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21 Reviews on “Sante Wellness TCM”

  • Shalom Grace
    11 months ago

    华哥 (Hua Ge) is awesome! I did 正骨 (tiktar or bone adjustment) with this therapist. He listens and adjusts his strength according to my pain threshold. And he is also good at making one feel at ease.
    Thank you, Hua Ge.

  • Jamie Li
    11 months ago

    Did 30min foot n 30min osteopathic treatment… entire spine is loosen and feel so relaxed! Nt for those who tense up easily.. good service and great technique!

  • Future IndoorFarming
    12 months ago

    Very unprofessional, mix up of masseur and time slot. While being massage staff seems unwell and needed medical attention. If a masseur is not healthy, how can one expect positive energy to be transmitted to the patient’s mind and body….. Very disappointed…

  • Meow Tan
    12 months ago

    One of my best massage & relaxed place i will visit. Ms. Agnes is a very skillful & patient masseur. I can feel that she is a very hardworking staff . Her massage make me feel so relaxed. Highly recommended Ms. Agnes to everyone

  • Cheryl Tan
    1 year ago

    Went for 1.5hrs body massage with Agnes who is very experienced and mandarin speaking. Some soft sell at the start of the masssge about the various packages and treatments available. But not pushy. Agnes’ strokes were firm and long and I could feel the muscles relaxing. Told me where the blockages and water retention were. Some might the massage hard but it was tolerable and not painful afterwards. I think the strength was needed to untie the knots which I didn’t know I had.

  • Jeremy Yeo
    1 year ago

    My first time here to try their TCM + bone setting session. Was dissatisfied because the bone setting personnel wasn’t confident and I actually ended up feeling more soar. Woke up this morning with numbness in my fingers in both hands (which is not a good sign at all). Saw many good reviews online but was disappointed after I tried it. The masseuse kept asking me where else I wanted to be treated and if everything he did was good and he’s tried his best to treat me. Not sure if I’d go back again. Not his fault, just not my style or comfort.

  • Rexhelle Tian
    1 year ago

    Found this place online and decided to go for a try. Did the osteopathic treatment tgt with tuina and it was really great! Did not manage to get the therapists name but I think ppl address him as “大哥” my stiff neck and shoulders feel so much btr now! Even better, they do not do any hard selling?

  • Elaine W
    1 year ago

    Went to Sante Wellness on 26/8.

    The therapist- Agnes was fantastic! She introduced me to MTM Therapy and Hot Stone Massage. She was really patient in explaining the various benefits and kept me well informed of the various steps during the session.

    At the same time, she managed to reduce the soreness and relaxed all the muscle knots with the appropriate strength. It was a really enjoyable session. I will definitely look for her in my future sessions. Will definitely be back soon.

  • zen ng
    1 year ago

    Friendly staff and good skill. No hard selling.

  • shiwei su
    1 year ago

    shanshan and yiwan is good massager, should be try this massage service store.

  • iAircon Singapore Aircon Servicing
    1 year ago

    Massage done by very experienced male, his name is Ah Hua (阿华)

    Though our conversation, then I realized this is a master with over 20 years experience for massage from Shanghai to Singapore (about 7-8 years here).

    Before session, he found out about my lower pain back and throughout the session, the firm strength & skills soothed my lower back pain & some areas which were having tension issues.

    Absolutely grandmaster massage level, will return to find him again! If you need a hard deep massage with strength, look no further. Pick Ah Hua as your first choice! ???

  • Monica Veronica
    1 year ago

    I found this place from google. And they do have many good reviews. So I went down without appointment. Luckily they have a slot that day but i have to wait for 1.5 hours. My mistake, i didn’t make appointment before hand. They are very kind and accommodating while i was waiting. Ensuring that i was comfortable.

    The massage was superb. Agnes was very expert and work with her mind to make you feel better when you leave. She hit all the points and have good strength. She’s a kind lady and very thoughtful. I will definitely book her again on my next visit. I was very tired and couldn’t sleep for days. After the massage, i feel very relaxed and so much lighter. Very very good experience

  • Jan
    1 year ago

    Found this place online and is near my parents place. A rare gem! Agnes was my masseuse and she is really so good, her strokes are firm, certain and relieved my aches. I did the lymphatic drainage and she was so professional from the way she “unblocked the knots”. Overall, very pleased with the massage!

  • angelina tan
    1 year ago

    Great experience. Chanced upon this on Google review & decided to give it a try. No regrets, went back twice. Massage touched on all my pain points, felt more relaxed after massage. Not pushy and excellent service from therapist & counter staff.

  • Grapz Lim
    1 year ago

    Visited recently and I am very disappointed with the service. It was the worst foot massage I ever had, basically just applying oil on me even after my feedback.

    Whenever she was chatting the strength drop, she was complaining hungry and having stuffy nose. If the staff is unfit to work pls do not arrange any appointment, it’s very unfair for customer to pay for such service.

  • Derrick
    1 year ago

    Just completed my reservist recently, and was having quite a bad backache and tight shoulders. Chanced upon Sante Wellness online, and decided to give it a try. Did 1 hour and 30 minutes of full body, 30 minutes of foot massage. The full body was perfect. The lady was able to pinpoint the spots accurately, and released the tension. Foot massage was alright. I would recommend coming here for the full body, it’s really good.

  • Edward Tan
    1 year ago

    Tonight first time trying out Mr Hua massage, I had 30mins foot massage plus one hour body tui na. Told him that I haven’t been sleeping well and had stiff neck and shoulders. He concentrated on that area with great care trying to lossen all the knots and half way through he used a utensil to press my head acu points, something that I had never experience before. At the end of the session he suggested I do some cupping along my back to help purge the toxins and help blood circulation. I can tell he knows what’s wrong with my body and not just trying to sell extra service and agreed. Very attentive as he would check if I can bear the pain while he was performing it. Perhaps next time I try 1.5hr hour massage with him! Thank you for the great service.

  • April Lum Wei Shan
    1 year ago

    The massure is from malaysia name (Ah Ming)is very skillful and professional.I went for 60 mins osteopathic.Absolutely energizing,i feel so much better.I will recommend to my friend to come over to do massage.

  • Jace Ng
    2 years ago

    About 12 years ago, I was a national swimmer for Singapore and exercised so often that my right shoulder was easily strained by explosive motions. I stopped competitive swimming soon after, and this dull injury was not attended to, and my right shoulder is kind of bowed/rotated forward, compared to my left one.

    I have tried several things to remedy it, but saw little to no improvements.

    Yesterday, after watching an advert by Sante, I decided to give it a try and 4 hours later I arrived at Sante. It was an nondescript store along a row of HDB shops on level 1. No way on a normal day would I have thought of entering such a shop if I was just walking past.

    I requested for Ming to attend to me. I think he knows what he is doing, and knows the correct spots to work on. Some parts of the “massage” was terribly uncomfortable, but at the end of the session I felt better. When I got home and removed my shirt, I realized that the bowed/rotated forward right shoulder was no more.

    It now neutral and leveled, though just a slight difference from my left, but a great, great improvement in just one session. My right shoulder has never looked this good in the past 12 years. I foresee myself, against Ming’s suggestion, returning to Ming for a few more sessions regularly just to follow up on this problematic shoulder. I have to say, this money was darn well spent.

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