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28 Reviews on “Atelier Kogao - Clarke Quay”

  • HS Yong
    4 years ago

    Excellent service and cozy environment. Helps to correct asymmetrical face. Can ask for less pressure if your pain threshold is low.

  • bixia yeo
    4 years ago

    Good service! Andre and others that helped me with the massage are very professional! Helped with my headache that I had for years!

  • S Tan
    4 years ago

    Pleasant, cozy and clean environment for massage/facial. Vivian is my therapist and she is professional, friendly and always ensures that my needs are taken care of.

  • Kyungwon Lee
    4 years ago

    It was amazing to have an experience in here! People are nice and very relaxing~ definitely recommend for people who are looking for small face massage

  • daph wood
    4 years ago

    Relaxing & effective massage. Saw results after a few times. Nice service and clean well maintained place.

  • Candice Kwok
    4 years ago

    I love the massage because I always sleep well that night. Plus my face looks glowing and radiant for the next few days. The therapists are friendly and professional. I always enjoy my visits each time.

  • K Tan
    4 years ago

    Ever since my first visit to facial Ginza my face has become more 3D I have more defined features and I can see that my face has really gotten a lot smaller . Initially I have very obvious double chin as well however after few sessions I can see that it is reduced tremendously. Ivy my therapist Has always given the best and most personalized service to me .She massages my face in a way that is most comfortable and suitable for me . I have to admit it is not pain free . But this is the safest way to achieve small face . Ivy is also very approachable and friendly. I truly recommend facial Ginza to anyone who Prefers to have a smaller face, More defined Jawline and more 3D facial features.

  • Belle Lim
    4 years ago

    Cozy place and very relaxing. The people there are nice too. Would recommend the small face care.

  • Jessie Hoatson
    5 years ago

    Great ambience. I always enjoy my facials here!

  • Dawn T
    5 years ago

    Tried the Premium facial, a combination of small face care and whitening care. I was super impressed by the careful analysis of the areas to fix, the attentive way every step was explained during the massage and facial, and the luxurious skincare products that did not irritate my sensitive skin.

    I initially wanted to do the pore cleansing treatment. But after examining my face and chatting with me, my therapist recommended the whitening treatment and peel for my uneven skin tone (after a beach holiday) and visible pores– and what a good suggestion it was! The products are gentle yet effective. My skin really was brighter, softer and so clean after the treatment.

    The best part was how I had an immediate change to my face after the small face massage. OK fine it is painful! But it’s bearable and my therapist Carol explained everything so well that I managed fine. Besides, when you see the results (eyes looked bigger, chin was more defined, brow and cheeks were actually lifted) and feel the lightness in your head, neck and shoulders, you’ll feel it’s worth it. Got a package right away.

    5 years ago

    Facia is an excellent place for face massage and facial. The results can be seen instantly. The products and machines are gentle hence I like it a lot. Definitely worth a visit!

  • Jes L
    5 years ago

    Nice cosy place with very experienced therapist. Enjoyed my treatment thoroughly and face looks smaller after just one treatment

  • 秋光勇介
    6 years ago

    There are also Japanese staff at the Singapore branch of a popular salon in Ginza.


  • Sharon Tin
    6 years ago

    Facial massage is wonderful, lift up my face instantly and I like their products as it’s smell not too strong and feel natural. If you like Japanese cultural, it’s really worth to try out, totally different experience with local facial salon.

  • Son Son Tan
    6 years ago

    I tried their Premium Facial Care in my second visit.
    My previous experience was doing facial will be painful as extraction needed.
    At Facia Ginza, will have no extraction but the clean effect is still there.
    I found my face became brighter after the treatment. Feels to try other type of treatment in my next visit.
    Thanks again for the friendly and helpful team.

  • 小正園美
    6 years ago

    Excellent service, very good and relax
    Thank you

  • K S
    6 years ago

    I’ve been taken care of by Ginza in Japan, and when I was doing a research while traveling to Singapore, I found out that it opened!
    I have Japanese staff, so it was safe even if I could not speak English.
    I am surprised that the swelling of the face is gone and the nose muscles pass through! Recommended (^-^)/


  • Dawn Chua
    6 years ago

    Love it. My head shrunk. Immediate result.. Very painful though. Thanks Andrea

  • Tan Ruiling
    6 years ago

    Staff are very police and friendly. They remember the small things you mention. Service is good as well. I really see improvement in the evenness of my face after 4 sessions

  • Freda Sutanto
    6 years ago

    The small face care can be painful but bearable. The attentive therapist will adjust her strength. Amazing shoulder massage included!

  • Amano Ayaka
    6 years ago

    Great customer service! I can see the changes, my face became smaller and even!

  • Lyn Lim
    6 years ago

    I have had a few rounds of facials here. Each time, it is accompanied by a neck and shoulder massage. The massage is firm and really great for reliving tension and headaches.

  • ai okumura
    6 years ago


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