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74 Reviews on “Veritas Medical Aesthetics”

  • YL Hong
    6 months ago

    I’ve created an account to reveal the unethical practice at Veritas Medical Aesthetic.
    There is a tiny mole at the back of my neck, and I had wanted to remove it. As I wasn’t particular about which doctor to see for this simple treatment, I decided to book an appointment with Dr Chua Cheng Hu, after seeing an Ad on Google. In the advertisement, the price for a single mole removal was marketed at $120. On the day of the consultation, the staffs took my NRIC and personal particulars and the entire consultation with the doctor lasted for roughly 2 mins. It was a straight foward procedure and I was expecting to be charged at the amount as advertised. To my surprise (horror), the staff informed me that the actual price I had to pay for the removal of 1 mole is $420 + $120(for consultation) – before prevailing GST. I was appalled as this was not what I had expected, as the ad I saw clearly mentioned that the procedure price starts from $120 with no other terms and conditions. I felt scammed as the actual price cost 4 times the price I was advertised. I then asked if they could waive off the consultation fee if I purchase other products from the clinic as I was not expecting to pay this much for such a simple treatment. Two of the staffs (Rainie and Shannon) tried to assist me but they were not able to waive off the consultation fee after checking with their manager. The “so called” manager (Erika Zhang) made no attempts to hear my reasons for feeling upset about the situation and accused me of shouting at her and refusing to pay. She then proceeded to threaten a police report unless I pay up the consultation fee of $128. The doctor also stepped out and taunted that I should go somewhere else if I’m looking for something cheap. At this point, i felt wronged and scammed, but proceeded to pay the consultation fee reluctantly as I didn’t want the matter to escalate further. $120 may be a small price to pay, but imagine an elderly person or somebody earning a modest salary getting scammed by such an unethical doctor! Please avoid this clinic at all cost and do not believe anything that they had advertised!

  • donfkwmi
    2 years ago

    The psychotic moron who calls himself a doctor verbally attacked me for no reason accusing me of being aggressive with the assistants, telling them “don’t touch my face!” when absolutely nothing of that happened. Verbatim from his own mouth “ All conversations are recorded.” Then why don’t he play the recording and prove it?! I asked him if it was legal to record conversations without informing prior. Again from his own mouth, screaming: “I am telling you now!! Why, are you threatening me?!! Are you threatening me?!” I was there for a simple review after one treatment, not expecting anything except the usual comments, and instead had to put up with this psycho drama out of nowhere. Go to this veritas if you are interested in having your conversations recorded.
    Veritas: Please do play this recording and prove that I did NOT say anything I was accused of – there was in fact hardly any conversation since I was working on my phone while waiting,… except to tell 3 different people NICELY no I am not doing any more treatments today. And also the recording will show that everything I said here is absolutely True! How desperate can you be for business that you abuse clients because they do not want any more treatments. Pathetic and disgusting.

  • Linda Wee
    3 years ago

    Really love Veritas clinic as a place to go for fillers! I have been going to them for over 3 years around once every 6 months and I have never been let down. The staff are always friendly and the atmosphere of the clinic is always warm and welcoming. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to do dermal fillers to try this clinic out.

  • Pang Ying Ting
    3 years ago

    When I first met Dr. Chua, I was slightly intimidated as he seemed very focused and dedicated to his job. However, I found that I got along very well with him and that he is a caring and really good doctor. He helped me with a variety of pigmentation problems I had on my face and I was always reassured that if he was the one wielding the laser, I would definitely be in good hands.

  • Hong huihui
    3 years ago

    Dr. Chua took great efforts to explain to me exactly how the subcision would work. Although it looked gory, I chose to allow him to conduct the procedure on me as I believed in his skills. After just a couple sessions and after healing up, the results were amazing. Thanks to Dr. Chua and his team for saving my complexion.

  • Grace Fong
    3 years ago

    I went to Veritas upon the urging of a friend, who spoke highly about Dr. Chua’s acne scar removal skills. I was not disappointed! I had deep ice-pick scars all over my left face while my right was fairly smooth, so I felt really subconscious of my non-symmetrical appearance. Some of my friends had even been calling me two-face!

  • Eric Neo
    3 years ago

    I’ve been coming to Veritas since I switched doctors about 1 year ago. I’m pretty impressed with the results of the treatment. Will recommend my friends here for facials as well!

  • Yoke Qin
    3 years ago

    I tried the laser treatment at Veritas. The treatment was painless. My skin pigmentation got lighter & better right now.

  • Tiam tian ming
    3 years ago

    I went to Veritas to because of my acne scars from an acne outbreak I had a few years ago. Dr Chua fixed my complexion with laser treatment and the results so far have been outstanding!

  • Hong trixie
    3 years ago

    I went for a HIFU at Veritas a few months ago and the results are great! Dr Chua is very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended!

  • ong Y.S
    3 years ago

    I went to Veritas after a recommendation from a friend for my acne outbreak. Dr Chua performed a laser treatment and my complexion got a lot better after just one treatment! I will definitely come here again if I ever get another outbreak.

  • Zhen ting
    3 years ago

    The laser treatment at Veritas is amazing. Under Dr Chua’s hands, he managed to deal with my acne scars and my face is now a lot cleaner. He was also very warm and made it a point to connect with me and find out more about my habits. Highly recommended!

  • Jie Chun
    3 years ago

    He might look young, but Dr Chua is very knowledgeable and cares a lot for his patients. My experience with him had been nothing but amazing, and so were the results after treatment. Highly recommended!

  • Lee LL
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua is very skilled and professional in what he does even though he looks really young. He makes an effort to explain the whole treatment procedure to you and help you feel relaxed during consultation. 5 star doctor and my first choice!

  • Patricia Ang
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua at Veritas has this laser treatment which can improve the skin tone due to pigmentation. I have sun spots previously and decided to give the laser treatment a try. The results were fantastic and Dr Chua even gave me some advice on how to take better care of my skin. A great all round experience for me at Veritas!

  • chen Ai tong
    3 years ago

    I went to Veritas for dermal fillers after hearing good things about Dr Chua. The procedure was completely painless and results were totally natural. Dr Chua was clearly very skilled and understood what I wanted, and was very patient throughout the whole process. I would be visiting him again for sure.

  • Wee Pei Pei
    3 years ago

    I heard good things about Dr Chua from my friend, so I decided to check him out for fillers. Dr Chua is very skilled and will ask many questions to understand your preferences. I am very satisfied with the results and will definitely return again when I need filler injection next time.

  • Teng SS
    3 years ago

    My wrinkles were becoming obvious and a friend recommended me to go for dermal fillers with Dr Chua at Veritas. The clinic has beautiful decor and an overall classy appearance. Dr Chua did an amazing job and my face looks a lot younger after the injection.

  • Long JJ
    3 years ago

    I visited Veritas and Dr Chua a week ago due to a sudden acne outbreak. After the laser treatment by Dr Chua, my condition got a lot better and the acne scars were pretty much gone. Great experience with Dr Chua and easy 5/5 rating from me!

  • Pang Shuxian
    3 years ago

    My face had been feeling dry and wrinkles were starting to show up. I did some online research and learnt about Veritas offering HIFU facelift. Dr Chua was very attentive and explained to me in detail how the facelift was supposed to improve my complexion. After a few weeks, my face looks a lot younger and I couldn’t thank Dr Chua enough for that.

  • Hui Xian
    3 years ago

    I tried the HIFU facelift with Dr Chua and was really impressed with the results! The whole process was painless and I could simply head back to work after that. Thank you Dr Chua and my friends will be going for the facelift as well.

  • Y C
    3 years ago

    Doctor was friendly and nice to speak to. Place located super conveniently. What disappointed me was the hard-selling from the therapist who attended to me after seeing the doctor. It was contradictory as when I was speaking to doctor, he said I could think about it. But, the therapist said I have to pay a deposit if I wanted to enjoy the promotional package price NOW . And, I couldn’t use the deposit for the treatments if I changed my mind. Consultation was priced on the high side so really did not expect such hard selling. Even more disappointed, because the online reviews were really good :(.

  • Ang Claudine
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua from Veritas Clinic is who I go to for filler injection. He is very meticulous and knows how to make people feel comfortable during the procedure. I like it a lot because it was painless and the results were immediate. Easy 5 stars rating from me!

  • Lily Wong
    3 years ago

    One thing I like about Veritas Clinic is that the people there are all very cheerful. Dr Chua is a great doctor who is attentive and asks a lot of questions to understand his patients better. Two thumbs up from a very satisfied customer here!

  • Charmaine Chong
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua’s biggest plus point is that he will spend time to ask and learn about your skin history before recommending any treatment to you. I like that he shows genuine care and concern towards his patients and doesn’t try to hard sell anything to you. 5/5 and would recommend Dr Chua to all my friends.

  • kings Foo
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua is very skillful and experienced!After the laser treatment,I saw that my eye bags have improved. Highly recommended! Thanks to Dr Chua and his team 🙂

  • sheena chua
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua is very skillful and experienced. Also, it’s not that kind of aesthetic clinic that force you to buy package. All treatments i tried is effective , esp the skin booster, is really different from other clinic. Obvious result just one session! Im amazed! Thank you Veritas! U guys deserve a 5 star review

  • Halimah bte osmen
    3 years ago

    Tried their laser treatment for my acne. I must say the laser treatment was painless. Not what I expected it to be. My acne clear and improve only after 2 treatments!

  • KT Song
    3 years ago

    Staffs at counter are always friendly and attentive towards you when you need anything. Pleasant experience on my first visit there. will intro my friends there too.

  • Janny Pang
    3 years ago

    Dr chua is very detailed and have shown great knowledge on what he do. He will share his knowledge to you during treatment and advice you on any enquiry you have. Not many doctors are willing to share this with their patients/customers.

  • Wang Tianwei
    3 years ago

    Dr chua may look young but he is very experience in the field. He will explain to you the procedune and answer to any question you have. Great doctor!

  • Peter Pang
    3 years ago

    I went to veritas on recommendation by a colleague who went there to treat her oily skin. Dr chua give me a consult and advice a treatment plan. 3 treatments later, my face show great improvement!

  • Fan yiqin
    3 years ago

    Prices at veritas are reasonable consider the area they are located. Treatments are effective and will be able to see result in just a few treatments. Give it a try if you’re around the area.

  • Doris Quah
    3 years ago

    My pigmentation was lighten and have shown great improvement after few session. Definitely will carry on my treatments there. Thanks Veritas!

  • Low Jianhao
    3 years ago

    Awesome staffs. Clinic staffs always make you feel like home. Always enjoy my stay there when I come for treatment.

  • Ivy Ngiam
    3 years ago

    Good service with good result. Highly recommended ! Thanks to Dr Chua and his team 🙂

  • Sim LY
    3 years ago

    Veritas is pretty decent. With friendly clinic assistant lead by dr chua. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Farisa Bin Mohamed
    3 years ago

    Pleasant, comfortable and professional. That’s how I would describe my experience with Dr Chua at Veritas Medical Aesthetics. I will definitely come back here again and recommend friends!

  • lisa Sim
    3 years ago

    Simple and effective… can tell Dr Chua is really experienced with thread lifting. Results are very good and will be recommending friends down too

  • Nelly Singh
    3 years ago

    Simply terrible!! Bought their cool mini package and I was told that I will only need 2 sessions and a month to see a significant reduction on my double chin.. it’s been six weeks and my chin looks the same.. they now have the cheek to tell me to come down for a second treatment to see the results and burn another $1700..I feel cheated and I will never recommend this to anyone. I would have given a zero rating if I could post

  • Jasime Wee
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua is a fantastic doctor! Detailed, careful, honest and doesn’t recommend treatments he doesn’t think I need to do. Went down to fix my crow’s feet and was considering adding some chin fillers but to my surprise, he told it’s not necessary now as my old fillers are still in place and look ok! Definitely appreciate this and will be coming back when I need treatments!

  • Hazel wang
    3 years ago

    This is the first time I’ve done any aesthetic treatment in Singapore and I must say, Dr Chua’s knowledge and attention to detail really impresses me. Prior to coming down I’ve had doubts about fixing my dark eye circles but Dr Chua showed me a lot of before/after photos while patiently explaining different solutions to my problem. Looking forward to my next treatment session.

  • Wong Liwei
    3 years ago

    Only after a few session of treatment, I can really see great improvement on my skin. Will continue with my treatment here and would recommend here to my friends.

  • Tang Weijin
    3 years ago

    Treatment was good and effective. Always enjoy my time there. Highly recommend.

  • Heng Boon Pin
    3 years ago

    Treatment was painless and relaxing. I can see improvement on my acne and skin only after 3 treatments.

  • Judy woo
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua and team are very friendly. I enjoy every second there. staffs are professional yet friendly to approach.

  • Ong Zhihui
    3 years ago

    Dr Chua may look young but he is very experience in what he does. I would recommend anyone who have skin issue to get him to take a look.

  • Vivan ong
    3 years ago

    This place have one of the best service and environment area town area. Ladies should give it a try if you are working around there.

  • Wong Qian Leng
    4 years ago

    Friendly and courteous staff. Unlike other clinics in the raffles belt, the staff here really treat you like family and the general atmosphere is very relaxing. Not pretentious and very genuine. Dr Chua also shares a lot about treatment results and evidence from science papers. Overall a pleasant first time experience 

  • Tang Jian
    4 years ago

    Simple and effective… can tell Dr Chua is really experienced with thread lifting. Results are very good and will be recommending friends down too.

  • Gina Wong
    4 years ago

    My first visit to Veritas over at Capitol Piazza, very pleasant experience. I’ll start with the only imperfection to this visit — I had to wait a little longer than expected after arrival. But I soon found that to be quite understandable. Came here on recommendation from a guy friend who got his skin problems solved by Dr Chua. I find the best part of working with him is that he’s honest and meticulous, sometimes to a fault. He takes his time to find out about you before making any decisions, at the cost of his own time, even forgetting that there’s someone else waiting outside — and that’s something I look out for in any doctor I go to.

  • Renee Fu
    4 years ago

    Happened to past this place last week and turned out to be a happy find!

    I was looking for a new place to get my fillers done since i found my last attempt to be less than satisfactory. Dr chua was very quick to identify and correct it this time round, i found him to be very experienced. He also took the time to give me some additional advice to complement the fillers i’m getting.

    Recommend if you’re looking for natural look fillers and no nonsense.

  • Wan Xinyi
    4 years ago

    Did some fillers and botox maintenance here and Dr Chua is just fantastic. No hard selling and no trying to sell me many syringes unlike other clinics. Very honest and will be coming back again for sure.

  • Regina Wang
    4 years ago

    The staff here is great. I feel welcome and ready to start improving.

    Came for a consultation to beautify myself. Every step is explained. Dr Chua answers many of my questions carefully and with detail. We discuss concerns face to face. Dr Chua talks very fast, but is very patient. I feel well taken care of. Highly recommended.

  • Halimah Bte Oppier
    4 years ago

    Very comfortable place ya… the staff are very nice, friendly and sincere. Dr Chua is a very patient doctor who took time to understand my needs and budget before suggesting treatment.. thanks ya doc… see you soon again for my next laser treatment ^ ^

  • Lee Yiling Ida
    4 years ago

    Been looking around places to solve my problem with crow’s feet, laugh lines and a little pigmentation and I’m grateful I came across Dr Chua. Checked this place out and decided to come in for a consult. Was recommended a mix of treatments between creams and laser on a schedule that was daunting at first, but it’s been 3 months now and I can say it’s been worth it following his advice. Best decision I’ve made all year, and I’ve got Dr Chua and staff to thank for the great effort and care they’ve shown me during this time.


  • Germaine Goh
    4 years ago

    Have been to several acne scar treatment doctors with little to no results! Dr Chua changed all of these with his combination fractional laser treatments. Now after 3 sessions of lasers with 2 subcision treatments, my deep scars look A LOT better. Am super happy and grateful!! Please go to dr chua if you have acne scar issues!

  • Goh Yanni
    4 years ago

    I had a great time Dr Chua, thanks so much for help with my fillers! -1 star for making me wait 10 mins, your business too good 😀 Thank your staff for always taking care of me ya? See you for my next session!

  • Marissa Teo
    4 years ago

    Posting for my aunt who want to thanks to Dr Chua! Went along to the appointment last Sunday, and was very impressed by the staff that make sure we were both comfortable during the time we were there. Dr Chua also make sure to explain what he was doing to keep my aunt comfortable the whole time. He’s professional, detailed and gives very solid advice to explain options and what he feels is best in his opinion. Even gave me a little consultation because I’m looking to do fillers and a little botox!

    Highly recommend if you’re looking for some one to do a good job.

  • Elle
    4 years ago

    The doctor seemed uninterested in the consultation and appeared hostile from the start of the consultation which made the entire process awkward and unpleasant – I persevered since I already made the effort to get to the clinic. The doctor proceeded to ask numerous questions regarding family history that seemed unrelated to the actual skin issues I was seeking advice/treatment for. Even when I expressed that I did not see the relevance nor wish to answer these irrelevant questions, some of which I have already answered on the lengthy form that I was asked to fill in prior to meeting him, the doctor still probed further. He seemed agitated and anxious.
    When it was my turn to ask him questions about the actual treatments and the details of the procedures, the doctor seemed evasive and irritable, and even stared repeatedly at his computer screen while talking to me. After the unhelpful and hostile consultation, the doctor told me that I would not see any results from any of the treatments even though his website claims to provide results for the issues I am seeking to resolve. Perhaps he did not want to treat me and that may have been his way of turning me away because none of the other doctors I have consulted have provided me with this diagnosis given the mild skin issues I was seeking to address.
    I have consulted with many surgeons and doctors in Singapore and have never encountered such unprofessionalism or rude attitude. I would highly not recommend this clinic, despite their glossy and well furnished clinic equipped with large plasma TV screen (and super cold aircon), it would appear the doctor is not interested in patient care. Don’t waste $80+ in consultation fees, there are many better doctors/surgeons out there that provides the same services with more professionalism and care.

  • WL tan
    4 years ago

    Friendly and nice doctor and clinic assistants! Prices are reasonable too. Give it a try if you’re around the area

  • Jane Tan
    4 years ago

    Excellent experiences in Veritas! Spots lighten in just 2 sessions! With Dr Chua providing professional advise & warm & nice staffs!!! Looking forward to every single session!

  • Kendice Yap
    4 years ago

    Thank you Dr Chua for you help on my pigmentation and scarring from when i was pregnant. Mine was a pretty bad case and thanks to Dr Chua I can now be a pretty mommy. This is my third session and even my hubby said can see good results! Very happy with the treatment so far!

    4 years ago

    I went for a facial appointment on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised that Veritas had moved to a more spacious clinic to the left of their previous unit (look out for the large bright white-light sign). I didn’t walk from the train station, so I missed it and had to be redirected by the other clinic. Happy to know that Dr Chua and the team are doing well.

    I love how through Dr Chua is. Sometimes when he probes into whether there’s specific family history, or questions like how long I have been plagued with the problems, I know he’s forming a holistic understanding to assess what’s the best course of action. I trust him to know what’s the most suitable, because he assesses the condition of my skin intently every time like a mad scientist, then does crazy calculations and doublechecks them (I listen carefully to his mutterings).

    I’ve been to other clinics where when you have packages, they simply refer to the records and perform whatever you signed up for mechanically. The credits system at Veritas also helps because it means you can utilise the credits across different treatments and services – there’s no hard sell to sign up for 10 sessions of this and 6 sessions of that etc. I’m very impressed by how Veritas constantly updates their equipment and range of services. It feels as though every time I visit I see new machines.

    Sometimes I have to wait awhile, but I don’t see how that’s a problem. Don’t make an appointment for days when you have a very tight schedule. It’s aesthetics after all, not A&E. Furthermore, I never get the impression that he’s rushing or watching the clock during my session – he does the best he can for you in that visit; so, I figured the least I can do is be understanding when he does the same for other people.

  • Sasha Lee
    4 years ago

    I’ve been around a few doctors in sg, but I keep going back to Dr Chua since he’s the only one that bothered to ask quite a bit about my skin and the problem I was treating (scarring and some pigmentation). Felt comfortable knowing that he did not immediately recommend the most expensive packages like some others I went to, but allowed me to choose between a range of possible solutions. I know I ask a lot of questions to Dr Chua also, and he answered my questions in a very straightforward and honest manner that kept me very comfortable. Thank you Dr Chua for your patience.

  • ivy sng
    4 years ago

    Fantastic experience with Veritas. My pigmentation lighten merely after 2 sessions, will continue to give my full support to Doc Chua n staffs!

    4 years ago

    Dr Chua Cheng Yu’s attention to detail is what makes treatments at Veritas reassuring with impressive results. Customer service is awesome, the ladies are extremely friendly, and the clinic is well-situated in the heart of town. Veritas isn’t the cheapest, but the price you pay is worth it.

  • Lee Huanwang
    4 years ago

    Today did my first botox and fillers treatment after Dr Chua explained to me in detail. I was rest assured the whole procedure is bearable and many thanks to Dr Chua and his team that make my first aesthetic experience a wonderful one. No hard sell and nice ambience. Dr Chua also advise me to do laser treatment for my pigmentation. Can’t wait for my 2nd treatment with them. Highly recommended clinic and thanks for such a great service.

  • bob klajo
    4 years ago

    Dr Chua is a very dedicated and caring doctor. I went to his clinic to do the Pro Yellow laser to reduce skin redness and irritation.

    Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly by his staff members. They offered some drinks while waiting for Dr Chua.

    Dr Chua took the effort to make sure that I was comfortable throughout my procedure. The procedure was relatively painless, and I could see immediate brightening of the skin.

    Would definitely recommend Dr Chua

  • Alan Lee
    4 years ago

    A big thank you to Veritas Team and and Dr Chua. Did a few sessions of Endymed Pro 3deep for abdomen contouring and I can see the difference. Looking forward to treat more areas.

  • Lee Ling Tan
    4 years ago

    Dr Chua is a sincere, patient and dedicated doctor. During the consultation, he was extremely thorough in answering all my questions and explaining the treatment procedures. My skin dryness has improved tremendously after Rejuran Healer treatment. Will definitely recommend more friends to Dr Chua. Awesome doctor!

  • Glenda Yeo
    4 years ago

    Writing on behalf of my aunt. My Aunt reached 30mins earlier before the supposed appointment timing end up she was only served after 1hr of the appointment time. The Doctor after consultation was hastily sending her out to his staffs and my relative only did the treatment after 2hr….. the wait is bad but the service is worst!!!!

  • wong tianfook
    4 years ago

    It is rare to meet a doctor with medical ethics and patiently explain the customer’s questions. The lady at the counter is naturally outgoing and amiable. The price is user-friendly, especially in this mid- to high-end business district. It is commendable. Honestly, this is a must-have medical clinic.


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