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15 Reviews on “Pixie Nail Spa - Parkway Parade”

  • Sudarshana Anand
    11 months ago

    The most horrible nail spa Singapore could have. They run a promotion for gel manicure pedicure and when it comes to soak off and you don’t sign up for the membership they treat you like shit. No respect for the customer. Also they do a very shoddy job in the name of promotion. All they do for gel manicure/ pedicure is applying the nail polish. Never ever visit this place if you value your self respect and your money….

  • Cindy
    1 year ago

    Omg ! This nail place is truly hard sell to the max. I encountered exactly the same high pressure persistent hard selling of add on treatments. The girl who did my pedicure said my legs were very dry and also said I had fungus infection in my toes. She tried to cross sell me a sea salt soak / scrub , callus treatment , opi treatment that can make my legs fairer, fungus treatment and pedi packages. to be honest , I could have signed on for a pedi package as my existing package is almost depleted. However , due to their high pressure and constant badgering to top up add on treatments, I decide against taking up a package with them so as not to subject myself to their tactics each time I just want to chill and do a pedicure. Their constant up selling will cost them more as many will probably feel the same as me and not go back. as a matter of fact , I had paid for 2 sessions but is very unlikely to return to do the 2nd pedicure as I really do not want to subject myself to their irritating sales tactics. Do not visit this place unless you are very sure you can stand firm against their sales pressure

  • Lin
    1 year ago

    I like their service because they are hygienic (new set of tools for every customer) and use high quality products. BUT they are very very hard sell! Keep pestering to top up or buy new package even though I already have several packages with them. To the owner if you are reading this…. The extreme hard sell is across all outlets, no matter which Pixie nail spa I go to … so the pressure must have come from the boss … I would have been happy to continue being a customer if not for the extreme hard sell. I just want to do a good quality manicure/pedicure in peace. Thanks

  • Xiu Gnow
    1 year ago

    I like this shop very comfortable. I like candy do services for me

  • Lucie Gower
    1 year ago

    Stay away from this place. Nails don’t last even a week, they are very aggressive with packages and very overpriced, no refunds available either for bad quality of service, just wasted time of yours for recurring touch ups.

  • Omgwhatisthat 7
    1 year ago

    I wished I’ve read the review earlier! Had the same horrible experience. A simple mani pedi became $266! Claiming my nails was in terrible state and need treatment and so on.. half of the time don’t know what they are talking about. Lots of hard selling, would not recommend.

  • yellowoctopus37
    2 years ago

    Daughter did mani and pedi whereas I did just mani and have no clue what they did for my feet claiming some treatment for my “bad” toenails – otherwise nothing else was done for my feet. Cost us 646 for both! The hard selling was outrageous and disgusting! Was so stressful throughout the whole session. 4 technicians were cornering me for packages that went from 2888 to 1388 to 688 to 388 to 288 till I’m downright drained and confused. I just had to keep insisting how much was the session and the cost from 672 to 604 to final 646. Amazing skills in their calculator punching as if there’s no fix prices in their menu. Last attempt was to have me purchase a protective cream for my toes at 89 which I still stick to NO. Thought I was finally free when I walked out but not the end yet! Called me around 15min later if I’m still in the building to return to complete a feedback form which I still maintain my composure and decline politely. Called me 2 hours later again and I refused to answer! The desperation was such a turnoff despite using my “angry” hubby as an excuse – their determination is indeed unbeatable!

  • Chia Tinghui
    2 years ago

    Came here for a classic pedicure which turned out fine. But was constantly being subjected to their upselling. Nail tech tried to push packages/extra treatments a grand total of 6 times. Even went as far to tell me that I was starting to have a fungal infection in my toe. And when I politely declined any packages, she whined and ask me why I won’t buy their package?

    I try to be friendly to service staff wherever I go but I don’t think this kindness should be taken for granted in order for you to manipulate me into earning a bigger commission?

  • angelique de Reeper
    2 years ago

    Well…. Do respond with Debra’s review (as her daughter lol) the end amount was 358 FOR A MANI PEDI ??? Yes I added gel, she did not, it should still never exceed 150???? They would not take no for an answer, we didn’t want anything of their “discounts” we got anything but a discount here… said I had nail fungus.. I ATE CHEETOS THE DAY BEFORE HAHA no nail fungus there lol

    Don’t recommend xxx

  • Debra de Reeper
    2 years ago

    Do not visit this salon $78 mani/ pedi quickly became over $150. Everything is add on, base coat, cuticle soak and even drying. Then they pull out their trusty calculator to tell you that becoming a member will save you NEXT time. Worst thing was every time they calculated the price on their calculator it changed. I’m beyond angry I paid them.

  • Hanna Psalms (Hanna)
    2 years ago

    i did my eyelash extension with them. they manage to do it nicely at the beginning , honestly the result is great. but only after a week the lash started to fall off. now im left with 50%. i have been doing extension for few year this is the shortest time my new lash lasted. im bit disappointed. Their touch up cost is higher than usual too definitely not coming back.

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