundings were beautiful but you can see it’s dated. The building itself is quite well maintained and clean but their outdoor area needs some tending. My massage therapist was skillfull and experienced.

  • Jean Koh
    1 year ago

    A very nice spa with good amenities.. Would give 5 stars if the skill of therapists could be better or reduce the price

  • Jacqui Windebank
    2 years ago

    This is an over priced let down of a spa. I sent my feedback directly to the Sofitel but their lack of response speaks volumes to the experience we had.

    The place is incredibly run down with holes in the floors covered by rugs. There is pieces of discarded broken furniture and old towels strewn around the outdoor area which is overgrown and unkept.

    The massage itself was ok but nothing special. The place feels like it is making money while waiting to shut down. I have no idea if that is the case but that’s how it felt.

    For over $200 I expect a lot better than this. Don’t waste your time and money.

  • binita sen
    2 years ago

    A beautiful resort spa located in sentosa island. Being here makes you forget all the rush of your busy life in Singapore. We took a couples package which comes with a meal at their restaurant Kwee Zeen. The staff at the restaurant as well the spa are very polite and patient.

    You can arrive at the spa from sofitel hotel by a shuttle service which connects the hotel, spa and harbourfront MRT.

    The spa starts with a gentle foot soak. You are allowed to try the three different oils available for oil massage. The massage is very relaxing and worth the amount charged.

    Post massage you are welcome to use the spa facilities which includes a lap pool, waterfall, jacuzzi and steam room. The facilities looked like they have seen better days. The management may need to spend more on maintenance.

    We visited on a weekday afternoon and it was expectedly not crowded. We felt like it was a private property booked solely for us.

    Given the fact we were looking for an afternoon of solitude and rest, i would say So Spa served as well :). We will definitely come back.

  • cindy teo
    2 years ago

    This is my 1st time spending $ on proper spa in #singapore and I must say, this is a very luxurious experience. We went there at 10am and left at 1.30pm. Enjoyed the full spa facilities – 75mins massage, hot and cold jacuzzi dip, massage by the cascading waterfall & ending off with a nice relaxing swim at the lap pool.

    Felt like we are back in our 20s again❣️
    Definitely reccomend @sofitel to any one who is looking for some #metime and if you want to be pampered like royalties. I reccomend my therapist Ms Sunita to anyone who is looking for a good firm massage.

    #timeflies and we had to leave coz we were hungry and have to each lunch!

  • Jadyn L
    2 years ago

    So Spa – So Bad

    I don’t usually like leaving a bad review, and I only just realised that google places all the bad reviews at the bottom.

    Facilities – totally not worth it at all if you’re thinking of this place for the outdoor spa facilities. It’s not maintained at all. Pool was filled with leaves and dirt.
    Jacuzzi – temperature was too high.
    Cold pool – there were insects inside.

    The changing rooms floor had towels left behind by previous guests – it seems like there are no house keeping staff and the masseurs have to clean up after the guests?

    No drinks were served – only mineral water.

    Front desk staff provided minimal to no service – she wasn’t rude but for the price point of this spa I guess we expect more.

    Massage was definitely not worth 250$

    It seems like there’s no effort to maintain the facilities, Svc standards and massage quality for this place. Just look elsewhere.

    I wish I took photos of how badly maintained the place is – I thought people who left reviews were exaggerating but they are not. It’s bad.

  • TheNocturne
    2 years ago

    Went for a couple massage, the masseur was exceptional and the facilities were good, with a garden and pool outside. However, the cleanliness of the facilities wasn’t great. The massage bed smelled musky and had some mildew on it. The only thing separating the facial skin from the mildew is a cover. Because of this, would not return.

  • Sarah Selig
    2 years ago

    The girls at the So Spa were fantastic. My mum and I both had massages and facials and we were very relaxed! Thank you So Spa!

    2 years ago

    Very unpleasant experience. First of all, the so spa is quite far from the Sofitel hotel (due to an ongoing construction), this was no where mentioned in the reservation confirmation email, thankfully they had shuttle drop off till the spa.

    On reaching the spa, it was dull, poorly kept, no greeting. Staff were so unfriendly and rude, they were arguing amongst themselves. No clear instructions were provided on where to proceed to change and use the lockers. They didn’t offer any water or tea, or guide to use the washroom. On taking me to the locker room(finally!) I was left unattended for quite a few minutes(already past my reservation time)

    Then next, they allocated me a male masseuse. Again no prior information was given, nor any confirmation was taken. If I’d refused for male therapist, only option was to cancel the appointment and go back!! (After spending time and money to reach this spa )

    Coming to the facial, while the masseuse was experienced, and tried his best to calm me down, the service wasn’t good. He didn’t wash my face well after the scrub, so I had scrub particles rubbing against my face all throughout the next 60 minutes. My skin was so sensitive by the end, and I tell you it isn’t a pleasant experience.

    Will not recommend for anyone to try out the place. No pros at all!

  • Martin Orme
    2 years ago

    Tried to organise a Spa voucher for my daughter in law but was told they do not do vouchers and I would have to do it all “on line”. The website is very confusing and trying to organise a on line voucher near on impossible. The therapist on reception duty at the time couldn’t navigate the system either. Eventually I had a face to face meeting with Ms Pretie the Spa Manager in the main hotel (why is she not based in the Spa?) after almost 2 hours Ms Pretie printed off 3 vouchers to the value of $250.00 and handed them to me in a Sofitel envelope – two out of ten for presentation! I do hope my daughter in law has a better experience than I had when she redeems her vouchers!!

  • Angie Mead King
    2 years ago

    Love visiting sospa when we stop by Singapore to get some relaxing massage in.

  • Novabelle
    2 years ago

    I had an extremely bad experience with So Spa – they have very messy back-end procedures and they even charged me twice. On top of that, they had bad customer recovery and very defensive attitude from the manager, Jennifer. It was such a ridiculous experience for what I thought was a high tier luxury spa.

    What went wrong: I booked a massage for my Mum’s 60th birthday, and requested to make payment of $423 in advance so that my parents would have a wonderful fully-paid-for experience. So my parents went for the treatment, but at the end of the session So Spa insisted that my parents pay $423 because they said it had not been paid.

    How I felt: So disappointed – it was supposed to be a fully-paid-for experience at a luxury spa. Plus if my mum didn’t bring it up, we would have made double payment! So I spoke to Jennifer (manager) on the phone – but had an even worse experience.

    Service recovery: At first, she only offered a refund (which should have been the case anyway), then she became extremely defensive about her “team being new and they are not trained well”. She also further defended herself by saying that “Finance department checks every week and would have discovered an overpayment has been made anyway”. (How can I even trust this?) It was only at the end of our conversation that she budged and gave me an addition 20% off the treatment (which in my opinion is insufficient) and insisted that is her final offer. Her defensiveness really took me by surprise – she made me feel so upset. It was such a low standard of customer service from a luxury spa and I completely regretted booking So Spa. Should have booked Capella instead (I’ve tried, and they are so much better). Later on, I heard from my parents that their facilities were actually very run down and their service was not up to standard just that they didn’t want to tell me and make me feel bad, because it was a gift from me. I would never, ever want anyone else to go through this. Take heed.

  • Terry Street
    2 years ago

    I was pleasantly surprised having checked the 1* reviews and tales of rude staff, dirty facilities and broken equipment,

    Staff were polite friendly, the treatment room was fine, ok some parts of the building were tired, but considering we have been in lockdown it was fine, well organised and the treatments not cheap but well performed to our satisfaction

  • koh Yh
    2 years ago

    Good massage but service was average

  • June Chu
    2 years ago

    Their therapists are skillful and I thoroughly enjoyed our 90minutes massage session. My therapist (Angeli) was able to loosen some tight knots and controlled the pressure at different parts of my sore and tired body. The 90mins didn’t feel torturing. She ensured that I was comfortable throughout the session.

    The ambiance is peaceful and serene. Good amenities, I.e. jacuzzi and pool, couple’s room.

    Although it’s pricey but worth the session. Will definitely be back!

  • Miriam Chaaya
    2 years ago

    Very rude front desk employees! Address not clearly provided and Difficult for taxis drop off or pick upb

  • Annie Tan
    2 years ago

    Given the Sofitel brand name, it’s very disappointing to receive such a poor front desk service. The staff was “sian sian” and tonality of communication could definitely be warmer and more professional.

    The worst part, the same staff who welcomed us did not allow Sofitel reward points to be credited, and we had to go to the hotel front desk to get it done. An extra effort from our end.

    Certainly hope the Spa Director of So Spa can do something about the overall Customer Service.

  • Joshua Mei
    2 years ago

    Luxurious spa with good massage and comfortable treatment rooms. The service was also excellent and attentive. The additional facilities were below average though. There was a lap pool and waterfall pool (but seemed a little dirty), jacuzzi (but it was barely warm) and a steam room under maintenance. But overall still a quality spa experience

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