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  • Coffey Bean
    11 months ago

    Signed package with them and so far had 3 visit .

    First was a Vietnamese lady who get me to sign ,not pushy at all so I got myself a package . Did pedi spent more almost an hour?

    2nd was Sophia Aw who did for me and indeed she was friendly and again no hard sell just diligently did the job. About 45 close to an hour of job . When I can’t decide what color she helps to give ideas and even try on a toe to check if I like it. ???

    3rd was done by another msia lady. I would say no hard sell . But she took 30 min and it’s done. She is more on the rush rush type. Make up your mind she will take and apply and that’s it. ?

    This place is closing soon in Feb 2023 and I understand I can go to another outlet to utilise my package. Shall see how.

  • Kar wai lilian Loh
    11 months ago

    I am a regular customer for almost 4 years. Always looking forward to have my routine pedicure every month. But today I’m quite disappointed with the service rendered by 2 replacements due to the original staffs are on medical leave. They just did the job within a span of 30 mins and kept complaining about being working in this shop. Hope this can be improved even if you’re here to replace someone. You are still representing your brand.

  • Shamelaa Sreeram
    12 months ago

    Make sure you are careful when you visit Nailz Treats. It was a manicurist’s insistence that I purchase the package when I visited her for the first time. Every time I call for an appointment after purchasing the package, they always say they are fully booked. As a result, I will look for another shop if I need a manicure. In a text message, I was informed that my package would expire in January 2023. I received this message on 17 November 2022. A staff member was unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the lack of tracking of expiration dates. I asked for a scheduled appointment as soon as possible, but she said that she was fully booked. In my frustration, she said she could schedule an appointment for Monday, 21 November 22 at 6.30pm. I asked the manicurist if I could have my meni done at the same time as my pedi so that I could complete my package. Despite the fact that Winnie told me she had another customer to attend, she couldn’t do my meni, but there were three other staff members in the shop doing nothing when I told her I would write a Google review right away, she said she would do this for me and ask the other customer to reschedule the appointment, which is not true since no one was contacted, It is not ethical to do business this way. That’s not how a business should be run, in my opinion. It’s unprofessional. I would appreciate a response from the boss.

  • Michelle Koppe
    1 year ago

    Service was excellent.

  • Elaine Low
    1 year ago

    I arrived at 1105h at the shop asking if I could do a pedicure session for myself. There were 3 staff present with no customers in the shop. Staff 1 was rushing out to buy food. Staff 2 was busy trying to switch on the tv and had to close the glass panel at the shop entrance in order to do that, displacing me from the entrance of the shop to make way for her, and deferred me to her colleague to check if there were any availability for me to walk in. Staff 3 checked the schedule and asked if I could come back at 12pm. As there were no customers in the shop, I requested if I could have a pedicure done since I was already there, to which she obliged after making me wait a further few minutes. While I was soaking my foot in the water bath, staff 1 came back with food in hand and gave me a lecture on how it was unreasonable for myself to expect to be able to walk in as mornings are usually fully booked and busy. She told me that in future I should schedule an appointment a few days in advance. I explained that this was unplanned. I had called last night but they were closed, and this morning at 11am when business was supposed to have started but no one picked the phone up. So I turned up to enquire, and saw that there were no customers. She insisted that regardless, I should not have walked in like this.

    I have had repeated packages with this shop and have never felt so unwelcomed before. The staff don’t seem to have an interest in working. If business is supposed to begin at 11am, shouldn’t they be at their working positions ready to start work, than to still be setting up the shop and another sneaking off to buy food? The most bizarre experience ever.

    In any case, it was not until 1130am before another customer turned up at the shop.

  • Regina Ng
    1 year ago

    Cosy place

  • Liyung Ang
    1 year ago

    Prompt replied and addressed for your concerns

    Will recommended for everyone !

  • Nicole Teo
    2 years ago

    Great experiences w them! Came to do my manicure the last min today. I am surprised that they don’t push you to buying their package but nicely and ask you to take your time and think about it. Even when I said no, they would be understanding and say it’s ok. They will give you good advices when you are unsure. I like it how they don’t put customers on pressure when we come to the store. Keep it up and good job!!

  • Gabrielle Chia
    2 years ago

    Have been with Nailz Treats for 5 years, done many gel manicures and pedicures with them. This year for Chinese New Year, I requested for nail art and showed a reference picture. Sally Ng did a great job with the intricate nail art and I was very happy and satisfied. Great service as always! Thank you! ☺️??

  • chang siowqi
    2 years ago

    My manicurist Sindy always able to do all kinds of nailart I found online… awesome!!

    Pedi today is done by Sally.. my feet feels so pampered!

    Definitely a great nail place to visit!

  • Chill Ler
    2 years ago

    Big shoutout to Sally Ng who was attentive in attending to my in grown toe nail. 🙂

  • Now See
    2 years ago

    Very nice place, kudos to the staff there, Sally, who took good care of my fiance.

  • lingjennjoe
    2 years ago

    Fantastic service by Ms. Sindy Chong & Sally! Thank you very much for your consistent work?

  • Cindy, Soon Ying Wong
    2 years ago

    Sally and CC provide good service, recommend nail colors that suits you. very clean nails. thank you

  • Nicole Chew
    2 years ago

    Had my eyebrow embroidery touch up done by Ashley and manicure done by Sally. Both of them are very friendly, meticulous and not pushy. It was a pleasant experience. 🙂

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