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  • Miriam M. Wynn
    1 year ago

    From a 4 to a 2 star due to a poorly behaved Spa Desk Manager. Tatler Singapore awarded this the 2022 Best Hotel Spa, which may have gone to their head.

    My family and I had 5+ hours of services booked; at check-in, I asked about a discount I’d been offered as a guest and the desk manager said “No, that is not the case.” I insisted, he asked me to go bring the proof. On proof, he then honored it. When I asked further, he said that the hotel/spa owner no longer wanted to provide this offer and it had been discontinued since May 2022. (This shows a clear disconnect between front desk offers and Spa management; uncomfortable, but I shouldn’t be made to feel like a liar or beggar to get the discount!)

    The spa: a tiny lounge area (2 seats) with no snacks or tea. The lounge directly faces the exit and passage doors (not a relaxing space). The treatment and facility rooms are great; the changing room, dressing area, locker room, and toilet area are dark, narrow, and small compared to similar hotels and spas. Construction materials are also lovely. My therapist was thoughtful about getting me the right sized robe, which was a nice touch.

    The issue: my lovely therapist did not perform the Deep Tissue Massage technique I booked. If you get a Thai Massage or Swedish, you are booking a specific technique. My therapist could do very strong pressure — but none of the DTM technique.

    She (I am not saying her name to protect her) applied very swift short repetitive surface strokes to the same location (ie, 30 strokes, same direction). I attempted to direct her and salvage the massage, but her technique did not shift. She was clearly an experienced therapist, just not in the modality. After 30 min of no relaxation whatsoever, I asked her to move to my facial. She did apologize and ask me if the issue was speed or pressure and I said “It’s not DTM.” To which she had no answer. (Sidenote, our massage therapists also performed our facials; my cousin and I both found the facials mediocre.)

    On checkout, I asked the Spa Manager if the therapist had specifically been certified for DTM – his dismissive answer: “She is our most popular therapist. Every therapist has their own unique style, correct? And she is a local guest favorite.” This is not verification of someone’s actual training and certification of a modality. What I came to realize is this manager saw this entirely as my own flaw of perception, saying “I am sorry you felt the massage was not up to your standards.” The implication here is my standards are too high and/or that I don’t know what I’m talking about, a tone opposite customer service and hospitality in a high end spa. I explained that I’ve had this form of massage dozens of times around the world, including low and high end places, including Singapore (from budget local spots to the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, etc) — it is a very specific modality and easy to recognize when it is not being performed.

    I shared the example of Thai massage — if there is no stretching, it is not a Thai massage, is it? He agreed, but said, again, “Our local guests enjoy and love this therapist, she has had training from our international therapists — I am sorry this massage was not up to your standards.” Which is a strange answer considering St. Regis is a global high end hotel brand originating from the US/New York and Remede Spas are part of the brand –are you saying this hotel and spa only value local guests? And do you think training from a fellow therapist means you have a certification from an appropriate institution on a specific modality?

    I found this very shocking. I grew up in Singapore and consider it a home away from home and have never encountered anything like this here before. It was a very open bias in service/hospitality.

    The irony was it turns out my family’s massages included actual DTM technique. I’m glad they experienced it even if I didn’t, but we all agreed to go elsewhere in future. Hospitality was at the bottom of the list here, but then again, perhaps you must be a local guest to see it.

  • Luciano Tommasi
    2 years ago

    Top. You have to go and enjoy your massage and then some relax in the spa

  • TheNocturne
    2 years ago

    Was a regular since 2014. There were many ups and downs over the years. Started off good with massages and facials, then several therapists left and the new therapists did not know how to perform the treatments according to standard. At some point the management of bookings were bad with a treatment planned in the middle of a full day at the spa suddenly cancelled and no service recovery. In recent years the spa management has improved, however due to the above reasons I frequent the spa less now.

  • Ravin Singh
    2 years ago

    An oasis for the mind in the middle of the bustle and muzzle of the city. Leave behind your mental baggage and the weight of the world and sink into an ocean of calm.

  • Kellie
    2 years ago

    My mom went in for a spa treat for her birthday. As part of the package she was made to lie down on a marble table with a hot pouch on her tummy area. However the pouch was too hot and it caused minor burns to her tummy, but when she mentioned it was too hot her masseuse said it’s normal and will cool down after. Well it didn’t. And she got hurt.

  • Moritz Adler
    2 years ago

    Beautiful spa with great service

  • J N
    2 years ago

    Beautiful place for a relaxing afternoon

  • Gaurav Arora
    3 years ago

    Excellent treatment. Great staff

  • Mandey J
    3 years ago

    Beautiful spa. Massage was ok. No tea served during COVID times. Appointments book out quick. I recommend scheduling at least a week out.

  • Ping Soon Wong
    4 years ago

    The spa ambience is warm and cozy and the staffs are courteous and friendly. I like the background relaxing musics, you can hear them even when u r inside the sauna or steam room.

    Compared to a lot of 5 star hotel spas, the steam room is definitely one of the better one. Well maintained and I like the part where it is divided into 3 sections of heat where you can enjoy the level of heat which u r most comfortable with. There are two jacuzzi pool, one indoor and one outdoor.

    Overall, great experience.

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