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22 Reviews on “Nailz Treats - Bedok Mall”

  • Thian Heng Lim
    9 months ago

    Good service

  • Zoey Chloe Chung
    9 months ago

    Jing Wen is very skillful and experienced, she has the patience to thoroughly trim the nails & cuticles, she is also very diligent and pay close attention to the details. I highly recommend her to other customers.

  • Bubbles Ng
    9 months ago

    Nailz Treats used to provide good quality service which was why I signed a package with them. But since the old batch of staff left, their service has been utterly terrible. Staff are not meticulous and extremely distracted.

    Did manicure and pedicure today and the staff doing my pedicure was looking around her surroundings the whole time while buffing the skin off my feet. She was so distracted that she started buffing the skin of the softer areas of my feet and left the soles of my feet feeling sore. The pedicure job was extremely shoddy and within 2 hours, the nail polish is starting to flake off because she did not trim my nail properly.

  • Jubilee Teo
    10 months ago

    SMS reminder mentioned that my appointment stated 1230pm and i replied that i will be there. When i was there , they told me they got the time wrong and it supposed to be 230pm and ask me to wait for 2 hrs. Also, the prices displayed in the shop is $49 for new customer ( gel manicure + free soak off) , after soaking off, the staff informed me that price is $55 + 10 instead , and that the board display was old information.

  • Chong Yan Jun
    10 months ago

    Went there for gel removal and one of the assistants there , lynn phan, is very meticulous and quick in her work. She’s so nice!The other assistants there are also quick to assist

  • Sie Sie Ding
    10 months ago

    Overall it’s a bad experience. The first shop, the staffs have sloppy attitudes. They send you away to the other shop claiming that they can’t handle your appointment. 3 staffs was available. The second shop, same situation. 3 staff and 1 customer. They r also not able to take my appointment. I make appoint for later and ask about the peomotion showing at the shop. The lady said 1. The promotion is over. 2. It’s only express and not normal gel manicure. All these mentioned by the staff was not on the poster. It’s bad experience and I will not recommend.

  • 王羽凡
    11 months ago

    It was a bad experience. The appointment was made at 7:15, but the manicure was only done at 8:00, and I was not informed in advance that I could not do any style, but could only do monochrome. The manicure was very rough 再也不會來這家店了

  • Jane Tang
    11 months ago

    Bad service! Staffs were way too impatient to attend enquiries!

  • Cheryl Pang
    11 months ago

    Love that my nails lasted long for almost a month! I did during their promo at $35 , Value for money!

  • Amz Baj
    12 months ago

    Called to fix appointment for removal of acrylic and was told that just the removal would cost a whopping $60!!!

  • Shi Hui Lee
    1 year ago

    I reckon that most of us will be apprehensive in trying out new services given the prevalent hard selling/ up selling (be it that we may empathise with the need to build regular pool in business perspective).

    I see it as an unspoken confidence and integrity whenever I meet service providers who goes all out to make me feel at ease by responding to my needs and not purposely highlighting benefits of signing up packages.

    Today and some previous occasions, I was being assisted by Manicurist, May.C at Nail Treatz @ Bedok Mall. I like it that she quietly serves with her consistent standard and doesn’t make it a point to converse too much with the end goal of getting me sign a package. Truth be told, I am aware that my gel manicure package should always end with a hand scrub and lotion but I only get it from May.C.

    I do see it that a good customer invites good services however, with the missing hand scrub and lotion my package includes and other staff’s incomplete service, I wonder how does it play.

    I am so glad and my heart goes out to manicurists like May.C who may even go unnoticed with her managers and bosses as she quietly does her part and ensures delivery standards.

    Im staying on as a returning customer with manicurist May.C being around.

  • Daisy Kondal
    1 year ago

    Like some other i was also so put off with the hard selling when I went there the first time. She kept going on and on without even considering that I was completely disinterested. Today I “had” to go there as if was the closest to my home and I dint have time to explore. I went for just the soak off. The lady didn’t soak my nails at All!! She used only the hand drill and took all the nail paint with that. My nails are in so much pain!!! It’s been about 6 hours now and it’s still hurting so much. So unprofessional and so disconsiderate. They just don’t care! My suggestion… stay away from this place.

  • Regina Ng
    1 year ago

    Cosy place, friendly staff

  • Amanda T
    1 year ago

    Tbh everything is good except the ridiculous hard-selling. When they failed to sell me a package for nails, they turned to selling me brow embroidery etc etc. It went on for 15 mins I bet. It’s so off-putting that I have to think twice going back, even if I really wanted to. Not every person likes to be bound to a package, just accept that and move on. What a pity that as I am writing this, I actually need a convenient place to go fix my nails, and the only thing that is keeping me back from going to Nailz Treats is having to deal with the pesky hard-selling.

  • Dr Yang Ing Hong Joseph
    1 year ago

    Incredible service

  • incandescence0
    1 year ago

    I tried Nailz Treatz for the first time last year and the manicurist did a good job with my hands and was socially adept to know I wanted some quiet time. But the pedicurist who joined later kept talking and hard selling me towards the end of the session.

    When she had my credit card in hand for payment, she kept pushing me to sign a package, a small one will do even though I had declined several times because I have regular place.

    That left a bad taste and I didn’t want to go back there even though they have two outlets in Bedok Mall and is rather convenient.

    So this Thursday since I needed an urgent service and the ones around me were unavailable, I thought I try the other outlet near Cotton On.

    Firstly, they removed the gel on my hand with the nail drill then soaked off for the remaining bits. This was done by Lady A, then she went for lunch so Lady B took over. She continued to file the remainder with the hand drill while wet.

    The manager Lady C who was doing my pedicure asked her why she was using it when my nails were wet, the hand drill will get dirty and my nails had already been soaked. Lady B just said the other therapists do it too. Lady B was taking the lazy way out to remove the gel quickly!!

    I asked for square nails with rounded edges but the edges were still quite sharp. Too square and sharp edges cause the nails to chip quicker.

    So never mind, the worst part was the manager Lady C hard selling me their packages!!! This was after I declined 4 times!!

    I can overlook that they don’t use OPI which is my preferred option, but they are expensive and the hard selling is just so off putting.

    I am never going back there. Take heed ladies if you ever think of going to any of their outlets!!

  • Shabnam Gany
    1 year ago

    Pedicure was good but I’m very disappointed because of the hard selling. The hard selling at the end ruined my experience.

    They were extremely pushy and forceful in making me get membership. Now I really don’t feel like going there again for this reason.

  • lydia ruth
    1 year ago

    Ive been a customer of Nail Treatz (Bedok) for over 7 years. They’ve maintained the same high standards of service for manicures and pedicures which is why I keep going back. My current manicurist is Jolene and she is the best!! Their staff are friendly and always try to accommodate my last minute request for an appointment where possible. They do not hard sell as well which is what i like. The only negative thing I would say is that the manicurists get moved around to the different branches quite often. Makes it difficult for me because I prefer to go back to the same manicurist.

  • Preethi Kannan
    1 year ago

    Been going to them for my nails and waxing for years… packages are reasonable, chairs are comfortable (don’t miss switching on the massage mode), therapists are good.. if you are around and want to do your nails – ask for Jolene – she is the absolute best!

  • 张璟
    2 years ago

    Eyelash extensions are also very good. I recommend teacher Liu li. Her technique of extending eyelashes is very good. However, I personally think the price is relatively high

    嫁接睫毛也很好,推荐一位老师,Liu li 老师。她的嫁接睫毛技术非常好。但是呢,价格个人觉得比较高

  • Irene Poh
    2 years ago

    I have done my mani & pedicure at Nailz treats and I feel really comfortable and they are very professional. I also resolved my ingrown nails which had troubled me for years.

    I also have my eye brow and eye lashes done at Nailz treats and I recommended my friend to have her eyelash done too. Shermin is good at doing my eyelash and I felt comfortable with it. Ashley has my eyebrow done beautifully and I love it very much.

  • Celes Goh
    2 years ago

    My eyelash extension is done by Ashley. She is good and advise me professionally when I told her my eyelashes problem. Thank you, Ashley!

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