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87 Reviews on “Wellaholic - Lavender”

  • Zling T
    1 year ago

    First time at lavender outlet. Joyce was very helpful and friendly! Will definitely come back again!

  • Cherish Yew
    1 year ago

    Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
    Had a good experience here with Doris! It was straightforward, clean, professional and very comfortable. She made it very easy and fuss free for someone brand new to SHR. She is also very detailed. Would really recommend.

  • Shivani Chatterji
    1 year ago

    The experience was very professional. Sizanne talked me through the whole process and answered all the questions I had. The appointment was extremely quick and not problematic. I recommend this place to others who are looking to get into permanent hair removal.

  • Jia Qi
    1 year ago

    My first session here and the staff were very professional and helpful when answering inquiries. My therapist Micaela was very careful when doing the treatment and ensured that I was comfortable with intensity of treatment before continuing. Place is also clean and hygienic

  • Yannix Cane
    1 year ago

    Booked last minute and was entertained. My second time trying on the brazilian SHR and forst time for underarm with PTT afterglow. Had a pleasant experience given with great service for the value. Will sure take on regular treatment monthly. Excellent service overall.

  • Zoey Lai
    1 year ago

    This is my first visit to Wellaholic it is a pleasant experience from appointment booking till treatment. Fuss free, and positive customer service.

  • Dias
    1 year ago

    Great service and affordable prices. Very good value. Location is very convenient. The facility is clean. Staff are friendly. They are professional and provide great quality services. Highly recommend!!!

  • Kazuma Tokuzawa
    1 year ago

    Clean place, and goo skill with Holly

  • Zubaidah Jalil
    1 year ago

    I went for a microneedling session at Wellaholic’s Lavender outlet. The outlet is clean and relaxing and the staff is professional. The procedure itself took about an hour, and it was very professionally executed by Mikaela. She took the time to explain the procedure in detail before starting and every step she was taking so you knew exactly what to expect. She was also very gentle and was careful not to make it more uncomfortable than it needed to be. I would definitely come back again!

  • Shaw Kit Moi
    1 year ago

    This is my first visit to Wellaholic and it was a great experience. Got to know about them through Google. Location is very convenient. They have few outlets located throughout Singapore. The staff are friendly. The price is affordable and great service provided by them. Highly recommended!

  • Yanwei Chong
    1 year ago

    Went to the Lavender branch to try out their SHR treatment. The location was abit hard to find but the place itself is nice and the staff Shirley was very helpful and professional. Had a good experience.

  • Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
    1 year ago

    Therapist Mary from Wellaholic Lavender is very detailed oriented person. She is very pleasant and sweet. She provides a very comfortable experience and perform her treatment professionally. I will definitely grade her a 5 star Therapist and will book her again for my next treatment session. Thank you Mary…Thank you Wellaholic…

    1 year ago

    I am glad to know about Wellaholic. My skin has greatly improved. In fact, continuing my treatment again. The customer service Ms. Sizanne makes the whole treatment comfortable. Besides being friendly, she is also thorough in her work. Such staff is commendable! Quite rare actually to have good customer service these days! Good attitude!

  • Takeru Izumi
    1 year ago

    The outlet was quaint and spacious, and the rooms were clean. The therapists were friendly and professional as well! Definitely recommended!

  • Hx Tan
    1 year ago

    Sizanne is really attentive and professional. Very highly recommended. Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Aimee Carole Thompson
    1 year ago

    Great location, very peaceful and relaxing. The facilities were super clean and seemed new, and there was no way time at all when I arrived. The location is close to Lavender MRT, so convenient for anyone on the green line. The technician was fantastic and the treatment was smooth and literally painless. Definitely recommended!

  • Anne-Sophie Desprets
    1 year ago

    Sizanne did my wellascult treatment. I recommand to do it after a wellafreeze. She was very kind and did a very good job. She was very professional. The 3 treatments package is a good offer as well to see more results.
    The spa is very clean and music is good !!
    I definitively recommand this spa for this treatment.

  • Eunice Lim
    1 year ago

    A really nice and amazing experience especially for a first timer. 🙂
    The atmosphere of the place is good and my consultant Mary is really professional and detailed during the treatment.
    Absolutely enjoyed my time here, can’t wait for my next appointment.☺️

  • Keisuke Kamiyama
    1 year ago

    This is the my first time hair removeal.
    The staff consultation is also easy to understood and enough the explanations. I’ll back here again.

  • triciachanchan
    1 year ago

    Great place! Very quiet and peaceful. I did SHR underarm removal and Wendy attended to me. Very detailed and took care of my needs well. Wellaholic sends reminders prior to appointment to remind as well so it’s very good 🙂 overall highly recommend!

  • Pam
    1 year ago

    My first visit and was a very pleasant experience. The therapist was professional, explaining details of the treatment well. Though I was keen pay first for another type of package to start in a few weeks time, they said they’ll only receive payment after the completion of the first session of the package. Quite happy with the thought and customer centric service policy. Proud that this is a Singapore brand. Best wishes !

  • Priya J
    1 year ago

    Crystal gave very good advice and a very detailed explaination about the service. She was very patient and made me feel very comfortable throught the service🙂

  • Jonathan Tay
    1 year ago

    Very clean and professional services. Recommended to anyone. There was no hard selling as well so everything was laid out for me to choose at my own discretion. The facilities is also very clean and staff are very friendly.

  • Ana Santos
    1 year ago

    I just had a great experience at Wellaholic. The therapist was amazing, super polite and kind. The environment is really clean and cosy. I’m looking forward to my next treatment and will definitely try other products/services from them

  • Karthikeyan J.R
    1 year ago

    They were very professional in their service. My Therapist Joey advises what’s good for me before the service. He was also very patient throughout the session. I would strongly recommend wellaholic to others.

  • Aditya Singh
    1 year ago

    Unprofessional and rude customer service — unfortunately, it flows from the top of the company. You should go to them only if you like to be insulted. Worst experience I have had with any service provider in my many years in Singapore.

  • Tropika Club
    1 year ago

    WellaGrow treatment is effective for hair loss – if you stick to the 12 week regime.

  • Jasmine Tan
    1 year ago

    Sizanne was my therapist for today’s freeze and sculpt session. As usual of Wellaholic’s sessions, ample step by step procedures have been explained to me and carried out well.
    No surprise, Session had been painless and comfortable, and no hard selling on their part. She had only mentioned to me on the promotion and stopped at that which I took up since I have already done repeated sessions prior to this.
    If one thing is to be improved, perhaps therapist can ask if I would prefer to power up a notch since I could take the heat very well.
    Overall, great session!

  • john doe
    1 year ago

    Just started doing my first microneedling treatment, location is clean and customer service is on point, the staff Wendy has excellent knowledge on microneedling and was able to answer all my queries,price is reasonable,location is very peaceful and calming

  • Shernice Neo
    1 year ago

    the experience was overall very good. The people here were very helpful and encouraging. the treatment itself was mostly painful on most parts of the body, however the more sensitive areas are abit more painful. staff here were very patient as they helped me to recover too. I would highly recommend wellaholic to other friends and family

  • Anju Pandey
    2 years ago

    It’s been doing my treatments here for more than a year and the cleanliness is 10/10 from day 1 till now. The treatment was totally painless and fast too. The service is always on point. I was having sensitive and dry skin and the staff gave the best advice for it. My experience there is always great. Pricing is also reasonable. One of best place for laser hair removal.

  • Martin Soubeyrand
    2 years ago

    I visited the place for the first time on a weekday after work. They provide a very friendly service in a quiet studio. They gave me clear explanations of what I could expect from the service.
    Extra point for not trying to oversell their packages!

  • Arjun Soni
    2 years ago

    Its been a while that I’ve using hair removal services offered by wellaholic, its been great so far. Shout out for Junjie for his professionalism and customer orientation. The place is neat and clean, tips on after device care is also helpful. They should open more outlets so that more residents can avail their services

  • Aaron oh
    2 years ago

    Overall is a very relax place and the staff is very knowledgeable and skillful. You just have to tell the staff what is your issue and they will give u the best recommendations and there is no hard sell. I am at lavender outlet and my experience with staff Wendy she is very helpful and know what is the best treatment for me.

  • Estee Lotho
    2 years ago

    Highly recommended! Great value for money and facilities are clean and staff are professional. Booking was easy through their website and lots of availability to book my appointment. The treatment was well explained to me prior to signing up for a package

  • Lou Santos
    2 years ago

    My friend recommended wellaholic, I must say that the experience was great. The treatment was good for me. Mary the therapist who attended to me was friendly and really know their products. She presented the treatments effects and benefits based on my skin type. Which I really like for a first time customer just like me. I really hope they keep people like her.

  • sigah milo
    2 years ago

    A really fuzz-free and painless treatment. Was treated by Mary who was really helpful and professional throughout the whole process.
    The packages are also really priced reasonably as compared to the super expensive ones you see elsewhere. Wellaholic also has few outlets islandwide so if you’re like me who is planning to buy their package, fret not as the package is not bounded and you can visit any outlet to get your treatment done! Looking forward to hairless legs and underarms 🙂

  • Laura Navarro Ros
    2 years ago

    I did the permanent hair removal treatment with them I am very happy with it. The personal is very kind and they help you to feel safe and confortable all the time. The place look perfectly clean and correct. I have a very good sensation with the hole thing and I surely will come back soon.

  • Mary Grace Redulla
    2 years ago

    My therapist is Mary & she is very professional, meticulous, hard working & friendly. She cares for her customers a lot and always willing to accommodate to her customer’s wants. Based on her experience, she always advices what is the best treatment for her customer without hard selling. Will definitely recommend Wellaholic to everyone.

  • Mei Ling
    2 years ago

    Good customer service and the people are professional.

  • LiJun14
    2 years ago

    The staff that service me is Kasper. He is very patient and nice. Do look for him ☺️

  • Chin Hou Lai
    2 years ago

    Kasper is very nice and good

  • Damien
    2 years ago

    Great service by Kasper! Very attentive to my needs. Highly recommended!

  • Aeden Kuek
    2 years ago

    Good, professional service. The therapist (Kasper) is very friendly too.

  • Iqbal Hayyan
    2 years ago

    Great service by Kasper. Highly recommended!

  • Serene Cheong
    2 years ago

    Went for my SHR treatment for the first time this evening and for the first time I did not feel pressured by therapists in a beauty service establishment. The place is clean and very cosy – with nice deco and armchairs, fabulous looking carpet walls, soothing music.

    The staff are friendly and approachable, speak to you like a friend instead of wondering how much you can pay – I’m truly amazed as I had bad experiences with snobbish staff from another hair removal provider.

    Guess what’s the best thing? This is the first time I come across a beauty service provider who is fully transparent of the prices of their packages! It all listed down everywhere on their website, their facebook page and I can simply choose what I want without fear of being pushed into buying something. Incredibly amazing!

    As for the treatments, I have initially only wanted to try the hair removal for my arms, but I was so comfortable with the treatment that I took up the Unlimited packages for 12 months that will allow me to qualify for a lifetime maintenance mode brand promise servicing of my unwanted hair for life .

    I have made another appointment for their fat freeze treatment. Understand from the therapist that their fat freeze treatment won an award from an established beauty magazine recently – and surprise surprise, they actually have Unlimited fat freeze packages!

    I believe Wellaholic will be a strong player in the beauty industry and probably even change the face of this industry – innovative, transparent, affordable quality treatments. They have set a benchmark that no other providers can match – trust me, I’ve had a lot of issues with some other establishments I do not wish to name. But Wellaholic simply got my full adoration. XOXO 😊

  • R C
    2 years ago

    Good and nice environment. Private with nice staff attending to your queries

  • Ang
    2 years ago

    Treatment was done by Kasper and he was detailed, and it was all relaxing. Definitely a very well worth service rendered.

  • Flora Khoo
    2 years ago

    It’s been almost a year since my last hair removal treatment at Wellaholic- while I have to admit that my hair is not completely gone, it’s a very minimal growth! I can go without shaving for weeks, without feeling uncomfortable about it. I used to have to shave every five days or so – so this is a win in my book! Make sure that you listen to everything the consultant tells you (no tanning, exfoliating, etc.) to make sure you results are efficient without burning your skin and 0 side effects – but I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a less time-consuming way of getting rid of your unwanted body hair.

  • David Danille Poh Leong Boon
    2 years ago
  • Boon Sim Ho
    2 years ago

    Place is about 5 to 10 mins walk away from MRT station, easy to locate with google map. Located in an old building, but the place itself is very clean and comfortable. Did teeth whitening and cryofreeze treatment, I wouldn’t say those treatment has no pain and in great comfort.

    The teeth whitening was 20 mins, about 10 mins into the session, I felt sensitivity in one of my tooth. But it goes away after about 2 mins. As for the cryofreeze 40 mins, it squeezes your fat area and freeze it to below 8 degree celcius. Initial felt the cold was quite painful, kind of unbearable, but after another 5 mins your body temp get use to it, so the uncomfortable part was just for a while.

    Lady staff who attended to me was friendly, but the rest of the team did not smile to me or acknowledge me. Was talking among themselves and was to me not really professional. Overall service was okay, but the price for the treatment should be the lowest if not one of the lower few in Singapore.

    Last to add, when I was making payment, everyone stood around the counter and just watch, it felt weird and uncomfortable. For a fact, only one female staff was new and in the process of learning, the rest is old staff so I don’t understand why they crowd around the counter when I’m making payment. My suggestion is for them to go for some basic service training at least. I’m working in Marina Bay Sands VIP services, so take my words when it comes to service.

  • RQ TravelColor
    2 years ago

    Had my SHR attended by Gabriel at Lavender outlet a few weeks back. The ambience is nice and Gabriel has been very patient. The whole treatment took about an hour.

    No pain and most importantly there is no hard sales. Price is very reasonable and offer ala carte.

    The rooms are partitioned and thus conversations during the treatment can be overheard by others. For those who want privacy, maybe it will be better to have ceilings over the rooms.

    Results are positive after the first sessions. 30-50% of the hair has fallen. Have already booked for 3 sessions of boyzilian and full year underarm SHR after Gabriel completed my treatment the first time.

    Had my 2nd session done by Taufiq. The procedure is smooth and fast. This time, the treatment is without gel and it is without pain too!

    Had my 3rd session done by Daniel. He has assisted Taufiq in the last treatment. To treat the hair regrowth, he has recommended to use medium range for this round. The heat is higher like touching a cup of warm coffee. The more sensitive areas can experience higher heat. Daniel is gentle and patient throughout the treatment. Will continue with my next treatment.

    Looking forward to my next visit.

  • Mark Webb
    2 years ago

    Great and affordable services from Wellaholic time and time again.

    Actually this is my second review for Wellaholic (Lavender). I was there previously for their WellaPress services, and as I was blown away by their ethos of no hard selling and also transparent pricing, I decided to try their Elight Facial Collagen Boost to help my face look better.

    As usual, the service standards were high. The staff that attended to me (I didnt select a specific staff so I met with several of the wellaholic staff) were all polite, friendly and professional. What’s even better was that my face really improved after about 4 to 5 weeks of weekly treatments.

    The key is to have the discipline to go for the treatments, due to the underlying nature of Elight or radio frequency. Try it and you will be left impressed! And of course, kudos to Wellaholic for this.

  • Remino Reynold
    2 years ago

    If there is a zero star in google review I would rate it Wellaholic zero.

    I signed up for an unlimited package with the orchard branch.

    They asked me to go twice a month to do my full body as they cannot do it in one appointment. Seriously?? Isn’t it a waste of time?

    They didn’t tell me the package has an expiry date upon signing up the package.

    Absolutely no privacy – I could hear other customers talking as the partitions were not installed all the way up. It’s not difficult for me see other customers doing treatment naked.

    At the end, they didn’t deliver the service they paid for and refuse to do anything. I have filed a case against them with Singapore Customer Association.

    I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Cheap never be good, I guess.

  • Gareth Ford
    2 years ago

    Went for my 2nd fat freeze cryolipolisis session at this outlet yesterday and decided to continue with a larger package for the treatment works really well in reducing my tummy fats. Even happier to know they have a promotion this month. Staff who attended to me is professional and caring (thumbs up!). Will bring my wife here soon.

    I like it best that they are transparent in their pricing. It’s for all to see in the website. No hard selling encountered and this is absolutely wonderful.

  • Sudhanshu Ahuja
    2 years ago

    Extremely rude and snarky customer service. Looking forward to the snarky reply to this one.

  • Charon San
    2 years ago

    Was happy with the male staff attending to me for me teeth whitening today. I didn’t get his name, but he was very attentive throughout the treatment, and took time to answer all my questions as this is my first time doing this treatment.

    As the mouthguard caused some irritation to my gums, he also helped me to adjust it such that it did not cause any irritation and pain to me. All in all, I was happy with his treatment and hence would like to commend on his stellar customer service.

  • Kin Nam Chan
    2 years ago

    Was searching online for the latest trends in facial with my girlfriend and found an interesting article written by Wellaholic on collagen boost treatment. Made an appointment and was given free consultation on the spot. Truly impressed by the level of knowledge the staff possess on the treatments. Throughout the process there has not been a single talk about packaging prices
    – I feel safe as there’s no hardselling at all. Their prices are transparent and I can just choose what I want to pay for. Amazing!

  • Zandra Ong
    2 years ago

    Made an enquiry hotline on the microneedling treatment today and was quickly given a slot at Lavender outlet – super efficient and I made my way down immediately. Surprised by the cosy deco of the space and it’s so unlike any other beauty parlors. Great service, friendly staff, affordable prices, valuable services. Can’t ask for more – plus points all over. Will be back again with my sisters.

  • Shaik Amin
    2 years ago

    Fair prices and awesome service. I highly recommend going with these guys for hair removal services. I’ve tried other places so far but the service here is definitely better without the hard sell.

  • Brett Low
    2 years ago

    stumbled upon Wellaholic’s website while searching for cryolipolysis treatments. Saw that the prices for this treatment are much lower than other beauty salons that i had done the same treatment at. Was unsure at first but decided to give it a try anyway. Turns out it actually is the exact same real and legitimate treatment that other posh salons are charging much higher. The staff are very friendly and welcoming too and they did not pressure me into buying expensive packages at all. A true gem!

  • Paul Victor
    2 years ago

    We checked out the TeethWhite teeth whitening treatment and was highly satisfied with the professionalism, hence wanted to leave a short positive review. Will recommend to other friends!

  • Larraine Ong
    2 years ago

    I was recommended by my friend to try out their TeethWhite teeth whitening treatment and the service and results really exceeded my expectations. I was highly satisfied with the fast response and efficiency in scheduling an appointment, professionalism during the treatment and the relaxing ambience of the whole place. Wellaholic is highly recommended and I will definitely be back!

  • Amanda Chay
    2 years ago

    I like the SHR Unlimited packages. I got the SHR Prestige Unlimited plan as I have intention to perform hair removal for different areas of my body, so this plan is really value for money. The staff is polite as well and the environment is clean, cosy and comfortable.

  • Nicole Tsang
    2 years ago

    I had some issues making the online booking and thereby reached out to Wellaholic’s live chat hotline to assistance. I was pleasantly surprised that they were very responsive, and help me and my husband resolve the booking issues speedily. Thumbs up for a great customer experience.

  • Adriaan Wong
    2 years ago

    Great brand with great service. No hard selling. Free consultation. No hidden costs. Friendly staff. Easy booking online real time. As a business owner from another industry, i have a lot to learn from Wellaholic. Thumbs up!

  • Chu Hua Chang
    2 years ago

    Great cosy ambience with friendly staff. Great unlimited prices which allows me to treat many body parts – which cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Thurga Rajen
    2 years ago

    Just a very quick review. I went for the new microneedling treatment at wellaholic as it was something that I have been wanting to do after reading about it online. the wellaholic staff was polite and went through the safety procedures and aftercare with me and my friend so that we could make an educated decision. We were happy with her approach and decided to go for the single session to test it first. The procedure was fuss free and while it was slightly uncomfortable at first, I can see good results just after a day. I believe we will be carrying on with this microneedling, even up to a month later. If you have not tried microneedling before you might want to try it, especially when you want to get rid of acne scars. and of course, please consider wellaholic for their fabulous prices and excellent customer service!

  • Nuraini Nazeha
    2 years ago

    I wanted to treat several body parts for my hair removal but was not able to find an all inclusive plan or package. My colleague recommended Wellaholic as she is an existing customer and she has had good experience with the team there. I decided to accompany the colleague so that I can ask some questions. Although I told the staff that I wasnt necessarily planning to buy a package, she was very patient with me and spent about 30 minutes to share more about the SHR tecnology, and why its better than IPL, etc. I did not buy on the spot, but after doing more research, I eventually went back to the same staff a week later as I was touched by her sincerity and I wanted her to be my therapist. If you are looking for a comfortable enviroment with great staff with no hard selling and pressure tactics, and all inclusive pricing, then you might want to consider Wellaholic. Good service should be recognised. I wanted to share my staff’s name, but if everyone tried to book her then she will have less time for me¬

  • Ilyâs Karkache
    2 years ago

    Was attracted by all the positive reviews on the web, and then got wellaholic on the phone, they take time to explain everything and are always answering to any of your questions, if service to the client is something you worry about then go with eyes shut to wellaholic. I go to the Lavender outlet and I had very good results so far with the SHR, so I’m going back monthl] as a new routine. Specially recommend the service of Jacky, who is very committed and will be all ears to your queries!

  • Galvin Tan
    2 years ago

    Good experience with Jacob. Very attentive and helpful in explaining the procedures

  • Sanjay Nisha
    2 years ago

    I feel better the staff very good especially kesper

  • Adeline Lee
    3 years ago

    I love my Elight facials done at Wellaholic and they have great products too!

  • Lynna Tod
    3 years ago

    My 1st session of underarm was a pleasant one, my therapist Hajir explained in details with regards the procedure.

  • Jayden
    3 years ago

    Tried my first SHR lower leg with awesome therapist hajir. She is really patience & explained to me the procedure slowly. Purchased a 12 sessions package, can’t wait to see the final results! 🙂

  • Ace App
    3 years ago

    Great massage therapists, great service, and cosy and comfortable environment. The prices are also very very reasonable!

  • Brian. Y
    3 years ago

    Good service, affordably priced, close to good cafes.

  • 100 Questions
    3 years ago

    Visited the Clarke Quay outlet for my Elight facial collagen boost treatment. Joyce attended to me. She was very helpful in answering my questions as this was the first time that I am doing such a treatment. No hard selling and totally not pushy at all. In fact, she was okay if I asked my questions and then make another appointment for treatments if I decided to go ahead — very professional and that should be the industry standard.

    The treatment was affordable. I chose the Prestige plan as it encapsulated several treatments which I think will work best for my skin. Will require 6-8 sessions to see best results; looking forward to improvements to my complexion!

  • Duke Phua
    3 years ago

    Great customer service by the office manager Joyce. She was attentive and explained to me the facial Elight processes before I made the commitment to purchase a package. I like that they dont hard sell. Highly recommended!

  • Mickhee Lew
    3 years ago

    Great services for hair removal, face boost collagen, massage, always able to get booking on the same day, recommended.

  • Effie Toh
    3 years ago

    The more I think about the more upset I am. So I decided I should review here too.

    Wellaholic has rave reviews and I was happy with it too and have recommended to many of my friends. But unfortunately today I was very very upset with them. First of all, they gave me different Therapists every time I was there, but that’s okay the first 3 Therapists were good until today. I was very shocked that they gave me a male therapist without even asking me if I’m okay. I’m doing my upper thighs, armpits and arms. I feel very violated if I show off my panties and butt to the male therapist. And so they happens to have an auntie therapist as well but she was doing for another customer. She came over and say it’s okay to let the male therapist to do my upper thighs saying other ladies are okay with it. But sorry other ladies are okay doesn’t mean it’s okay, okay! I find this very disrespectful to me. So in the end the auntie do for me and during the session her hands or the machine keep touching my private area, which never happened the last 3 times with other therapists. And this also make me wonder can you imagine if it was the male therapist who is doing for me? He will be touching my private area too! Even though I must say the male therapist was nice and polite but still the management is very wrong to arrange a male therapist without asking me if it’s okay. Super upset.

    To update more on this, the management called me, and while I was trying to tell him what happened, suddenly he ask me to stop shouting, I might be a bit agitated but I’m not shouting, I’m only trying to tell him what happened. He doesn’t seem to be interested in listening to what I have to say and malign me saying by shouting I will “provoke” (yes he use that word) him and this conversation won’t go well. I was expecting an apology but all I got was a phone call to upset me further. Initially I was thinking this might be a one time off thing, so I still wanted to give 3 stars. But now I will only gave 1 star. Really bad management and customer Svc. Can’t believe I from love it, highly promoting it to hate it!

  • chirpmon
    3 years ago

    Went to the lavender outlet twice, once for foot and another for body. Got the same auntie massage therapist for both times. Nice and polite. Would go again soon for foot reflexology.

    Room could use some ambient music and perfume though.

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